Win Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and Matrix: Path of Neo

By Spencer . December 13, 2005 . 10:11pm

Need some more games to tide you over the cold winter months? This month were giving away two prize packs with two games. Enter Neo’s shoes and fight Agent Smith in the Matrix: Path of Neo. Then bend time with the Prince as he seeks to avenge death of the Empress of Time. Each prize pack has one of each game for your Playstation 2. Entry couldn’t be easier. Just post a comment in this thread with something that you like about Siliconera. Maybe you have a favorite story, dig the new layout, or you’re just happy to see that someone out there spent time to play Tsukiyo ni Saraba so you didn’t have to. We’ll pick two winners on December 25, 2005. Due to the server crash we’re extending the contest until December 31, 2005. Get those entries in!


Contest rules: Duplicate entries will be disqualified and you the winner for this contest must be in the USA or Canada. 

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  • Ifeelthecosmos

    I like the funny news stories: Zelda dancing videos and Killer Pigs in DDR

  • jin pak

    you guys are my nnumber one game info for japan and america!
    as a constant importer you guys tell me all the stuff.
    thats why i like u guys

    nice lay out
    naruto = bleach
    manga is better than anime

  • Dan

    you guys are the first import website that had good coverage, and introduced me to Naruto for ps2, awesome

  • Champloo

    Siliconera is refreshing. With all the overkill most games sites do, it’s nice to see some straight up news without a lot of crazy flash ads and every pixel gunning for your attention.

  • KJ

    I like you guys cause I am going to win!

  • Jessica Rame

    I’ve always been a long time fan of this site. Even during its inception years back. Only time will tell if Prince of Persia is mine :D . I do love the new look but add more cellpadding around inlined pictures because its too close to the text. Otherwise, i love you guys!!


  • Rob

    “A.S. Harris to Geostation 17,” he said into his transgalactic communicator “Polar orbit established. No sign of resistance so far…” But before he could sign off, a bluish particle beam flashed out of nowhere and blasted a hole through his ship’s cargo bay. The jolt from the direct hit sent him flying out of his seat and across the cockpit but before he lost conciousness and his life the only thing that crossed his mind was how much the Siliconera had royally kicked his galactic ass. But wait, he still had one credit left. Let’s rock!

  • master geek

    new layout is much more appealing

    it’s free

    boldy goes where no video game website has gone before. well, not really but good anyway

    robotic ninja monkeys

    gets better with time

  • cipherus

    just when i thought it was safe to go back to sleep, it was time to make sure nothing exploded or caught fire. and at the same time i got all my import gaming needs taken care of. thanks for playing echi sugoi kawaii fighter 3 and taking lots of screenshots…

    p.s. jessica’s right about the cell padding

    p.p.s. if i put counterstrike on a computer and then send that computer on a voyage around the world… when it comes back, does it count as an import game?

  • KageNaruto

    siliconera lets me knows which games are best to import due to the fact i cant read jap! its also the best site for new games, and is always updated^^

  • jedibound

    i like how you guys make a review for import games and it makes me feel good that im getting a good game when i see it on your website.

    thank you for your help on showing all gamers the good and bad things abour some imports.

    And all the intresting stories and videos u have like the guy playing 2 player ikaruga all by himself without dieing.

  • Douji Soup

    It’s very interesting how much information this site can publish internationally. It’s very informative and helps us be more …”aware” of the cool things outside of the internet.


  • Eddie

    I like this site cuz it gives me info about games i want like kh2 and naruto for ps2

  • maruha

    i like this site because it gives me surprising information like the kingdom hearts 2 opening

  • darkmage136

    Good coverage of wide range of games

  • jaime

    i really like the very weried info you give about unknown video games or japan like the convention of where do babies come from
    and you give very cool info like no other video game website would care about like the red xbox 360, how come no other sites talked about it? also the
    CESA Game Awards 2005, no one talked about that beside you guys!
    you are the only good video game site that also knows their anime!
    naruto to bleach you guys give all the info.
    I love your useful info to turn crap into a wonderful machine…

    keep it going silconera and meery christmas to all of you people that post info everyday


  • I really like the information you guys provide. I believe it is very trustworthy and it has a good coverage of wide range of games. I really like all the info. You guys have very interesting videos that will make my day :)

  • Jubhubmubfub


    Your website is so refreshing after going to all these other game sites. Everything is crisp and clear and easy. You are also one of the only sites that I know of that GIVES away games. Please stay up forever and I will never need another game info website again.


  • J[o]N

    you guys are the only people i see that can make a review on imported games.

  • tetsmega

    i like your reviews that point out everything that should be so obvious in other reviews

  • Brian

    This is a great site. Nice job with the KH2 review. Now that i have an “inside look” ill definatly purchase the game! THANKS ;)

  • Joe

    all the news you guys update everyday always makes my jaw drop it amkes me happy to check your website everyday in the afternoon
    makes me forget about the troubles i had and makes me happy
    your contests and everything just makes me happy
    i hope i win because if i do…. it will make me even more happy =)

  • Vic

    I like how you guys are always up to date on a lot of things, even with imports.

  • I like that you guys have an RSS feed – there are still quite a few game sites that don’t.

  • JK

    An easy contest indeed! I must make note about this site now, just saw the link in Hardcore Gaming 101 and I have to say, indeed the layout works and tehre are many things yet to be discovered.

  • KC

    I just discovered Siliconera by accident today, when I was looking at a Naruto game at Lik-sang. It looks like I’ll be visiting daily from now on. I’m really interested in import games (even more than US games!) and it seems that Siliconera has the import coverage that I crave, unlike other sites out there.

  • ILB

    Thanks for all the great import DS coverage…and the super helpful import friendly literacy level!!!

  • PCachu

    Import coverage gives us a leg up on what to expect washing up on the shelves soon, which is always good. (Also interesting to note the parallel verification paths for US and Japan X360 backward compatibility. Odd how Sonic Heroes showed up on their list so soon…)

    Plus, never underestimate the power of robot monkey sysadmins.

  • The site’s layout is nice and clean site design, and the coverage of various import titles. Particularly nice is the in-depth info on game sales overseas, which I find interesting.

  • Ugh, that was horrible; just disqualify me. XD

  • Dougtron

    No better site for import game coverage.

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