Win the Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion for your Xbox 360

By Spencer . March 30, 2006 . 9:29am

So you just forked out a wad of cash to get an Xbox 360 premium system and Call of Duty 2. Now you’re broke and can’t afford to pick up Bethesda Softworks’ epic RPG the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Don’t worry we got your back. We’re running a little contest through April 12th where you can win a brand spanking new copy of the game. All you have to do is post a comment in this thread about why you want the game. We will award the most amusing comment the game.

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  • Okay, I really don’t want this game.

    I just ordered this game for PC for my DH. He is psyched.

    We don’t own an x-box and we are not planning to buy one – ever.

    So why am I even bothering?

    Because my matron of honor’s son just got an X-box and I think he’d love playing this.

  • The reason I want this game is because it emanates such an uninhibited aura of greatness. Bethesda’s new work is by far the most anticipated RPG on the 360 this year. The sheer complexity and open-endedness of Oblivion inspires me to allot countless hours of my life toward unraveling the wonders contained within this latest installment of the Elder Scrolls universe. I want this game so badly that it ceases to be a mere “game” and transcends to the level of a deeply engrossing sensory experience. Morrowind was a definitive cornerstone for X-BOX fans, but the announcement of Oblivion has humble gamers such as myself at a loss for words. Let me vanquish the hordes of evil minions that plague the Province of Cyrodiil. Let me restore the throne that was lost to the sinister plots of assassins without name. Let me delude myself in a fictional world of magic and lore, unrivalled in vision by any other game on the market. This I ask of you, oh noble sages, conveyers of news upon the electronic parchments of silconera, that bring offerings of free rewards.

  • terry

    I want this game because I’ve got about 100 hours of my life that I wouldn’t mind sparing.

  • Angelous

    I want this game so I can tell my girlfriend that I have “Imperial Business to attend to” when she asks to me take the trash.

  • Daniel

    I want this for a friend. I own the collector’s edition. and 100 hours is nothing in this game. i got 78hours into it already. well worth its weight in gold :P

  • Ben

    I want this game for free, because it doesn’t seem right that I’d have to pay to ruin my life, lose my job, and lose my girlfriend all at once.

  • chrislee149

    I want this game because I was totally psyched about it before the release, and bought the PC version. Unfortunately, I found that it didn’t run on my poor computer, and had to return it. Being able to play it on the Xbox 360 would be amazing!

  • sonicfreak5

    I want this because i bought the game and my PC is having trouble and i gave it to a friend for free. No i have no money to buy the 360 version that you are offering.

  • Jon

    I want this game because I just dropped an extra $230 on my PC so I could run this game but it still is shaky. Please give me a stable version to play on my 360.

  • TheGreat2nd

    Oblivion, how I want you,
    how can I count the ways,
    I’ll express my comment entry in a poem,
    One to tell all at the Inns of Day.

    Oblivion, with your guards yellow and golden,
    Running through the streets catching thieves.
    Helping civilians and pissing on bums,
    then go to raid their dungeon siege.

    Orcs, elves, Bretons, and Humans,
    all chasing me because I stole their gold.
    I run away to the border of Morrowind,
    to where man has never been so bold.

    But, what’s that on the screen?
    Please insert the Oblivion disc,
    to continue your journey in the land.
    I hereby take this risk,
    to ask you men for your…OBLIVION 360 GAME!

    So, don’t let me die to the damn people
    I stole from, they didn’t deserve that treasure.
    To ensure my win, I will bribe you,
    and insult all your posts for good measure.

  • Chris

    I want this game because I need a good reason to cancel my WoW subscription. There’s only one game to live my life for… and Oblivion, she’s next, and she’s a cheap date. Hopefully WoW will understand. That monthly fee adds up, unlike the beauty that is Oblivion, all she needs is good quality time.

    Please give me Oblivion. My wallet will thank you. Blizzard will hate you.

  • I’d like the game, so that I can convince my wife to buy me a 360. Once she sees that I’ve got a game she’s thereby obligated to buy me one. It’s like that Porsche keychain you’ve got sitting in your drawer at home, you know you don’t have a Porsche, but you figure that by having the keychain you’re only that much closer to getting one.

  • I am but a poor Laplander living in the outer reaches of communist Mrzyvechsik (a small island nation in the Arctic Circle). All I have here is a shack, a yak, and some crack, the latter two of which, when combined, furnish me with the pinnacle of my yearly entertainment. I do believe that I deserve Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion because I (a) desperately need contact with the outside world and (b) am literally bored shitless. We here in Mrzyvechsik are so sheltered by the frozen tundra that the movie Footloose is premiering next week, but admission price is a staggering three dung piles and I spent the 11 I had saved up on an Xbox 360. My wallet and intestines are empty, and the cocaine is wearing thin, so I do not know what I will do with myself during the coming less-frozen months. Please, help me out – I do not wish to play Twister with my yak, but I will if I must.

    PS: What is the best thing to do if you were taking a nap sitting up and hypothetically found your testicles frozen to the ground? Please respond as soon as possible, thank you.

  • Alan

    I want this game because I can’t afford to buy it. Not only that, but my new laptop can’t run crap. I really want this game because I want to own some crabs and monsters up.

  • Renegade_Zero

    I want this game because My family doesn’t have enough money to buy this game right now, and its something I’ve been wanting for a while. the only reason I have an xbox 360 is because I have a very generous uncle that paid for the majority of it. I just want to get this game because I think it is one of the best games ever and would love to play it. the only games I have are Perfect Dark Zero and Fight Night Round 3. Thanks

  • Dansk


    “Please? Pretty please? Please pretty please with sugar on top?” — Guybrush Threepwood,

  • JD

    I want Elder Sluts VI: Orgy for my Sexxx-Box 690… I wanna be king of porns and X-Box 360 is too sexay 4 me!

  • The Flaming Chicken

    After selling my left testicle, my right kidney, and a large portion of my liver on the black market in order to fund my purchase of an 360, it seems that I am left with a rather sad alternative: I can either spend the day looking at the 360’s startup screen, or I can sell one of my few remaining body parts in order to afford this much-desired game.

    While I understand completely if another poster wins this game, just know that my right eye is the next to go and I just got the stitches out of my lower back…

    (Hey, the whole catholic guilt thing always worked on me when I was little)

  • Let’s say you were to sign up for the site that my name links to, and I were to get referral points toward an XBox360. If I won, my XBox would sure be lonely…

    Please, don’t make me spend any money on electronics. Do it for the kids. The future.

  • trent82

    i want oblivion for free because i’m ridiculously broke. sometimes my mother pronounces the word “wash” as “warsh”. i once knew a guy who pretended to be a wwe wrestler to meet girls…teenage girls. i have a cat named “junior mint”. i bought metal gear solid 4 times. i used to play gameboy during church. i’m really looking forward to “snakes on a plane”. i bought my brother the super mario bros. movie on dvd as a gift. i owned a virtual boy.

  • Argyle

    The honest approach: Because it’s free.

  • Jasonlives13

    I don’t want this game, I need this game. Please I have a six year old daughter…

    *Plays Violin*

  • Victor

    I want this game simply because all of my friends have it and I am tired of being out of the loop.

  • Ed

    I want this best RPG game of the year for free because it gives me a kickass reason to convince my family to buy a XBox 360.

  • ShawnS

    Because 8 days ago I forked over a wad of cash for a 360, COD2, Burnout and an extra controller. Wifey wont let me buy anymore 360 stuff for quite some time. A nice RPG to ingore the rest of the world for would be nice.

  • Mephiston

    Why do I want the game? because it’d be a great excuse to go buy an X-Box 360 =D

  • A

    I deserve to win this contest because I was born on a raft escaping from Romaina, where my mother taught me simple words and shared her blood with me so she could give me AIDS (we thought it was a gift from the many gods). After she died, things were not good for me. I spent many of my winters bundled with cut hair I acheived from the dumpsters outside of a haircut department. I did not live in a house, I lived on the streets of New York on top of a dead cat. I named him “Limpy”.

    Now I have the magical device known as “The interweb” from “technology”, or as my mother caled it “Magic”

    also I’m really cool.

  • Eric Wittmershaus

    I would like a free copy of this game so that I can spend the $60 I would have spent on the game buying horse armor and other accoutrements.

  • Rich Isaacs

    I want this game because I keep getting kicked out of EB trying to play it in my underwear. I also think I deserve it because I didn’t use the word accoutrements like the guy above me.

  • Shadow Ninja

    I want to win Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion so I can trade it in at EBgames towards Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Limited Edition.

  • Because rabid aliens invaded our home and tryed to take our copy of Oblivion instead of probing us thank god, then they failed because a gang of wild monkeys killed them and stole it form them and I want another copy :(

    Sorry, didin’t put my info in :D

  • jinpak

    i want this game because all i can afford for my 360 is geometry wars….

  • 89

    Because I’m so lonely.

  • James

    I’d love a copy of this game so I can tune out my wife’s constant nagging in solid 12 hour blocks.

  • I want this game because without it, my evil plans to take over my small unsuspecting town one console at a time…

    Muhahahaha they will never suspect it, it will be perfect….. ill start with the old ones… intellivison… atari 26…. ill work my way up, gathering cartridges to invade the pc, after the pc falls under my control, all i have to do is declare war on macs, and the other consoles should surrender…. if they dont i can always work my way up.

    I will start by charging with a squadren of 25-nes controllers in their sheer glory, i will engage b-17 bombing with the intellivoices! i will flank them to the east with memory cards, to the west, battery backups. once the xbox 360 is captured, i can add wireless controllers and plate armor to my forces, my PLANS SHALL NOT FAIL!!!!!



  • Dastly

    I love you long time :D

  • I would like this game because soon I will not be able to afford them anymore! I barely scraped enough together to get a 360 to begin with! Anyways..I’m in the airforce and have a kid on the way so I am officially poor..oh well….either give this troop a game or take food out of my child’s mouth..your choice…….VIVA NACHO LIBRE!!!!!

  • Michael Kelehan

    I want Oblivion because it’s got a real story. I’ve been playing a lot of scrolling shooters as of late, and really, they don’t have any stories to speak of. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about…

    High-ranking military officer: Hello. Thanks for coming.

    Pilot: What is it that you need me for?

    Officer: Well, let me make it as simple as possible… the Pentagon has learned of an incoming attack… by aliens.

    Pilot: Aliens?

    Officer: Yes, aliens. Apparently, they’ve reached the limit that rectal probing can teach them, and are assaulting earth with huge numbers of ships within a matter of hours.

    Pilot: And you need my help why exactly?

    Officer: Because you’re the best pilot there is. We’ve researched every pilot from every air force of every country on this planet, and none can compare to you.

    Pilot: Now, come on, you know that I know that that’s not true.

    Officer: Fine. You’re the only one that returned our calls. Happy?

    Pilot: Very.

    Officer: Now, can you do it or not?

    Pilot: Hold on… why am I the only one who is going against this whole army of clearly superior ships? Why not send, say, “every air force of every country on this planet?”

    Officer: Simple: gas prices. Gas prices have been going up a lot lately, and we simply can’t afford to spend that much to fuel the planes.

    Pilot: The government can’t give you more money to save the freaking earth from an alien invasion?

    Officer: Nope. Remember the International Debt Treaty of 2014? All countries paid off their debts to other countries, and agreed to never get themselves in such debts again. Since the US paid off its 12 trillion dollar debt, fundage has been slim indeed. Not to mention the backfiring of the whole campaign finance reform debacle…

    Pilot: Perfect. One plane against a fleet of ships. I’m toast.

    Officer: Not necessarily. We’ve been working on a new type of ship in Area 51, dubbed the “T-689738675,” based on the alien craft that crashed in Roswell decades ago. It’s capable of firing laser-like shots a seemingly infinite amount, as well as a few of what we’re calling “smart bombs” that will instantly destroy all enemy craft in sight.

    Pilot: What are its defense capabilities?

    Officer: Well… that’s where the T-689738675 comes a little short.

    Pilot: Wonderful.

    Officer: Based on our research of the enemy’s firepower, one shot of anything will explode it into many tiny pieces.

    Pilot: So I really don’t have a shot in hell.

    Officer: I wouldn’t go that far. Our research has also shown that shots fired from their ships go very, very slow, while ours go quite fast. You should be able to weave through enemy fire with some skillful maneuvering.

    Pilot: But, I’m still dead in one hit.

    Officer: It’s not that simple. We’ve also developed a new device that lets us transport you into a new T-689738675 as soon as you’re hit.

    Pilot: And how many times can you do this?

    Officer: Three. Then we need to put in another 50 cents.

    Pilot: Should I even ask?

    Officer: No.

    Pilot: All right. How much of the budget do we have left, anyway?

    Officer: Three dollars.

    Pilot: Three dollars?!

    Officer: I told you money was tight.

    Pilot: You’re not kidding.

    Officer: I’m not. One more thing: the T-689738675 is initially strong, but we think it can get stronger. We have hopes that as you shoot down enemy craft, items will fly out that you can fly over and upgrade your ship. We call these hypothetical things “power-ups.”

    Pilot: Hopes?

    Officer: Yes. We have no way of knowing that these things will fly off of these ships, but it’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

    Pilot: Yes, yes, it’d be very nice. This is sounding better and better.

    Officer: I detect a hint of sarcasm.

    Pilot: Then you’re not looking very hard; there’s a veritable load of it.

    Officer: Anyway, will you do it?

    Pilot: Sure, what the hell.

    Officer: Good. The world thanks you.

    Pilot: They’d better.

    …so you see, a well-written RPG like Oblivion is just the change of pace I need.

  • trent82

    when are they gonna announce a winner for this contest? i thought it ended on wednesday. i NEED oblivion…

  • my dad is so stupid he tried to drown a fish! my mum is dum he bought me an xbox 360

  • chris


  • blob

    i really want this game because first of all it looks like an epic rpg game.2 because the graphics r intense an thirdly because im broke and i cant buy any other games becuz i just bought the xbox and i need the game so please give it to me i need it way more than anyone else please im baegging u

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