GamePro TV Episode 5 – “THECRUSHEL” Edition

By Nicholas Fricke . August 18, 2006 . 10:58am

SWAT: ToeJam & Earl – Genesis, Mega Man IV – NES, Super Castlevania IV – SNES, Bonk’s Revenge – TG16, Devil’s Crush – TG16, El Viento – Genesis


Ask The Pros: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure – NES


Pro Review: Tiny Toon Adventures – NES


16 Bit Hits: Lemmings – SNES


Inside Info: Top 10 NES Video Game Rentals Feb. 1992 – Blockbuster Video


Viewer SWAT: Turrican – Genesis


Also, apparently this show is “2 legit” (you’ll see at the end of the episode).


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  • Jigen

    I love this show, and now thanks to you I finally see people talking about it on the net. BTW, did you know the first episode you posted has been up on 1up’s for a while?

    For a long time it seemed there was noone that remembered this show at all, but finally that has changed.

    Thanks again (I hope you have a ton more episodes, too).

  • FRX

    I knew that someone took episode 1 and put it on gametrailers a while back, but I didn’t know about the gamevideos one. Ah well, I highly doubt that anyone else is gonna take the time and copy every single one of the eps I uploaded to youtube and put them somewhere else. So as long as people keep coming back to my channel, then I’m happy.

    I’m really surprised that no one else had uploaded these eps before I did. I know that one other guy who comments on my videos said he recorded the eps too, but he said he either lost the tapes or recorded over them. I’m assuming that’s what happened to other people who recorded this show (I’m just lucky that I’m a pack rat and that I keep everything). So that’s why I decided to take it upon myself to put them online and to get people to remember this show.

    I really owe a lot to Spencer here at Siliconera for giving me the chance to expose these videos to the world and to try my hand at some game article writing. And I have a couple more GPTV episodes to go. I believe my tape got all the way up to the video game awards they gave out for 1991-02, and even then I ran outta space, and recorded only the awards I liked (Sonic the Hedgehog won an award for… something! woohoo!)

    And then after I’m done uploading GamePro, what’s left? I don’t wanna be stuck on the whole retro theme like some poor man’s Seanbaby, but I do have many very old game magazines from the early 90s that I don’t think I’ve seen on the net: Sega Vision, Hardcore Gamefan (my fave), GamePro, all full of cheesy ads. I guess I could always scan them in the future…

  • FRX

    Uhh… that should be 1991-92 up there, not 1991-02. At least, I don’t recall any awards for Devil May Cry or Halo on the tape.

  • Old School Gamer

    Wow! That video just made my day – they don’t make ‘em like they used to! I love the enthusiasm of the presenter plus the ghetto/cool style he presents in. A big thank you to the person who uploaded this.

  • Owen

    Thank you VERY VERY much for these videos FRX.
    I never got to see these shows, I don’t know if they were broadcast in Europe at the time but it is great to see shows from the 8/16 bit Console era. Excellent work and thank you for them.
    What I love about them is that the two guy really genuinly seem interested in the consoles/games and seem to enjoy working together.

    The are a great watch.

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