Bare boobies found in Kid Icarus

By Spencer . January 30, 2007 . 10:36am


I couldn’t believe this tip from that the Unmasked Ninja sent us. In a short e-mail he/she said, “Have you seen the Kid Icarus manual? My friend showed it to me and the Syrn (corrected to Syren) is topless TOPLESS!” It was one of those tips that I had to see to believe so I searched online and found a PDF with the Kid Icarus manual and right on page 38 under the enemy description there was a topless Harpy. After the whole “Hot Coffee” fiasco and motion gravure games it might not seem like a big deal, but this was done by Nintendo, the family friendly video game company next door. Let me rephrase that, this was done by Nintendo in 1987. The same company who wouldn’t let crosses into games, changed dogs to mutant mice in Wolfenstein 3D and asked Midway to change the blood into sweat in Mortal Kombat. While there was no pixilated nudity in the NES version of Kid Icarus I would have guessed that Nintendo would check their manuals more carefully to make sure something like this wouldn’t happen. It’s an obvious oversight by NOA and huge surprise in video game history. Here’s the next question will the Virtual Console manual keep Syren’s topless picture or omit her in the NES Wii game?


Update: Here is a link to the manual stored online in a PDF with the same picture. 

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  • Near_Shadow

    Oh no another nipplegate! God people, grow up, it’s just a pair of nipples.

  • argus

    Yeah, people just need to grow up. Nudity isn’t always about sex. Now, if there were sex in Kid Icarus, then that’d be a different story.

  • Pichi

    It’s not that bad. It would be sad if they changed it later for the Wii manual.

  • ShadowMarth

    There are about half a dozen such instances of topless female enemies in the Castlevania games, but the worst thing on the label is “suggestive themes”. I agree with argus, however.

  • I honestly don’t think its a big deal either. It’s just surprising because Nintendo had draconian policies about what could and could not be in NES games. It seems like this would be the kind of thing they would censor out, but for some reason this slipped by.

  • the_importer

    Unless you’re a 6 year old, I don’t think a pair of boobies on a badly drawn monster will have any effect on you. I’ve seen better drawn breast in buses and public restrooms.

  • Xalem

    You know, on the same page as this article was a Zwinky ad, where you can drag and drop clothing on a girl in her underwear. So…why are we worried about Ms. Icarus again?

  • My eyes my poor eyes….

  • icroz

    Yes, in the real world there are bare breasts and they’re great. My suggestion is to put down the control panel and get busy!

  • goonz

    fappin’ 2 dis

  • uhh

    do you guys not understand that this isnt an article about nudity (it is, but keep reading)
    its about nentendos strict control over the games allowed on their systems(when it was the absolute strictest) missing something, its like an easter egg

  • Pichi

    I guess it wasn’t a big deal to Nintendo since it was only in the manual and not the actual game.

  • Cyber Akuma

    It happens, as surprising as it may be to realize it however. I recall some NES shooter (forgot the name) that had a girl nude from the upper torso up as a boss, but later versions of the game had this edited out. Also, remember Breath of Fire 2 for the SNES? It featured a female character that wore abslutely no pants, not even unerwear, her clothing solely consisted of what looked like a sports-bra and a belt. This was both in-game and in the manual which wasnt obscured by an angle either, even in the GBA port. I was surprised Nintendo let that fly, especially in the USA version.

  • q

    forget the nippled man…. WHERE ARE HER ARMS!!!

  • Dan Zuccarelli

    that’s fantastic!

  • Near_Shadow

    The only reason Nintendo has strict control on their video games is because it’s a family-friendly company. If every friggin’ parent out there doesn’t want their kids to see pixelated boobies, then it’s not gonna happen. Why on earth boobies would have a bad effect on children is besides the question, apparently.

    My point is, if you want to look at the “guilty” people for this strict (and ridiculous IMO) censorship, don’t look at Nintendo. They’re just a company providing products to a market, thus adjusting the products if the market wants something else.

    On another note, I do think there is something terribly wrong with a country that spends so incredible amount of media attention to an almost-naked boobie showing on television =)

  • Sytze Vliegen

    OH my dearest dear… in the Netherlands we would call this “er kan weer gefapt worden”. A complete disgrace. Shame on the pervert who has drawn this picture.

  • gui

    uh, she’s hot.

  • LH

    I just have to wonder, how many people are going to print out that manual for…uhhh…reading material tonight?

  • Only in North America will such close mindedness ever exist. This is definitely something that should go on the first page of a newspaper. Perhaps if you replaced all the gore and violence in your lives with a pair of bare breasts, your arogance and ignorance might diminish.

  • Lee

    Some ignorant fools posting at the top. This isn’t an article about outrage, this is an article about Nintendo’s hypocrisy.

  • Cory

    I remember seeing this in the manual for the game when I bought it brand new back in ’86 or so. People are just discovering this now?

  • Cor Vus

    *FAP* *FAP* *FAP*

  • Sesq

    One must bear in mind that Nintendo didn’t go absolutely gung-ho about censorship until around 1988, a couple of years after Kid Icarus had been released.

  • chugaboy

    amen cresco!

  • Nevio

    Actually, that “Syren” looks pretty much like an Harpy.
    And an Harpy is, by any chance, a topless bird-woman chimera.
    I don’t remember i ever saw an harpy wearing a bra, since it is a mythological monster.
    Guess what? Kid Icarus is based on Mythology, that makes sense.
    I think an harpy wearing a bra would have been ridiculous even for Nintendo.

  • Nevio

    Also, this isn’t the only videogame based on mythology who has topless women.
    Go check God of War for PS2.
    I guess topless girls in ancient Greece fantasy environments are commonly accepted because Women in classical paintings found on archeological sites are ALWAYS topless.
    So an ancient greek girl (or Syren/Harpy) with her breast covered would look like a 80s rockstar with short-cut hairs.

  • Daskel

    I’m with Jurek. Less blood and gore. More bare breasts! I mean do you want “kinder and gentler” or what?

  • 1up

    god of war is a little different than KID icarus. nintendo is/was a company orchestrated to have family-oriented content. and no, putting a bra on a harpy would not have been a stretch for nintendo, its not even a stretch for mythologists, much less a children geared gaming company. its obvious that nintendo didnt spend time to check the manual, or whoever did check it did not agree with nintendo’s ideals about video games. there was a lot of documented discontent with the way they ran things at nintendo, so its feasible. that image will be gone for the virtual console game manual, rest assured. theres no way thats escaping another set of nintendo’s eyes…

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