Piracy in San Francisco: Game Boy Advance multicart gallery

By Spencer . March 13, 2007 . 10:10am

After the whole GDC was over I strolled around San Francisco in search of a go board. While wandering around I stumbled upon a shop with a massive supply of pirated Game Boy Advance multicarts sitting in the display counter. Besides having the usual hodgepodge of GBA box art on the cartridges there were some oddities. One cartridge had a picture of “Mario 4” another had Ninja Gaiden’s Xbox art and even stranger was a cartridge with art for Somari, a pirated NES game that has Mario in Sonic the Hedgehog 1.







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  • Pichi

    Oh, I think you should have reported the owner. :o

  • And0

    I wonder if, with the death of the GBA, this will become more or less common?

  • MastahLink

    I hope you contacted the authorities. This is unacceptable! Especially if it’s in San Fransisco.

  • Chinatown certainly has some interesting stores and massage parlors…

  • I’m not sure if the authorities would do anything if they were reported, but I do have another photo of the outside of the store somewhere in my GDC pictures folder…

  • Pichi

    Only thing I can think of is contacting the International Intellectual Property Alliance about it:


    Hopefully they do something about this.

  • Big Corporate dogs like Nintendo and you are worried for them? They eat you alive. What do you care? The guy is trying to make a few bucks. You make money and profit off of other people all day. That is all he is doing. He purchased the item, he is selling it and it is making production happen. Who cares about Nintendo! Buy NINFENDO!

  • gameduck

    Wow, I did not know you could get these in the states. I actually bought one by mistake on Amazon Marketplace. I was supposed to get Contra Advance and ended up with a multicart with Contra Advance, 2 GBA Megaman games, and 200 SFC roms on it. It works well and is kinda cool to have. How much were they? Sellers ask $50-$80 for them on various sites. It is pretty bold of them to have them out like that,. If you wanted to, you could report them to Nintendo by calling 1-800-255-3700

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