Hard [optional] bosses rock!

By Rolando . March 19, 2007 . 10:46am

lucifer.jpgYou gotta love optionally hard bosses. For some magnificent reason, a majority of optional bosses turn out to be harder than the game’s actual final boss; and sometimes there isn’t a reason behind it. Some of us who love a good challenge like nothing more than to embrace these hard bosses not only to see how difficult they are but also how far we can get in those fights.


Ian C. of QJ.net wrote a blog about eight optional bosses that we hated so much yet loved to fight. It’s an interesting read that warrants your attention, but there is one boss he mentions that I particularly didn’t find hard at all, that boss being Culex. For some reason, I found Culex in Super Mario RPG to be pretty easy; but I guess that’s because I was sort of strong in the end-game and had most skills for Geno, Mario, and Peach. The rest of the bosses I agree whole heartedly with him, especially the Behemoth from Blood Will Tell. I literally had a field day spending about two hours executing that 48 hit combo perfectly…what memories.


As for what boss Ian should have really mentioned, Lucifer from Shin Megami Tensei and Penance from Final Fantasy X International say hello. Read the blog and determine whether you agree or disagree. Also, which eight optional bosses would you consider to be the hardest in the many games you’ve played in your lifetime?

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  • Blackguard

    No boss, optional or not, from any Final Fantasy game is difficult. The fact that he mentions Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts only proves how poorly thought out that list was. Perhaps if this guy played more difficult games, he wouldn’t find mediocre bosses like Sephiroth difficult.

    You can fight the protagonist from Shin Megami Tensei 3 in Digital Devil Saga (I forget if it’s 1 or 2), and he’s somewhat difficult.

  • Jeff

    You do realize that Kingdom Hearts is not, in fact, a FF game, right? I’ve never actually beaten Sephiroth in those games, but I remember trying once or twice on KH2 and being smited by him instantly if I didn’t block his first attack.

  • ryne11

    Lucifer was easy

    The Demi-Fiend in Digital Devil Saga and Satan in Digital Devil Saga 2 were much harder.

  • Pichi

    Sephiroth in KH and Culex in Super Mario RPG were hard for me, especially Culex when I was younger.

  • jeffx

    Damn I thought The Forgotten One was on the easy side. This list makes me wanna replay LOI and Blood Will Tell ASAP.

  • I remember the killer bosses in Star Ocean: Second Story being excessively hard and long fights. Over 1,000,000 HP per fight and you had to be at level 150+ to have a fighting chance.

    I don’t know if this counts for optional boss but the final X mission in Trauma Center: Second Opinion was a real challenge.

  • Donnington

    Something I’ve noticed about peoples perception of Hard bosses is that after a few years once hard bosses are thought of as easy. I think this is because crazy people (like me I’m afraid to say) love to go back to these bosses and find perfect solutions to kill them.

    Take Sephiroth for example, the first time I went up against him he whooped my arse something awful, but then I found out about the Mimic/ Neo Bahamut trick, how to get Clouds Fourth Limit break and Master Materia and suddenly he was a breeze.
    Penance is another example, mother of a fight the first time, but by giving all your cash to Yojimbo you get a instant Zanmato and he’s done for. (at least that’s what my nut of Father claims, I haven’t tried it out so far)

    I think when making these lists we should forget about the cheap victories you can win through ultimate moves and focus on how hard it was the first time, when we were just so innocent.

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