What happened to Kingdom Hearts III?

By Spencer . April 3, 2007 . 4:15pm

I’m sure that plenty of you have seen the “special ending” in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + that probably has you scratching your head thinking “how does this fit into Kingdom Hearts?” Well it might not fit into “Kingdom Hearts” exactly because the next game is not Kingdom Hearts III. Instead Nomoura-san producer of the series said to Dengeki, “First, it’s not Kingdom Hearts III. Of course, because we’re calling it a ‘new’ series, it won’t be KHIII. Also, it’s a series, so it probably won’t be just one title.” So what could it be? Students of the Strange has a good theory that Kingdom Hearts is going the Fabula Novala Crystalis route by having multiple games set in one universe. Without spoiling too much about the Final Mix + ending, I’m guessing the next series could be a prequel to the whole Kingdom Hearts universe. Names aside who really cares what Square-Enix calls the next games? As long as the titles are fun to play the name shouldn’t matter much.

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  • Pico

    “Nomura-san”? Please… he’s nowhere near good enough to be referred to as ‘Nomura-san’.

  • Aoshi00

    He should stick to being a char. designer.

  • @Pico,

    The “san” suffix is roughly equivalent to “Mister.” It doesn’t denote any particular admiration or special respect. Without knowing who you are or having ever met you before, I would call you by your surname + “san,” were I to address you in Japanese. However, I would like to point out the fact that Nomura-san’s name is misspelled in this post. “Nomura,” not “Nomoura.”

  • dabel

    yeah… its most likely gonna be another version of final fantasy but about kingdom hearts.
    i would definitely get a ps3 just so i can play this game.

  • Well that clears up a few things; those three knights having a relation to characters in the new game is a bit more coherent and understandable than assuming they were the past lives of Sora, Kairu, and Riku (I’m looking at you, GameFAQs). Here’s hoping the announcement for this new series is sometime soon…maybe around the same time the FFXIII demo is released in Japan hmm?

  • Haha, you care what the games are called when you own a website called ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’!

  • Well I really think that one of the characters looks like Axel, and perhaps Roxas. Either way it looks cool…I just have a feeling this is gonna be one of those “series” of games that’s gonna make you want to own every console under the sun to get the most out of it.

  • rachel

    so does this mean that sora,kairi,and riku wont be in kh3? if not then then y call it kingdom hearts 3 theres no point cuz kh is mainly bout disney and square enix coming together making a game

  • bobby

    we all find out in late summer 2007

  • when do you all think it will come out? i hope soon cause ………….

  • kingdom hearts 3 will be out in 2008 of summer

  • jordan

    what do i do at the end it just shows the end and scores i cant save ?????? plz help

  • Sam-sam

    You can’t save at the end. It’s the end. And I don’t think those characters in the end of KH2FM+ are Sora, Riku, or Kairi, or even axel for that matter. But the blonde haired soldier, the one who gets frozen, my friends and I believe is Roxas. But it’s just a theory, we think he looks like him.

  • josh

    will it be for the xbox360 and the ps3 if so that would be wayy more convinient for all i think


    He aint Roxas Foo!! he is Ven get it strait

  • The blue haired gur is Sora and the frozen guy was actually Roxas.Many people have a theory saying Roxas dies then another theory holds he just got frozen.

  • Riku55

    Yess!!!!! i Found a way to Play Kh2 Final Mix at the end Kingdom Hears2

  • KH3

    Riku55- How?

    Anyways, there is a big possibility that there might be a third Kingdom Hearts that may come out in the Americas:
    1. Why would they show the ending most of us saw at the end (the final mix one), and just leave us with a cliff hanger like that? It’s pointless to include that in the american version anyways!

    2. They know that if they don’t come out with a new kingdom hearts, then we’ll bother the **** out of them with petitions and complaints lol =D

    3. It’s pointless for there to be a series with only 2 episodes…

  • Alejandro

    riku55-how then??? can i play kh2 fm in kh2?? to bad there isn’t gona be a kh3 but its gonna be a serie but one thing i know for sure that sora is still the main character in the kh series

  • the_master111

    Rikku55 HOW????

  • ChaosDrako

    Riku-55 YOU MUST TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please…. pretty please….. DUDE!!! I’m going to wet my pants if you don’t tell us!!! *checking myself* too late.

  • i think theres is a kingdom hearts 3 cause i found out somthing you dont stop the heartless but you stop the nobodies and the organisation in kingdom hearts 2

  • phoenix calixus

    how the hell does sora die at the end of kh2? I saw the old fart freeze him (im not even sure that was sora) but what happens next?

  • phoenix calixus

    What the Hell did they name it kh3 if its not even a ‘kingdom hearts’ game?

  • MMM…Organized Crime

    UM…First off…Those dudes in armor are not known to anyone but Mr. T. And theeeeeen….Tell me, do YOU really REALLY REEEEALLLLLLLYYY think Mr. T and the gang would make some ending like that ifthey weren’t going to make a KH3? And if KH3 is made it wouldn’t come out in Japan til 2010.

  • Reece

    What does it mean the title doesnt matter, i wont kingdom hearts 3, and it does leave me scratching my head, what happened to sora, ahhhhh.

  • Reece

    and Sora better be the main character or there s not gonna be happy fans.

  • Reece

    I hope u all burn because I dont want a stupid new series, just because u people wont more money.

  • WillBot-X-1

    Roxas was the frozen guy with the shadered helmet pause and take a look at the face

  • fuzzball117

    i heard that it would it in fact be called “kingdom hearts 3 keyblade wars”. if u google search images of KH3 u will find a case with the title “kingdom hearts 3 keyblade wars”. sora is not in the secret ending, he doesnt die, somebody also said that the knights or “chasers” are some how related to the characters from the previos kh game, and the chasers are completely new characters

  • fuzzball117

    sora also will be the main character

  • fuzzball117

    there will be new info on kh3 later this summer, kh3 is suspected to come out in 2008 because Sony is pushing Square because Sony need a great game exclusive for the PS3 there

  • lol

    I red that this is still kingdom hearts only that there are over people.
    And that sora will be in it to.
    Xehanort did not die and looks like an bald old man in the trailer, and at the end in the trailer mickey comes in the end to aid strength to Terra,Aqua and Ver (the names of the three warriors).

  • lol

    It was not Sora who was frozen by the old fart.
    That was Ver, one of the Chasers, in the trailer.
    and there are four of them (Terra,Aqua,Ver and Xehanort the creators of the keyblades.

  • nathan hutchcraft

    so is there going to be a sora in kh 3?

  • mrv225

    josh it will be on those two systems

  • Dylan

    have any of yoyu seen the trailer if so who thinks thats sora who gets frozzen

  • wat the HELLLLLLLL is wrong with you why the f*** would you not make kingdom hearts 3????? are you out of your f*** mind you f****** B****!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rikyflatster

    THAT SUCKS NO KH3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (if they make one they better make it for ps2, wii, and 360)




  • eRic

    and if you Are gOing to make a kindom hearts 3 with all the players that KaTIE said please make iT multi pLayer! mAny PEoPLE IN nJ wANT iT multiplayer

  • jobbo

    KHs r the best games in the world. y wuldnt they make a new 1. if they dont everyone in the world will be mad bout it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no

    As long as Sephiroths in it I couldn’t care less and if they don’t maek one?


  • Ha, the only thing all of you have to do is wait, wait and see what lies ahead. Be patient says the wise EnigmaKingX!!!

  • Roxas and Sora are forever light

    Welll, this is all fine and dandy but all i want to know is the KHIII (or something) F***** story line and new chareters. Kairi, Donald and Goofy are ok to leave out because they suck a fighting and Sora usaly kills everything (espelly in KHII) (and tho i still love them). I want some kick A** support chareters And all New DRIVE FORMS and new KEYBLADES instead of thos sucky keyblades that resimble the Disney chareter themes (tho the KINGDOMKEY~light/dark sides are cool. ^__^)

  • Roxas and Sora are forever light

    Does anyone one want to continue this form?

  • Roxas and Sora are forever light

    well if anyone does IM me it’s indandragon3 (or talk about anything i guess)

  • ?

    Everyone says there’s no sora in the kingdom hearts 3, well he is but not as a main character selection; sora, donald and goofy will come to help the “chaser’s” near the end of the game. Also sephiroth will be keyed into the game along with cloud. Roxas however will be linked as a disple for the chasers.
    P.S. this game in the making was evidently supposed to be named “Keyblade Weilder”.

  • t

    how old is sora and roxas in kingdom hearts 3

  • Hyper Shadik 74

    well why the heck would they leave such a cliffhanger ending in kh2
    if kh3 looks like sora, riku, kairi, mickey, donald, goofy, leon, etc. have nothing to do with it in the kh2fm secret ending???!!! aren’t those guys supposed to be the main chacters in the series?
    what stupid freaking idiot would ruin the he kingom hearts series like that?

  • ?

    The only reason why you wont see so much of sora donald and goofy etc is because kingdom hearts 4 will be involving heartless and noboddies v.s. worlds of chasers, it will be an imense war in the kingdom hearts 4, so this is why its intrudcing the chasers to story, but to let you all know that sora donald goofy roxas etc shall be the main selectible characters in kingdom hearts 4.

    • william

      guys just come down i think its a another series of kingdom hearts duh

  • xsoraxsorax

    is sora in it????????? what the rating????????????

    • QBasic

      Wow. What the hell. Old article is OOOOOLD.

      Ugh. Now the KHInsider morons are finding their way here…

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