Ubisoft to teach DS owners French and Spanish?

By Spencer . May 15, 2007 . 10:16am

It looks like Ubisoft might be developing language training software for the Nintendo DS. Listings for My Spanish Coach and My French Coach appeared on GameFly for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo made a pretty penny with English Training and if Ubisoft can team up with a University or High School their “coach” games could be a success. Ubisoft also has another language title, My Word Coach for the DS and the Wii, which sounds like it could be a vocabulary teaching program. If you add these titles with Imagine Master Chef (a cooking title?) and Jam Sessions Ubisoft is on their way to becoming the biggest publisher of edutainment software for the Nintendo DS in North America.

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  • jeffx

    yeah give me a Japanese coach instead. I could teach Spanish and French myself, but I’m paying 400$ for private Japanese lessons… :(

    very happy to see these ‘games’ coming out regardless. All hail hypno-DS!

  • NightOwl

    I’d really like to see a Chinese (Mandarin) edition! I completely applaud the inclusion of more “adult” fare to the Nintendo DS library, and hope that you add the aforementioned Chinese (Mandarin) version soon!

  • Dheetoh

    This sounds amazing! I’d like to thank Ubisoft, and I can’t wait for My Word Couch to be released.

  • Ein li Kesef

    I for one could use a Hebrew coach.

  • its about time! this past may i saw learn english software for your DS ads all over the paris subways. in US the DS is so kid oriented. games like brain age are bringing it to adults; i think this is even more compelling. this is long overdue in the US. i can’t wait to see ads in the nyc subways and airports for this software. the DS is an incredibly versatile machine which still hasn’t seen its full market potential.

  • i think there should be someone to make all languages. i think there is a lot of money to be made!

  • TT

    this sound like it would really teach you something like the spainish one it would really help me because most of the people here in texas speak spainish

  • Lynn

    You should make an italian coach.. people love that language

  • rhiannon

    A french coach would be great, although it would have to be an advanced one aimed at people who want to become fluent in a language. Maybe an A Level + standard?

  • Elora

    i wish there was also a korean language edition too. there’s no one around my neck of the woods who can teach it. Will you please make that one too?

  • Lauren

    I think there should be an Italian coach because i really love the italian language.

  • Xitomi

    I totally argee with NightOwl, I hope that they do a chinese language coach. I think that it is a very important and useful language nowadays and it will be even more important in the future.

  • Vanessa

    There HAS to be an Italian coach! It would be SO useful to us beginning speakers. If they really wanna real in the bucks, Italian coach.

  • Isaac

    There sould be a chinese coach!

  • Diane

    I can see why Ubisoft started off with French and Spanish–those are the two “standard” foreign languages, the ones offered in high schools that have to offer foreign language so their students can meet the state requirements for graduation. This came out before Christmas, so I’m guessing the idea is that this will be bought not just by the people who want it, but also by people who are getting it as a gift–for their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and such, of school-going age.

    I hope they do expand into other languages–and maybe produce a better Spanish game. I enjoy MSC, but it definitely has room for improvement.

  • Dan

    Japanese PLLLLLLEASE!!! Ubisoft people pleaaaaaaassee! There’s NO japanese language learning soft!

    Nihongo choudai!!!

  • Adria

    I would love to see an Italian Coach game. I am trying to teach myself and my family Italian and this would be a fun tool to have!!!

  • Diane

    We are awaiting a Korean and Mandarin game.

  • Melissa

    An Italian Coach would be nice, I am taking it in my high school and having trouble. I know other kids with the same problem. Most high schools teach Spanish, French, and Italian. Plus, Italian is considered a “standard” language.

  • Balmung

    I think they should make maybe, “My Italian Coach”, and maybe whatever the next most popular language is.
    “My Chinese Coach” would be amazing. But there’s so many symbols, it’d take forever to do.

  • Jeff

    I’m from Toronto Canada and I went Christmas shopping for “My French Coach” for my Japanese wife and it was all sold out at all four stores in my busy mid-town neighbourhood. I’ll be getting that for sure BUT I REALLY WANT A “MY JAPANESE COACH” program created by someone, perhaps a Japanese publisher. I don’t think Ubisoft in Montreal can head off Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese…… all at once, and I don’t think they will.

  • Nina

    I would love to see an Italian coach version come out. I speak the language fluently and it could be very useful in helping me keep my linguistic skills fluent.

  • Jackie

    Please do make a Japanese version of My Coach. My son and I would like the opportunity to learn this language on our DS’. The DS is a great platform to get young adults interested in learning a foreign language.

  • I definitely think an Italian coach is needed. I am living in Italy and have been looking high and low for the Italian Coach after my friend let me play her French Coach. THe games are fun and it really helped my learn some French pretty fast ( Iàm a second-grader!). Ubisoft, give us an ITALIAN COACH!!!

  • Jill Wilson

    There should be a korean one ah what the heck they should make one for all languages. :)

  • jill

    My daughter who is 11 loves the French Coach – she just picked it up, never had French school. This made me start checking to see what other languages were available. I too was looking for Hebrew – oh well…

  • fuf

    i could really do with german coach, i would have thought that would have been cosidered as a starderd language

  • Italia

    I completley agree with everyone who wants the Italian coach, it is such a nice language and I would really LOVE to learn it. It would add to my skills and it would really be worthwhile.

  • Mr.X

    I think an Irish coach would be great. Not many people have the chance of learning this beautiful language in school and it is a dying language. A my Irish coach would really boost the language.

    Ta suil agam go mbeidh “My Irish Coach” ar diol linn go luath!

  • unknown

    I am full Italian and I don`t even know the language. Can you please make one?

    P.S I ahve French Coach and it is great.

    Mais je y a juste un probleme.the french is very fancy.

  • ba8yk

    PLEASE!!!!!!! Make a “My Japanese Coach” I have My Spanish Coach and its great, but I really want to learn Japanese. I think this is a great moneymaker. Please !!!!!

  • Michelle

    Would love to see an Italian Coach please!!!

  • hattibee

    UBISOFT has to make an Italian Coach. We need one…..and i am going to Italy soon………hurry UBI get it out here……thx

  • Meg

    I would also LOVE to see Italian Coach!!! When will it be out? THX!– Meg

  • Amber

    A Japanese-esq coach already exists for the Nintendo DS. My sister bought it while in Japan. I’m not sure who the maker of it is, but I know one does exist.

  • Disappointed

    My German Coach would be awesome. I am taking it at my school, but they are trying to cut the program to bring Mandarin Chinese in. MGC would be great for review for me ^.^

  • Margaux

    I would love to see a My Japanese Coach, as would everyone else, however I do agree that there might be a bit of a wait time (Maybe late 2009?!) I plan on getting My French Coach, to see if I like it. I’m half french and am currently taking french in school. I’d love to use it to study.

    I would also like to see a Chinese version, Polish Version, even Arabic! If they made an arabic version we could use them as preliminary training for the troops. :- D

  • Bryan

    Both French and Spanish Coach are great game. I think this series is a great opportunity to learn other languages as my school only offers French. I would appreciate many of the above languages to be made.

  • un muchacho

    I would LOVE to see “My Italian Coach” get made. It has been confirmed though that Ubisoft’s next installment will be “My Japanese Coach”… most online game websites are already talking about it.

  • Lisa S

    As soon as I saw My Spanish Coach and My French Coach I thought, they NEED to make My Italian Coach!!! Come on Ubisoft get it done.

  • Kelley

    So far I have seen My Coach software for English (for Spanish speaking individuals), Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. I have both the Spanish and the Japanese. An Italian one would be a great idea. I would really like to see an Irish one though-I love this language and would like to learn it and I think a My Irish Coach would help me make a step forward into learning it.

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