Square-Enix plans Dragon Quest remakes

By Rolando . May 23, 2007 . 7:15pm

fami_-_dragon_quest_iv.jpgIf Square-Enix milking remaking a Final Fantasy game is nothing but bullcorn to you, then perhaps hearing Square-Enix remaking some Dragon Quest remakes will make you feel better knowing Square-Enix isn’t milking out just one franchise.


IGN reports that at Square-Enix’s financial briefing in Tokyo today, Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada answered that question the majority of us ask ourselves when considering why Square-Enix doesn’t bother remaking any of its other games that don’t have the name Final Fantasy attached to it. To quote Wada-san from the briefing;


This summer, we’ll release Battle Road in arcades and Sword for the Wii. Following that, we’re thinking of a release for 9 once we’ve released remake versions and so forth


Translation: prior to the release of Dragon Quest IX on the DS, Square-Enix will be planning some remakes of the older Dragon Quest games to appease fans until Dragon Quest IX has been released and deprives us of a social life wows us with its handheld beauty and erases any concerns skeptics had of the series moving onto the handheld for now. The last Dragon Quest game to get the remake treatment was Dragon Quest V for the PS2 in Japan, so here’s hoping Square-Enix shares the Dragon Quest remake love on various handhelds and consoles…assuming they aren’t just handheld remakes.

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  • I’m all for Dragon Quest remakes as long as Square-Enix picks something other than DQ 1. The remake of DQV was excellent when it shifted into 3D and I would totally pick up a cel-shaded DQIV or DQIII remake.

  • jeffx

    What’s your issue with DQ1? it’s such a classic game. I’d love to see a DQ 6 remake.

  • Angelous

    I honestly don’t care which Dragon Quest is remade. Of course I would prefer it to be either IV or VI. I wonder how easy it would be to port the PSX DQ IV (which was super close to a US release at one time) to the DS?

    Anyways, when they do the ports, I hope they are produced on import friendly systems. Meaning the DS or the PS3. I Wii compilation would be sweet too. But Wii games are region locked =(

  • Nothing really against DQ1, it’s just been remade before. Bring on the new remakes you know?

  • M’Buma

    Before Final Fantasy games were remade again and again and before Enix and Square teamed up, remember it was Enix who was milking out the Dragon Quest franchise . DQ1-2 appeared on FC, SFC, GB, MSX, DQ 3 on FC, SFC, GB and the usual DQ remake for the new sony console (DQ IV and V). It’s really nothing new.

    I’d prefer see these remakes on handheld. My copy of DQ V remake on PS2 is freezing near the end of the game so now I’m traumatised.

  • Dr. Slump

    Generally I’m much more interested in new games than remakes, but I would love to see any of the DQ games that were never released in English. For those of us who haven’t played them, they’re as good as new games.

  • Make it as good as DQ VIII and I will play it long time.

  • Brandon

    I would pay big bucks for a giant collection of remakes, such as a Dragon Quest 1-7.

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