Meet the units of Grim Grimoire – part 2

By Katie . June 18, 2007 . 12:41pm

Lillet Blan, the protagonist of Grim Grimoire begins the game only with the skills to summon Glamour familiars (as seen in the first article). Within the first few hours of the game Lillet also learns how to control phantom warriors and Necromancy magic. Necromancy units are mostly in ethereal form, which means some deal less damage to them and other units cannot hit them at all. Necromancy units are extremely effective against sorcery units because imps have a hard time hitting what they cannot see.




Here we have the first familiar of the Grimoire 'Hades Gate', type Necromancy. Like the Elves of the Fairy Ring, this character is your Mana-miner – but unlike its Substance counterparts, its Astral nature lets the Ghost transcend walls and floors, making additional units faster to create. As an added bonus, levelling up the Hades Gate will give Ghosts the self-destruct Charge ability, so you can take any that you aren't using and make them into untouchable bombs. Their Sanctuary looks a bit like a mausoleum.




At Level 2, Phantoms become available for creation in the 'Hades Gate' rune. Though it may be made of stars, this large, baritone-voiced knight must sadly use the stairs. While it may move and attack slowly, it carries a big stick – a lightning rod, to be exact, and it packs a real wallop. Considering that a flesh-and-blood adversary will hit nothing but air if they can only damage Substance foes, the Phantom is especially strong against the devilish Sorcery units – because, as mentor Ms. Opalmeria explains, evil fears seeing death controlled.




While Sorcery magic isn’t going to fare well against Necromancy magic, it is useful against the mechanical monsters that alchemy magic creates.




A Sorcery unit, the Imp differs from other gatherers in that it's also a hunter. When you up the 'Hell's Gate' Grimoire to Level 2, the Imps gain the ability to claw Substance opponents, making them additionally useful. The CPU tends to create a lot of these for use in group attacks, an advisable tactic against weaker foes.




A little black cat that walks with a cane, this devil fires a bubble that will burst over a group of enemies and put them to sleep. The Grimalkin is a quick mover and at later levels gains Manaburn and more MP. Grimalkins are effective for freezing larger familiars like Chimeras and Dragons into place.




A lumbering behemoth that knows only one command: Attack. If you point it in the right direction, however, you can roughly control its movement, too. This unit is quite expensive to create – 500 mana, with each unit counting as 5 – and it must gestate for a time in its vulnerable egg before you can issue the Hatch command. When your Dragon is on the prowl, however, all obstacles disappear - including breakable parts of the terrain.

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  • John H.

    Just a pedantic little usage note: “transcend” is not a synonym for “pass through,” as in, something physical. Properly used, it means to escape the bounds of some stricture, not by just passing through it, but by showing it to be insufficient by its nature. It’s a difficult concept to communicate, and it’s starting to be misused all over the place. (The opening to Soul Calibur 2 makes me wince every time I hear it. Hire some translators Namco!)

  • Katie Montminy

    Duly noted – although I would rather that kind of correction arrive in my inbox, feels awfully singled out on this website. I know the ‘real’ usage of the word; must just have slipped it in by force of habit.

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