Sprite battle royale, more SNK Fighters coming to North America

By Spencer . August 10, 2007 . 2:33am

The floodgates for SNK are wide open and two more of their fighting games are hitting the Playstation 2 this year. These haven’t been “officially” announced with a fancy press release, but SNK is talking about them. Over at the SNK Gamer Community (read: official forums) they have King of Fighters XI slated for September and NeoGeo Battle Collisseum in October. It’s almost as if SNK is going through their catalog of fighting games one by one and playing catch up. If the trend continues Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2, The King of Fighters NESTS Collection and World Heroes Gorgeous are next on the list.

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  • LittleOni

    Bring us SAMSHOW collection, SNK!! Forget about KoF and World Heroes, and all that junk. I want my Genan fix!!

  • Oh baby! US version of KOF XI! Now I’ll be able to figure out those story scenes of how Ash stole Iori’s flame.

  • thaKingRocka

    now we’re talking.

  • Ryu Kazama

    To think KOFXI has been out in the UK for quite some time. Quite surprising.

  • Well, even though I already own KoFXI, I’ll have to buy it again to show my support of SNK. Plus, having the japanese copy will show just how hardcore I am (at least in my own head) :P

    Awesome news overall. Now when are we going to hear about KoF XII?

  • Angelous

    I really want the Last Blade anthology that was released in Japan…

    But I’ll step up for Battle Colliseum and KOF XI!

    A Samurai Showdown anthology would be sweet too. But was one ever released in Japan for PS2?

  • Veilknight

    The closest to a Samurai Spirits compilation on the PS2 in Japan is Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuten, which includes characters from all previously released games in the series, past and present, into one package.

    Keep ’em coming SNK! I loved reliving past memories of playing the Art of Fighting games in the arcades through AOF Anthology and currently enjoying my time playing Fatal Fury Special and 3 in Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1. Naturally, it goes without saying I’m highly looking forward to getting my hands on KOF XI and Neo Geo Battle Collisseum.

  • Heiae

    @Angelous: I, too, want Last Blade 1 + 2. I really hope they bring it over.

    I just spent 30 bucks on the Dreamcast version of Last Blade 2.. and that’s cheap for it! You can get the Japanese Last Blade 1 + 2 for 10 dollars less than that!

  • thaKingRocka

    i really like tenkaichi, and how you can play any version, but shin samurai spirits holds a special place in my heart.

  • lol @ non PAL region people

    Both games came out over a month ago in PAL territories. I picked Kof XI up near release and had Coloseum on order but cnceled it and bought it in store yesterday. KoF XI is my first KoF game and I love it. ^_^

    Notably Battle Coloseum isn’t being distributed to Australia anymore. We only have what is here now.

  • thaKingRocka

    sony america hates 2d, and they do everything in their power to stop 2d games being released here. microsoft was far more willing, so the xbox saw a number of snk titles at 29.99+, but sony america was requiring snk to package all their 2d games as budget titles or bundles.

  • badfish

    Sony America sucks. SOmeone needs to kick their @$$!. I never really liked MIcrosoft much, but once I saw how they supported SNK PLaymore, I just really had to buy an XBOX. I dont know about you, but I’am supporting 2D gaming!

  • pwrwill

    i agree.. sony suks. We keep them in business and they cant support their fans who love 2d gaming? what kinda love is that? Further, 4 ne company to think that there isnt a demand for these games is ridiculous. im a fighting game fanatic and i know people like me wuld line up to get their hands on the games that most likely got them into gaming in the first place…come on sony get it together!!!!!

  • devil king

    damn…I wanted to play this october 3rd!!!!

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