• ryne11

    I agree about the Green Ranger(Tommy>all). I wonder how bad the game will be

    I hope that the old Power Ranger games will be available on the VC

  • http://nonplayercharacter.blogspot.com/ NPC

    For some reason I think this is better than having madden as its last game – I don’t know why – I just do.

  • papermoonshine

    I dunno. There was that one for the SNES that was pretty fun

  • Ryu Kazama

    Looks like a bad Viewtiful Joe….if it plays like it, I may try it. Only because I used to like the original Mighty Morphin’ and Ninja Power Rangers. Once it went to Zeo I was like “ehh….no thanks.”. I’m Alienist I guess.

  • D-e-f-

    After ZEO it was over for me …loved them from the mighty morphin time till the zeo phase was over (I dare to say the zeo theme rocked more than the original Oo)

    If this plays anything like the old SNES games (the movie game and the one based on the series) I might check it out for a very budgy budget price :)

    btw, /me want green AND white ranger AND golden ranger included :D

  • http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com vysethebold

    Hey, I’m willing to play this game just because it is a modern 2.5 beamup. I hope it’s good because I have no shame in buying a good licensed children’s game.

  • NinjaJack

    Really looking forward to this, if it`s anything like the Kim Possible games, then I`m sold.

  • http://www.2all.co.il/Web/Sites/erezshlez/PAGE10.asp תיקון מחשבים

    i hope to play this game soon.

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