Screen Gallery – Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War

By Spencer . September 7, 2007 . 8:10am


Square-Enix sent over a batch of new screenshots from the English version of Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War. Most of them are battle pictures, but a handful of screens show how the new translation is progressing. For starters Algus has a new name, Argath, and his dialogue reminds me of a condescending noble.


I mentioned that the new translation is changing “magic” to “magick” for consistency in the world of Ivalice, but there are other changes too. Some quick things I noticed were:


The Squire’s Basic Skill is now called Fundaments.

Move Find Item is now renamed to Treasure Hunter.

Master Daravon has his name changed to Master Dariavon.

Delita Hyral is now known as Delita Heiral. (to emphasize the term heir?)

The Hokuten Knights have been translated to the Order of the Northern Sky.


See if you notice any other differences in the terms in the screenshots past the break.












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  • SomeDude

    They’ve definitely screwed up the random character names. Cynewyn? If I wanted a bunch of extraneous “y”s in my character names, I’d just play World of Warcraft.

  • BurntToast256

    I wonder if they’ve fixed the “solar calendar”. I’m born on March 19th, Pisces… but the game always had me as something else.

  • librarian

    Someone forgot that “fundament” is an archaic formal English word for “butt”.

  • SomeDude

    I seriously hate the faux olde-English language style they’re going with. It was fine when Arcanum did it, but that stuff is was annoying in FF XII and it’s flat-out grating now.

  • Darrien

    Well…that can actually change, depending on the movement of the actual constellations (which Western Astrology ignores). Example from Wiki, Pisces is generally regarded as Feb 19-Mar 20, but in 1977 the sun was in Pisces from Mar 12-Apr 19.
    (Granted, that still falls in Pisces, but I’m not sure where Pisces runs today, so it’s still kinda relevant?)

    I wonder if they’ll still use Serpentarius, or update the name to the newer name Ophiuchus?

    And the extraneous Y is used to represent the more classical Old English setting, along with things like fete, foodstuffs, etc.

    A few more retranslations in case people missed them:
    Sweegy Woods – Siedge Weald
    Sand Rat Cellar: Sand Rat’s Sietch
    Thieves’ Fort: Brigands’ Den
    Lenalia Plateau: Lenalian Plateau
    Gained JP UP: JP Boost
    Wizard: Black Mage
    Priest: White Mage
    Equip Change: Reequip
    Feather Hat: Plumed Hat
    Lancer: Dragoon (not in this image set, but in others)

    And what is with Ramza’s name in that Job Equipment screen?

  • Heiae

    @SomeDude: It annoys you? What other type of speech would fit the setting? I think the language fits perfectly, as it did in FFXII.

    Games Matsuno tend to be involved in, no matter how little, tend to have that olde-English flair. And I eat it up. It fits Ivalice.

  • BurntToast256

    Darrien: Good god, that’s really interesting. I didn’t know that. Funny thing is, I’m born in 1977 so hrmn.

    March 19th is supposed to be the last day for Pisces… but yah, it’s a small nitpick but yah I didn’t like it when it had me show up as Aquarius or whatever.

  • Pichi

    I’m also not a fan of the new translation. All I really wanted was fixed grammar and spelling, and I would be fine. This is just too much from what I’m used to.

  • English translations…

    the time grows near my lovely….

  • SomeDude

    The problem is that it’s not exactly old English, and so it’s grating to both read and hear. The fake accents they had to affect during the voiceovers in XII (In the case of Fran, they were intermittent.) amplify the annoyance factor because they’re trying to affect an actual legitimate accent onto words that don’t have actual pronunciations, so it completely throws off the actor trying to mimic the accent.

    This “half-fundamented” Elizebethan stuff just reeks of some substandard DM trying to cobble together some words to impress his gaming group.

    Plus, the jerk took out Sweegy Woods, my favorite location in the entire game.

    I’ll play it, because I loved Tactics, but I’m fairly certain that the original, jacked up English and all, is going to remain my favorite version.

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