Chrono Trigger retranslation completed

By Spencer . September 30, 2007 . 4:58pm

ctpatch.jpgA labor of love is ready and available for download if you weren’t satisfied with Chrono Trigger’s US script. The retranslation took things out that were added in like Frog’s Elizebethan English and added stuff that was removed like the final ending artwork from the Japanese release. I never found the translation to be lacking, but it did remove some references which are explained in great detail. Also I might be in the minority here, but I thought Frog’s (or should I call him Kaeru?) old English made him a cool cucumber. Anyways, if you’re thinking about replaying Chrono Trigger and want to experience it in a new way the patch is well worth a look.

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  • It’s a pity that I have this in plastic form. I would be interested in a more exact translation. All the same the game was great and Frog’s manner of speech was befitting a knight type character.

  • Aoshi00

    I think all the other differences/name changes are minor except Frog’s personality and speech pattern, I was surprised too that he wasn’t like a polite and chilvarous knight when I played the game in Japanese after the SNES version. I didn’t mind the modification since that made his character all the more memorable, in stark contrast to the easy going Crono.

    Magus is called “Demon King” (like Piccolo in DBZ) in the original, but I thought it sounds equally cool. I think his kid name Janus sound cooler than “Jacky” too. And Robo didn’t have problem saying prounouns and such, that speech pattern is used to denote irregular and unnatural intonation, like a foreigner or in this case a robot. I appreciate the guys retranslating the script, but some of them is too literal and needs some work.

  • Aoshi00

    Also I thought Ozzy just sounds funnier than “Vinegar”. Played CT too many times, I don’t think I want to give it another go until Square-Enix does a remake, or better yet a worthy sequel (didn’t like Cross..) Blue Dragon was fun and all, but at the end a let down compared to the previous dream team project.

  • the_importer

    There are rumors about a Chrono Trigger remake for NDS. Only rumors, but it would make sense considering the amount of 8 and 16bit Square RPGs that have been remade for GBA and NDS in the past years. I think I’ll wait until mid-2008 before trying this patched version of the game, just in case we get new info on a CT NDS.

  • Carmen

    to Aoshi00:

    I agree, these guys are purely literal in thier view. But its interesting, I think, to see how different translators can come up with different viewpoints, as well as how the original Japanese version’s script has its own cultural influences from the version (now, versions) we have. And all of this makes me want to learn Japanese to see what I think of the original!!

  • Zippedpinhead

    To Aoshi00 and Carmen,

    I agree as well, there is a fine line between translating something that was brutalized in translation (Final Fantasy IV, some people believe VI) and translating something that most people will agree was very good to begin with (Chrono Trigger, everyone who says Woolsey’s translation of FFVI was fine).

    Translations are never accurate, try reading something in other languages, say Don Quixote in it’s original spanish and then read an english translation. The same thing applies here. Not everyone is not going to be happy with the translation but that does not mean that the story is instantly invalidated.

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