2 New DS RPGs from Mistwalker

By Rolando . October 1, 2007 . 8:48pm

mistwalker-logo.jpgAs if their latest DS RPG outing wasn't enough, Mistwalker has now announced two new RPGs to be in development for the Nintendo DS. One of the more obvious and expected RPGs is Blue Dragon DS, developed by FeelPlus+. Those of you who are familiar with the Blue Dragon anime should be glad or disappointed (depends on where your likeness of the anime stands) to know that the DS iteration won't be based on the anime. Whether its a sequel, side story, or new entry in the Blue Dragon series is unknown at this point, but the game is expected to see a release in Japan in March 2008.


Mistwalker's other DS RPG offering is titled AWAY: Tsuresarareta Hitobito (Kidnapped People) and is being developed by Artoon with character design being done by Naoto Oshima, the man who designed Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik. Nothing is known about this game either aside from its announcement, so I can't really tell you what the premise of the game is about. Both Blue Dragon and AWAY will retail at 5,890 yen, with AWAY seeing a release on January 31, 2008. 


Once new information is unveiled about both games, we'll be sure to let you know.

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  • h_graves

    Awesome, Ds arrasando

  • Aoshi00

    Thank god the game has nothing to do w/ the anime, as it’s quite kiddie even for a morning cartoon, not exciting is an understatement (don’t know why I’m still watching it every week…). I don’t know what to expect, I hope they will expand on the simple story from the 360 game, maybe w/ grown-up Shu?

    I still need to play Lost Odyssey and ASH first before I could pass judgement on Sakaguchi’s latest onsalught, quality over quantity. And pls thrill us like you did before, Uematsu.

  • SomeDude

    Sakaguchi left Square after a series of horrible failures.

    Blue Dragon was bad.

    Why are people thinking these aren’t going to be JUST as awful, especially since one of them is based of the same awful IP? He obviously ISN’T learning.

  • @SomeDude

    So you’ve already played ASH, Blue Dragon DS, and AWAY? Please tell me how they are!

  • SomeDude


    Oh right, I should just discard all knowledge of Sakaguchi’s current and previous failures and just assume all these games are going to be awesome. That’s brilliant. Read my post. I said he’s obviously not learning from his mistakes and he’s got a track record of making them.

    What any logical person would be doing at this point is doubting the guy’s ability to not suck.

    Am I saying that I know all this stuff he’s just announced is definitely going to be bad? No. But trends would indicate that they’re not going to be good.

  • Any logical person would wait before ostracizing the man’s credibility this generation, not point out his ability to not suck. Any illogical person would automatically assume his upcoming projects will sucked based on one game he’s made since he came out of retirement.

    I’ll wait for you to spin my comment.

  • Aoshi00

    Actually I enjoyed Blue Dragon quite much (though not as good as it was hyped up to be) and am looking forward to his other projects like “Cry On” and such. Track record.. the dude hasn’t done anything that I don’t like, maybe except the fatal “Spirits Within” movie. Regardless can’t wait till Lost Odyssey comes out.

  • SomeDude


    So you’re saying we should give John Romero and American McGee 2 or more chances on current generation systems to prove that they really do suck still?

    The man’s in credibility deficit. He’s got bad credit. He sucked before he left. He came back, and his first project sucked. Why would I assume he would get better, when he’s making the exact same mistakes he made before he got dumped by Square and stopped making games? Why should I not assume he’d still be bad at what he does?


    You didn’t play any of the stuff he made in Japan immediately before Spirits Within came out. Stuff like, “Another Mind” which was his brilliant idea to return to FMV games. It came with an entire disc of Sakaguchi talking about how awesome he was, and how he was a filmmaker who made video games, not a game designer.

  • Pike

    I haven’t played Blue Dragon, but the reviews are split among players. Some I’m waiting for LO and ASH before passing a final judgment on Mistwalker and Sakaguchi.

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