Inside Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution’s mission mode

By Spencer . October 9, 2007 . 12:44pm

On Sunday I hinted we were going to go inside the mission mode in Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution and since the holiday is over it’s time to delve right into it.




The mission mode in Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution will take you through the story of Naruto from the beginning of the Chunin exams until the end of the Sannin showdown. There are 24 missions total in Clash of Ninja Revolution with five of them being unlockable.




Mission Mode begins with an introductory explanation of the story. The characters have finished the preliminary to the final round of the Chunin exams, all while Orochimaru’s plans against the Hidden Leaf Village are unfolding. Naruto, in an effort to train before his match against Neji in the final round, trains with Jiraiya the Toad Sage to hone in on his abilities. The first mission is designed to get players accustomed to the controls and the new system where objects lie in the battle field.




While some of the missions share the traditional objective of simply defeating your enemy, most of them are specific to the situation. Some require a final blow with a certain character’s move. For example, Neji’s has mission in which he faces Tenten. However, his goal is not to defeat her, as this would lead to a mission failure. He wants to use Tenten’s Kunai-throwing prowess to train his Rotation technique (which deflects projectiles). His objective in this mission is actually to deflect a certain number of projectiles without being hit by them.




After completing Mission Mode the first time you will be able to freely select any mission you choose, as well as choose which difficulty you would like to complete them (there are Genin, Chunin, and Jonin difficulties). With each more difficult setting comes a more difficult objective.


Also here's a sneak peek at what's coming up in the future…



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  • TacoBeaver


  • jorgelink

    Wow the mission mode(story) looks awesome, now there are some special missions were your objective is not simply to beat your opponent cool. Plus the story won’t have those stupid little boxes like in clash of ninja 2. I can’t wait for October 23.

  • It’s a damn shame that it’s not a free-roaming Wii game. Cos walking around the village would be awesome.

    I would also check out the ‘Valley of the End’ with the big ass statues and everything. It would be amazing.

  • linkdarkshadow

    At the rate that this is going, we will not get to the Shippuden Arc anytime soon.

  • Aoshi00

    That’s why I’m looking more forward to Rise of Ninja, as you can explore the whole Leaf Village. The mission objectives sound like a nice addition, like Jump Super Star or Naruto Council 3.

  • ryne11

    They actually have a good story more with real objectives this time? Neat

    @ linkdarkshadow:
    Viz stated that they would rush through the filler and may get Shippuden around the end of 2008

  • ryne11

    The shadows still look kinda assy though

  • j

    is zabuza and haku in this game?

  • j

    i hpe they are

  • shane

    sum1 tell me how to beat mission 17 on chunin and jonin

  • J5

    Shane, Mission 17 is not beatable using the mission requirements. We called D3Publishing support, and they don’t even know the problem exists, and said there’s nothing they can do. I can–RETURN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J5

    Read here for how to beat Mission 17. I tried this using only a two-hit combo with Rasengan before the combo was over and it WORKED! Thanks to Jason!

    Jason has it Says:

    October 25th, 2007 at 4:08 pm
    u have do a four hit combo and then before the combo is over hit Orochimaru with the rasengan. But I’m having trouble with the the mission that u have to defeat Tamri with a substiuion jutsu. How do u kill someone with the substition jutsu?

  • help?

    Kay, Im not sure if Im utterly stupid or something but no matter what I do on the 2ndth mission (Neji VS. Tenten) I cant do the 8 Trigrams Rotation move. I looked through the manual and read the mission objective but I still cant do it. I don’t really get it when it says
    “back + heavy attack” or “down + jutsu”. I tried tilting the nunchuk(spelling?) control stick downward and pressing the A Button and it doesn’t do anything except throw a kunai at Tenten.


  • dan

    help? – when it says back it means to go the oppisite direction you are facing. (if u are facing left, tilt the nunchuck analog stick left) first hold back untill u are walking backwards then when u see tenten throw a kunia, hold A

  • dan

    when i said , if u are facing left i meant to put ” right” srry

  • can someone help me get mission 23 please

  • FeLip12341341

    i dont know how to make mission 08 in chunin, can some one explain me?????

  • trpl aaa battreez

    ok heres the real way to do every thing in this game i hate people that lie about it this is the u.s. vrson of the game

    itachi- beat mission remach sasuke vs itachi
    kisame- do single playr w/ jiraya kakashi naruto sasuke
    orochimaru- same as kisame
    ino- singl playr w/ sakura
    shino- singl plyr w/ kankuro
    hinata- singl plyr w/ neji
    sunade(watserface)- single player w/ jiraya

    plz tell me if thers a character i missed if u dont unlock any1 doing this then after u finish all this stuff do single plyr w/ shikamaru

    missions (do it in this order)
    mission 20- singl plyr w/ neji and lee
    mission 21- singl plyr w/ naruto
    mission 22- singl plyr w/ sasuke
    mission 23- singl plyr w/ kakashi
    hint-dont die in singl playr

    mini games
    do shuriken training and get a high score then do the 1 u unlock and get a high score ect.

    in retrn fr my kindness
    tell me in a clear way how to beet mission 17 chunin and jounin

    i unlocked every body and all the minigames and all the missions it sucks theres no chouji though im gonna rite a complaint about it >=(

  • trpl aaa battreez

    oh yea i frgot
    gaara- do single plyr w/ naruto
    kankuro- beat mission mode
    temari- do singl plyr w/ shikamaru

  • Carlos

    Como se saca el Mission mode

    I have bought the game..but i`ve only get the single player, versus player, and now i hace the survibal mode…but i don´t know where the mission mode is!!!
    anyone coul`d tell me how it goes?

  • zak

    how i get mission 22? lol

  • zak


  • sm

    anyone help with mission 1? io cant do the thing with neji!!

  • z-jj

    how do you beat mission 17 on chunin? i’ve tried everything and it just wont work. can someone help me?

  • z-jj

    nevermind, to beat mission 17 on chunin you have to do a 3 hit combo and before it ends finish it with rasengan…

  • i love this game im just not very good at it i do not know how to unlock lvl 20 i feel stupid but this game rocks!!!!

  • Lee

    How do ya unlock mission 23?

  • jinchuuriki09

    uhhh guys i need help badly…
    i can’t do mission 17on chunin or jounin!
    the three hit combo on chunin that jj-z gave out doesn’t work!!
    help now if you know the answere….
    PS: i’v even tried two hit combos and four hit combos… i’ve pretty much done every combo there is!!!HELP!!

  • awww, i hate mission 17

  • but i think i no how to beat it

  • neji hyuga

    ok guys…mission 17 took me a long time but it’s possible
    you need to do down weak atack, follow up with a strong attack
    then 2 more weak attacks and try it out
    keep it going on that combo until it works

    if it doesn’t to a 3 move combo then hit orochimaru into a rock
    and that’s considered a 4 hit combo then pul off the rasengan.



  • to beet da mission wit temari wen it says to beeet her wit sub. jtsu it means that u have to drop her life real low den let her hit u and press sub. jtsu and kill her wit it

  • sasuke uchiha

    hi people, i just did mission 17 in jounin, it was very difficult, first you have to take a little bit of its life, after that throw a down weak punch after this a weak punch and after this another one ( i now it is 3 but with the third weak it makes two punches) after this quickly press down to make the RASENGAN.

  • Shurato

    took me a long time but the combo that neiji hyuga told really worked for me… thank u guy ^^

  • bob


    • pokr

      to attack fast and ras.

  • Eat poop its good

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