Guess who also appears in Soul Calibur Legends

By Spencer . October 17, 2007 . 7:20am


Lloyd isn’t restricted to the Tales universe. Namco Bandai is making him a guest character in Soul Calibur Legends with a serious looking character model (thanks for the scan IceAmp!). This is indeed a strange crossover; almost as awkward and cool as seeing Link in Soul Calibur 2.

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  • Aoshi00

    Strange indeed.. from the cute cel-shaded bug eyed Lloyd to an ultra-realistic one, kind of cool though.

  • DarkeSword

    OMG YES :D

  • Brettonicus

    Nice. I was always a fan of Lloyd’s character desgin, and I imagine his speedy dual-wield sword style will be fun to play with.

  • ryne11

    Holy Crap on a Crap Sandwhich

  • ChrisUlt

    Yay! Soul Calibur Legends now owns!

    Even though Soul Calibur IV isn’t coming on the Wii, this game looks like a nice transation to fighting to action-adventure game that PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers are going to miss out.

    I figure some Namco character was going to be included as a character. Lloyd just might be a bonus character (sorry….), but this design kicks more then someone’s behind and using Lloyd’s swords and styles will be a unique way to play! Pac-Man, Klonoa and even that Dig Dug guy would also be a welcoming addition as bonus characters, and would provide a unique style of play (Pac-Man would fight using his boxing gloves, Klonoa would use the Wind Ring and of course, the Dig Dug Guy uses his pumps and jackhammers).

  • ryne11

    I hated Baten Kaitos, but Kalas would be cool

  • bluefang14

    Ew. ToS characters. More Skies of Arcadia, plz.

  • fusionx

    @ bluefang

    Arcadia is more cult than the Barbie Horse Adventure fanclub, I can see why they are sticking to well known characters like Lloyd.

  • Pedro Silva

    I think he was going to Mushroom Kingdom/Brawl and lost it’s way.

  • bluefang14

    @ fusion

    … and? Just because a character is “well known” doesn’t mean they’re good. Just look at Lucario. (O yah, I went thar)

  • cp

    Not only is Arcadia not as well known, but it’s not even made by the same company. I don’t blame them for using one of their own characters. But honestly, I like Lloyd. He’s an okay character, although I liked Presea more in terms of ToS characters.

  • John

    Kratos would be my choice of ToS characters to be in Soul Calibur.
    However of all the Namco game characters I would pick the Prince from Katamari Damacy, he doesn’t need a sword, he can roll mountains on you.

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