Is this game like FF Tactics? I don’t want to fork over money for a PSP to play that game. Is there a Tactics type game out there for the DS?

  • Angelous

    @Tx2step: Final Fantasy Tactics A2, a sequel to the GBA FF Tactics Advance, was just released on the Nintendo DS in Japan. We should be getting it in the US during the 2nd quarter of 2008.

    FF XII Revenant Wings has gameplay similiar to Heroes of Mana which should be released soon here in the US. Its more of an RTS than a SRPG.

  • http://www.spoilerfree.blogspot.com Atlus Shrugged

    turning Japanese I think POPULAR GAMING is turning Japanese I really think so.

    ..it’s good thing.

  • http://meetmysquirrelfriend.com Monster Garden

    Uh, TX2STEP, there’s an img of a DS case for this game at the top, and yes, it’s a Tactics game for the DS. I don’t believe this blog refers to the PSP version…

  • topdog

    TX2STEP this is not the right one this is final fantasy advent wings witch is going to be good because we get to see what happened after final fantasy XII. And what with final fantasy A2 i saw final fantasy XII penleo and vaan in it is it after or before final fantasy XII? but TX2STEP if you don’t want to buy it then fine go buy one of those psp games if you don’t like it or get ds its your choses dude. i hope final fantasy advent wings comes out soon because i been waiting all year fore this thing and i have’t got any other good square- enix
    games expect final fantasy III and children of mana witch both are great games .

  • http://meetmysquirrelfriend.com Monster Garden

    And uh, message to myself, I now realize this is NOT a tactics game. But, something much better in my book. I had enough of tactics in the GBA game.

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