Watch: Shiren’s US debut (update: new release date)

By Spencer . January 17, 2008 . 10:04pm

Don’t be too hard on Sega about the “from the makers of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon” tagline. If that gets Shiren the Wanderer in the hands of more gamers in North America, I wholeheartedly support the idea. Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer is developed by Chunsoft, who makes a bunch of roguelikes in Japan. However, you won’t find Pikachu hanging out here. Shiren’s world has a distinctively Japanese feel to it and according to the trailer, fluffy bunnies to fight. Sega has Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer scheduled to arrive on March 4 and if it does well Shiren 3 will have a chance to get localized.


Update: In response to the comments I sent an e-mail over to Sega asking if Shiren got bumped up from March 11. And it did! The new release date is March 4th.



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  • jeffx

    Hella sweet. On behalf of all hardcore gamers out there: THANK YOU SEGA.

    And hey, PMD was pretty good, I’m also looking forward to its sequel. Only Pokemon game I played, except for Trozei, which was a good puzzler.

    If Atlus is reading: Izuna 2; we want it! MOAR ROGUELIKES.

  • Lord Gek

    Grr, not to get TOO nit picky but Sega and EB are both claiming 03/11/08. Sure only a week later but it feels like centuries to me! Also, as we all know March 12th is only when the game may FIRST appear in some shops, but its probably not getting its own private jet into town, if you know what I mean. Heck, the best we could hope for is it is allowed to hitch a ride with one of the ninety crates filled with Brawl making it to all of the retailers.

  • My DS needs another game like this. Definitely one I’ll consider grabbing.

  • Is this a good place to start with roguelikes? I’ve never played any of them before, but they do seem interesting. Never got a chance to try Izuna.

  • Is this a good roguelike to start with, I’ve never played them. The idea always interested me, and then I couldn’t find Izuna in stores by the time I had some spare money to pick it up.

  • D’oh. Sorry about the multiple comment thing.

  • @Lord Gek – The most recent e-mail from Sega pins Shiren with a March 4th release date, which is why I posted that one.

  • If only they’d fix the ugly US box art. The Japanese box art is so good! Why did they change it to the mess up at Gamestop now?

    @Aaron: There are other games that ease you into the Rogue-like world slowly and more smoothly… Torneko for the PS1, Izuna, Nightmare of Druaga, Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon, heck, probably every other Mysterious Dungeon game, but Shiren is probably the purest Mysterious Dungeon, with all of the item identifying and curses and crazy effects that make Rogue-likes fun (the stuff they took out of Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon.) So I say, if you’re going to go for it, go all the way!

    It would be nice if they added a few things to the DS version to make it more friendly to new players, but I haven’t heard much about the new stuff lately.

  • John H.

    Aaron: “Is this a good roguelike to start with?”

    It’s impossible to say until we see the game. The original Shiren was actually a very good example of the breed, not dumbing down the play, including some advanced features and remaining challenging while still accessible to new players. So, provisionally, I’d have to say yes.

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