Question: Beyond being different and the future of Siliconera

By Spencer . January 26, 2008 . 12:21pm

seq.jpgOver the past week there has been an influx of coverage straight from below freezing Seoul. Not because I’m trying my hardest to look for the obscure, but because I was physically there. This week I experimented further with “different” posts and often times Siliconera is “different”. Once again, I’m not exactly on the hunt for unique items like Starcraft English or Pac-Man billboards. I stumble on “stories” like these, immediately jot notes and snap photos. And if you’re wondering, I do carry a camera everywhere I go.


After sitting on an extremely long plane ride with a so-so meal sipping a cup of green tea I was pondering the question “is different good?” I tend to write about things that are “different” because I like to spark new discussions about video games.


Personally, I feel there are enough news outlets that cover the “big stories” that I wouldn’t be doing a service to you the reader or the general pool of gaming gossip if I rehashed what was already said. This is entirely personal and as you can see from the Reader Response injections I care about what you and the other readers think.


So please, tell me is different truly good? Is originality what makes Siliconera an enjoyable blog to read? Or would Siliconera be a better home if it focused on the breaking news of the hour? There is only so much time in the world to write and straying from the so called “blog echo” is a double edged sword. Stories are often hit or miss. Here’s a strange example: more people seemed interested (according to stats) in the silly Wii60 story than a confirmation straight from Sony about the PS2 port of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters with a bonus comment on their PSP porting strategy. I'm pretty sure I "broke" this news a week before Sony mailed PlayStation Underground members.


I really want as much feedback on this as possible, so if you’re a reader I urge you to comment. If you’re a fellow blogger or journalist (hey! I know some big name bloggers read Siliconera) please chime in too. For my fellow writers I'm really curious why you read Siliconera,  especially since you have access to similar information. You can do it anonymously if you want to hide your identity. ;) Thanks in advance!


Update: Everyone, thanks for the kind words. In case you missed it or are coming late to the party, I arrived at an answer to the predicament. Please check it out.

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  • I hope I’m one of those big name bloggers! hahaha

    Well, I’ve got to say, I like how you’re doing things. At ps3fanboy, I never really get to write stuff that’s too far away from the “big stories” or things that’ll increase page views. The stuff you write is refreshing — you and GamesRadar are the only two sites I actually read for personal reasons instead of seeking out news bits for the site I work for.

    Originality and being different are fine, but the real question is if you’re happy doing that. If so, keep it up. I enjoy it.

  • I’m reading Siliconera specifically because of the originality. I don’t need another site in my feed reader rehashing the latest NPD numbers or what stupid thing a PR flack said.

  • Jason

    I read Siliconera because it is different, I read Joystiq for breaking news.

  • Hi, I read three blogs for various reasons. Kotaku for news and fluff, Gamebump because a friend writes for it, and Siliconera because of the interesting articles. I haven’t commented much lately, but I’m a bit pressed for time. I think you’re doing a great job and that’s the reason that I keep coming back to Siliconera. So yea, for what it’s worth to you and your decision. I think you’re still spot on.

  • Charlie

    Many gaming blogs would often repeat the same news over and over again from each other, and at times I could practically figure out what’s going on from reading the title in my RSS feed. Siliconera however gives me news that I am more interested in reading. For example, I love reading about obscure games, or a quick walkthrough of a game that probably wouldn’t be released in the US anytime soon. It’s a rather refreshing stance at communicating in a way where you like to tell us about something and make it personal rather than reading news articles and expecting us to just eat it up. You’re doing a great job.

  • Originality is good – in fact, it’s the very reason why I keep coming back here every single day. The stuff you guys write is a refreshing change from the sites I usually frequent. If I want breaking news, I’ll go to Kotaku or NeoGAF for it.

    But like what Nick said, the important thing is if you guys actually enjoy writing what you’re writing.

  • I’m from a French Canadian site and… I must say that in the last 6 months Siliconera became a part of my routine each days. I think it’s the half story/half news that make me come back each days. Seeing stuff I won’t hear about anywhere else than here, of big news that aren’t already spreading on the internet.

    On that… Keep up the good work, and stay that close to the reader, it’s fun ^^.

  • pedrron

    I think this is my first comment, but I have been visiting siliconera for maybe 4 months. The main reason I keep coming back is ’cause of the SRPG/JSRPG stories that seems like only you guys cover.

  • I read this site because of the good balance between gaming news around the world. I personally prefer the mindset and game market in japan, and I import games often, but at the same time I don’t want to become totally disconnected from games in my own country. This is the only site I can think of offhand that takes mainly Japanese gaming news, but describes what it means for readers in other places.

    Don’t worry about making posts that are kindof weird. The unusual news is the kind I most commonly show to friends.

  • jeffk

    I’m always happy to see updated Siliconera entries in my RSS reader because I know I’m going to get information about games I probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise. There are plenty of sites that report on the “big stories,” but the last thing the internet needs is another Kotaku/Joystiq/Destructoid link-o-rama. For me, Siliconera is in a separate class with blogs like GameSetWatch, Sexy Videogameland and GameSpite–individual and unique, and required reading for people who are serious about games. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • I found Siliconera while looking for “import friendly” Nintendo DS games.

  • Max Power

    Whatever you are doing now is great. Being different just makes Siliconera that much better.

  • SomeDude

    I’m going to be brutally honest. I like your friendly writing-styles and all, but were it not for the fact that you were different, I wouldn’t come here.

    Joystiq and Kotaku are going to cover whatever the biggest stuff is out there, but they do it so quickly, that accuracy and better judgment go out the window. I come to Siliconera because I want to find smaller news, and by news I don’t mean “rumor”.

    You and your staff do a pretty good job of knowing who’s who in the industry and fleshing out details that most other big sites wouldn’t even think to look up, like which US publishers tend to work with which JP publishers and so forth. Maybe I don’t need to see as many Pac-Man billboard posts, but I mean, a slow news day’s a slow news day. (And honestly, I prefer those like a million times more than any of the Kotaku posts where they talk about their lives.)

    Stay different, and you stay relevant. You can go for the home run and try and out-current Joystiq, but without their AOL money, I think you’re going to find that a hard battle to win.

    (And I totally agree with you on Korean airline food. It’s probably better than US airline food, but it’s just kind of meh.)

  • CIN

    What I like the most about the Siliconera is the speed. Yep, I don’t reall know how you do it but I always get to read the fresh news about different games first here, then on other sites. To be honest it’s the only site, exept Magicbox, I check for news and different stories daily. Don’t focus only on big names, big stories, write as you always do, about everything connected with games. Cereals, books, everything.. it’s really interesting and refreshing. Keep up a good work.
    Ps. Is it only me or are you feeling depressed? geeting old? tired? :] such questions are usually a sign of upcoming changes.

  • i couldn’t care less about reading the “big stories,” or really about any american games at all. chances are, you’re not going to break any new ground by covering those games, so it’s not a good use of your time.

    you do a fantastic job of covering the games very few other sites cover in much depth (like someone else said, JRPGs/SRPGs), and that’s why i like siliconera so much. the other thing that keeps me coming back is that you do more than just repost screenshots and press releases- your comments, insights, and opinions are just as valuable as the information you post, so please don’t ever lose that.

    keep up the great work!

  • Andrew

    The thing about Siliconera is that it avoids the endless posts about game cakes, Portal, sales numbers, etc. I couldn’t care less about a (insert Nintendo character) blanket some dope knitted for his girlfriend.

    I don’t need another site for breaking news… I think as long as you cover what interests you, Spencer, then Siliconera will remain cool. If you’re interested in more readers, then yeah, perhaps a change in coverage might help.

    But, personally, I would like to see more interviews. Why not have a weekly podcast with a game developer, or industry insider? I think a podcast is a really good way to build an audience.

  • Different is great. Don’t stop believin’. Hold on to that feelin’.

    Also, Andrew is right. If I see another post about a freaking cake or blanket or knitted DS case on those “other sites” I’m going to shoot myself in the mouth.

  • Andrew

    Also, one thing I REALLY appreciate is the fact that you don’t write your articles in a snide little manner. I can’t stand Kotaku and Joystiq’s writers. Very annoying.

  • Isaak

    Siliconera is like my routine thing since like 2007, and its just great how each day the articles are different from the others. The BIG gaming news can be found all over the net. Take for example the article about the new “Monster Hunter” edition of the PSP Slim. I saw that here on Siliconera and now I am complelled to buy it. This is just one of the many articles that i wouldn’t expect to find anywhere else, and that’s why i visit. So keep it original, keep it fresh, and keep up the awesome work.

  • Nick

    I read because it gives the news of the obscure and niche and usually focuses on the games I want more than with what kotaku or distructiod focus on.

  • narley

    The site is pretty cool, and the reason everybody comes back is because of the stories that cant be found anywhere else, otherwise, I guess we would all just chek gametrailers or other “big sites” to see the “big news”, so yea. I like that we can find out about a new game or a new gaming bundle that’s about to come out, and at the same time find out what people are doing in korean malls. Keep up your style, and 1 day we’re gonna see siliconera as huge competition for other sites like IGN, Gamterailers, Gamespot (i dunno about this 1, almost all the good editors are gone) and so on.

  • I love Siliconera, no matter what you cover I find it interesting and unlike other sites (well maybe a little like Insert Credit). Plus you seem to have sources at Atlus and other small Japanese localization studios, which is totally my niche.

  • Edward Smith

    I love what and how you guys cover things: I always read you guys first. I suppose it’s a similar taste in games. You guys have excellent coverage on the rpg genre, and that’s where my main interest lies. I love all the interviews you guys do, and especially the fact that you ask if us readers have any questions before you do the interview.

    you’re my favorite game news blog!

  • squall3031

    I read four gaming news frequently….Maxconsole, Siliconera, QJ and The-Magicbox. Others only casual like 1up, ps3news and IGN.

    I think Siliconera is different than other gaming news sites. Updates frequently at least once a day and brings different news than others.

  • Different is good. Originality is good. As long as you enjoy it, keep doing it. ^.^

    As somebody who has no time to frequently check other gaming sites, I think that Siliconera does a great job in covering all the important “big stories”. Whenever I converse with my gaming friends who do have the time to check IGN or whatever sites, I never seem to be out of the loop (like when discussing the different PS3 models or about whether the PSP slim is worth getting).

    The coverage on obscure titles are awesome. I love learning about the existence of games I might never have known about or paid attention to. See, now I can tell my friend who’s a Rain fan, that a game about him exists. And I’m currently hoping that Soma Bringer and Culdcept DS will be localized… as well as Dungeon Maker DS… and Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Taisen… and [email protected]…*list goes on*

    And then the articles about everything else (playtests, interviews, random-ness) are fun and interesting. Those articles about you checking out Akihabara on the release dates of Super Mario Galaxy and Dragon Quest VI were hilarious (more so with Dragon Quest VI).

    So… in short, Siliconera is doing great. The mixture of big, obscure, and fun stories brings a nice variety, and that is why I take the time to consistently come here and read.

  • Mark

    I’m really into the obscure RPGs and strategy games that no other site seems to cover (whether it be news or reviews). I check Siliconera multiple times a day (usually right after Kotaku). Keep up the good work.

  • I find siliconera to be among the best sites at reporting obscure Japanese games, and that helps a lot for someone who wants to experience the best in gaming, reguardless of language.

  • seiya19

    Hi, this is my first post on Siliconera, and I´ve been regulary reading this blog for the past 2 months.
    The main reason I visit this site is to find out about the less “popular” Japanese games (which sometimes seem to be ignored on most other game sites) but along with that I´ve also found some interesting news about anime (I´m an anime fan) and other related stuff. Besides that, I like the way the blog it´s written and I enjoy the occasional unique news that make the site special. I also visit The Magic Box for Japanese game news, and sometimes Kotaku, but Siliconera has already earned a place among my current habits. I think you´re right when you say that the “stories are often hit or miss” but I guess that´s the price that comes when you try to cover different stories than the usual ones.
    I hope you continue on the same path as now, but of course, that´s up to you guys.

  • Blank

    whatever you’re doing, you’re not doing it overtly wrong

    i will suggest that you avoid doing whatever kotaku does because they’ve gotten pretty terrible
    also, less stories about mountain dew

  • Nonoko

    I love Siliconera cause I get a news feed of stuff that I’m into, and I’m into stuff over where your at. Japan… Korea, all these things I want to get accustomed to because I might end of living over there. You go over stuff that other sites don’t, and I believe that ‘different’ is good. I gotta thank you for introducing many things to me, like Persona Trinity Soul (My top Anime so far) and many other things.

  • Siliconera is classified under my bookmarks as that co-existence between need-to-read news and the stuff that nobody else is original enough to say.

    Honestly, it’s that same originality and style that keeps me coming back. Do keep it up.

  • jeffx

    I really can’t help but feel responsible for this; I poorly worded my Korea comment the other day. Know that Siliconera is the FIRST blog I read in the morning, and I constantly refresh it whether I’m at school or work. I used to think Kotaku was the best until I found out (again) about this place. Also I’ve converted all of my gaming friends to your blog. Never stop what you’re doing!

  • K_G

    I think your doing a great job and you should stick to your own voice…I’m personally tired of ‘OMG, Sony’s phased out the memory card holder above the game disk in PS2 game packaging…clearly, this indicates Sony’s plans to immediately discontinue the entire PS2 hardware line…blah, blah’ type of ‘reporting/extrapolating out one stray factoid out to a million miles and calling it news’ that is endemic on the big sites. I’ve personally found more useful posts on Silconera than most other gaming sites and I don’t have to wade through tons of BS posts to find them. I don’t expect you to cover everything but you seem to cover many of the things I’m interested in (although the Naurto game fixation/coverage does seem to a bit much at times) and do it a simple, non-hype laden/blog tone snarkiness fashion.

  • what’s to gain from covering what several dozen sites are already writing about?

    siliconera does a really good job differentiating itself from those several dozen sites; it wouldn’t have the devoted following — gamers and gaming journalists — it has if it didn’t. keep up the great work!

  • Nabe

    Siliconera focuses on the games that don’t really get a lot of coverage from other sites. That’s why it’s up there on my bookmarks of sites to visit daily.

    What you’re doing now is fantastic. I’m fine for a little change but do not under any circumstances stop the reports on the Japanese gaming market, because where else am I going to get the inside scoop?

  • I’m gonna beat this dead horse by repeating everyone else: Siliconera is great the way it is! I come here daily for the smaller, niche, japan-oriented stories, coverage of 2D fighting games (Siliconera convinced me to import King of Fighters XI back in 2006), and anything else you decide to post. Also, unlike some other commenters, I don’t mind the crafty and food posts.

    I already have a “big news” gaming blog: Game-Life. I think what you might want to strive for here is similar is what I’ve heard people say about the Wii: Don’t be a few people’s first choice for gaming news, be everybody’s second choice. You’ve got a really good thing going here Spencer, and I hope our support shows you that we like the way you run this site!

  • kakashi

    First, I just wanted to identify myself — I’m a long-time Siliconera reader, since around 2004 or 2005.

    I don’t remember how I found Siliconera, but I do remember that I was so excited to find a site that covered imports. I was tired of the US gaming scene, and I heard it was easy to import for the Gamecube. Seeing all the reviews of Japanese games kept me reading Siliconera daily, and to this day, it’s what keeps me coming back.

    If you want a larger audience, like Andrew said,

  • ttora

    I prefer original posts. I don’t care about Halo 3 or Ratchet & Clank, if I want to hear about that crap I go on any regular gaming website.

    Siliconera is great the way it is, the only website I visit everyday.

  • Thores

    I enjoy the originality, but PLEASE don’t stop your regular game coverage either. I love this site for the way you handle both.

  • different is good, different is good!

    I first stumbled upon this site a year ago, looking for a web page that covered import games. I now check this site on a daily basis, always with the knowledge that the unique “niche” titles that come over from Japan (or sometimes stay in Japan) will find a voice here.

    Please, don’t think you need to turn into a Kotaku or Joystiq. Let them do their thing, and you keep doing things the way you want, it why we come here.

  • Donnington

    I probably check this blog at least twice a day (while I should be getting on with things no less) precisely because it’s different. I don’t come here looking for big scoops and the hottest news I use N4G for that.

    Being different is what makes Siliconera worth reading, cause lets face it being the ninth blog to post “Game X delayed till Y” just isn’t interesting. But those posts on Korean trends and obscure news are.

    I can’t speak for everybody but I tend to just skim over the big news, picking up just the facts. With Siliconera though, I actually take the time to read the posts. Different is good in my book

  • Hi I really love your site and its my daily dosage for all Japanese games news and reviews! I hope you will continue with what you are doing cause its my type of news I want to read not the usual BS from sites like Gamespot and IGN which I have dropped from my reading list. I find your articles interesting and what I want to read mainly ASIA Games coverage.

    I hope you do not turn into a 1UP, Kotaku or Joystiq I find their articles not relevant to what you are doing best ^_^

  • LuminousAtelier

    Yeah I agree with those who say this site is original and I like your impressions on games I’m interested in too like the one you did on Baroque,I’m very interested in that game and Mana Khemia and I come here almost every day and this article has inspired me too post comments here and yup “Different” is good love the site and keep up the good work,thanks.-^__^-

  • chema

    I read your site because it is one of the few gaming sites on the net that is positive about the Wii. Also I enjoy your coverage of Japanese games I never hear about from anywhere else. I love anything DS as well.

  • Hello Hello

    Spencer’s articles on the obscure are Siliconera’s strongest point in my opinion. As was previously stated, there are a hundred sites covering things like two new FF13 screenshots or MGS4 delays. Only here though do I get to read about the gameplay of niche games like Growlanser VI, and watch a thousand hit combo from Mana Khemia.

    I tip my e-hat to you, sir!

  • Pesmerga00

    I have been coming here for quite some time, and I too like your originality. I may not post much, but I do come here nearly every day. “Mostly for the obscure JRPG stories”. I say keep things the way they are. By that, I mean a little bit of everything. Like others have said, finding the big news is easy. I may not be a journalist, but I think you have a good thing going here.

  • thaKingRocka

    siliconera has always been a favorite of mine for a few years now. just keep doing what you’re doing. whatever is interesting to you is likely interesting to us. the only thing i would like to see come back is the reviews of japanese titles with the literacy levels, but i doubt that was a very easy or popular aspect of the older site. i really enjoyed the coverage of korea.

  • Aoshi00

    Don’t know what else I can say that hasn’t been said alrdy.

    I first found out siliconera when I searched for reviews for JRPGs via google/yahoo, you guys’ reviews would always come up. Like if I typed “Archaic Sealed Heat” review, I see yours (Rolando’s to be specific), because not many people have played and reviewed this game on the net. I also bought myself a copy after reading your unbiased stance toward the game, and was one happy camper.

    This is a site that I visit daily, must have been a year or two now. I am fond of your friendly tone and insights Spence, unlike many other sites’ bloggers who sort of “talk down” to their readers in a higher than thou attitude. You don’t seem jaded and spoiled, hence making it a very comfortable read.

    I don’t know if you get tired of my comments, as I am not too familiar w/ the localization process nor do I give it too much thought like the other readers because I play imports mostly.

    In short, I like the special topics as you cover so many regions around the world, like the other parts of Asia, like China, HK, Singapore, etc (most people would just concentrate on Jpn). Those region-specific stories are always fascinating and refreshing. I say keep up the good work like it is, this site is on a different league than the others.

  • Angelous

    Spencer, as many other have said: don’t change Siliconera. I’ve been reading the blog for over 2 years now and I loved reading it because of the awesome coverage of the Japanese and “niche” gaming scene. You even have awesome contests from time to time to give away all the swag the companies send your way. (I even won the Final Fantasy XI giveaway from you 2 years ago).

    So please Spencer, don’t change Siliconera.

  • EvilAkito

    Since there are over 40 comments ahead of me, I’m probably just echoing what everyone else has said. But I’d like to stress that I like Siliconera the way it is. I come here because most games that I care about aren’t all that popular. It’s good to have a site that can fill that niche.

  • (Just kicked my desk and sent a handful of Dunnys tumbling.)

    Is different good?

    Spencer, I think you/Siliconera report on the aspects of gaming and gaming culture that interest you, so that’s exactly what it should be.

    If Siliconera mirrored the headlines at Gamespot, there wouldn’t be a point for this site.

    By the same token, if there’s a big story in gaming that you want to provide your perspective on, you ought to do so.

    Don’t over-think it.

  • Well prior to you sending me an email to join your team, I would actually frequent Siliconera because of the fact that many obscure games that went unnoticed in the mainstream gaming press would be covered here and talked about to great lengths. As many have already said, I come here for the fact that everything posted here was original and real and not written in some sarcastic or satirical tone. It’s a good site you have set up, and hopefully you can take it even further as it gets bigger and bigger.

    You’ve done good Spencer.

  • Siliconera is THE place to go for obscure and import games. I wouldn’t want it to change at all. The fact that everything posted here is posted with a personal touch, like how Vyse has his way of writing, and how Spencer has his own way of writing, is certainly endearing.

  • Like the people say here, don’t overthink it. This site covers a lot of imports, both game-related and casual, that either I’ve never heard about or hasn’t been covered extensively, thus this is my go-to place for the esoteric goodies. Just keep up the good work, Spencer, and the readers will come.

  • C-Jo

    I like Siliconera just how it is. Your unique stories/observational posts are what makes this place stand out. I just came back from Tokyo after being there for an extended amount of time but it wasn’t until I was there that I realized the majority of your posts were based on things you saw and experienced in your day to day travels.

    Now that I’m back home, I appreciate that even more. So keep on posting stuff like pictures of Ninja Gaiden banners outside of the main Sofmap Akiba, and impressions of Rockman anniversary parties. That’s what keeps me coming back.

  • MoZ.

    Continuing the string of virtually identical comments:

    I’ve kept up with Siliconera for years and I think it’s found a very nice place for itself in the online game-blogging community precisely because of the fact that you’re not trying to mimic Kotaku or Joystiq by rushing headlong into breaking news like it’s a Wal-mart on Black Friday.

    Still, much of the appeal of Siliconera (and most blogs) is a reflection of who the staff are as writers and people. That is to say: I’d probably still read if the content was radically altered, but it’d be a hell of a lot less cool.

  • Lungkisser

    Siliconera’s atom feed is something I check every day because it’s different news then what I get on Joystiq/Kotaku (the other two sites I generally check.) If you thought you were becoming big enough and popular enough that you could take on all the other news, it’d be a great one-stop shop, but I feel that if you tried to now you’d lose the niche you already captured and thus lose me and other fans who check for the more quirky stories (and the lesser-covered Japanese news.)

  • Sam

    I’ve never bothered to think what it is, but Siliconera has something which makes me read it more regularly than any other gaming news website. It’s probably due to the simple layout, interesting odd news and the focus on the types of games I like.

  • vysethebold

    Spencer, I’ve been a fan for of SE for 2 years now. I started writing comments early on and , and to my surprise, you actually replied directly to my questions. I sent you an email tip one time and not only did you write an article based on it, you quoted me directly. The reason why I love it here is its friendly atmosphere. Now, I love that I have the opportunity to give the readers here the same attention that you gave me. I’m truly proud to be part of the Siliconera team.

    Don’t change, and keep it real, yo!

  • Pedro Silva

    Diferent is good, regarding your example… I don’t give a damn about “Wii60 silly news” but I did like to know R&C size matters was coming for PS2, just like I like to see playtests for those japanese RPG’s and information about future Atlus games and news. That and obscure games, you were always able to look into games like Dewy’s and NiGHTS with a positive light, instead of going into the path of bashing them, and I really appreciate it; I feel that often you’re closer to my opinion than the “big sharks”.

  • Flowbeat

    your blog is one of the only ones that I read nearly every post on. I really like the unique posts you can’t get at other blogs and I like how you tend to cover more imports.

  • philemon

    I’ve been coming here on a daily basis for a year now, in search of news of obscure/jrpgs/srpgs/quirky games, observations and insights on game mechanics of the said and I’m much pleased with what I can find here.

    The site has a pleasant & relaxing vibe, it’s own feel. Something that’s really hard to find these days in the blogosphere. Thanks for the way you are now!

  • Is siliconera a standard news outlet? maybe. Is it ‘different?’ maybe.
    Different or standard , Siliconera is good because it is what it is. And as such you should just continue doing whatever it is you currently are doing.

  • Siliconera is great because its so original…wait a minute.

    I throughly enjoy reading this site but I have major quimble. Unfortunately I can’t seem to subscribe to the RSS feeds thru Opera. I have tried both RSS and Atom but neither work, it displays the text but it doesn’t prompt me to subscribe. This means that I don’t view this site as much as I want to.

    I forget how I found this site, probably while searching for other gaming blogs. Coincidently enough I was looking to expand my gaming interests into more niche titles and this site’s fantastic information has helped me do this.

    Keep doing what your doing, it seems like you have plenty of contacts and you ARE the authority site for this niche.

    As for improvements, fix the feed and maybe spruce up the site design if you can.

  • You guys do a great job! I don’t know if you know, but you are the premiere source of information on RPG’s and Japanese games. The best part is you manage to play the games! You put more impressions and opinions up of games that don’t get the attention they deserve than any other gaming blog. I don’t know where you all get your information, but having real fans of the genre play through the games as they come out in Japan is an extremely valuable thing in an age where whoever spends the most on marketing gets the most market attention. I wouldn’t even know some of these games exist if it wasn’t for your site because I live in a small town and usually have to dig around on the internet to get a copy.

    So keep it up. You bring Japan one step closer to a small town in the midwest.

  • Feanor

    Don’t change! Siliconera is great the way it is which is why I check it out almost every day.

  • keep the good work! I love siliconera just like it is now ;)

  • Well I certainly need to throw my hat into the ring here, and it’ll come as little surprise that I’m going to agree with everyone above.

    Siliconera is a truly unique site and I think that’s pretty obvious to anyone that spend more than a minute here. I too have struggled with the “keeping up with the Jonses” mentality on my site and found it to not only be frustrating but totally fruitless. Besides, you’re not binging anything new to the table worth reading.

    I know you had this running joke during E3 that if someone had heard of something it wasn’t obscure enough for you to cover. And while it’s funny it also keeps this site totally fresh and quite filled with content that isn’t found anywhere else.

    Whether or not that’s a good thing is completely up to you, but from the comments above, I’d say the readers that come here thinks it’s a good thing. Personally I considered it a huge accomplishment to be asked to write here.

    For the record, my site DOES have those quilts and knitted DS cases, but that’s because we’re less a news site and really focus on fun game culture.

  • TacoBeaver

    originality ownz

  • Just thought I’d throw in my own two cents here. Siliconera truly is unique. The extent to which you cover niche Japanese gaming news is unmatched. Take the Time Hollow DDR story for example. No one else reported that, and it was something that I actually got really excited about.

    I’m sure there’s tons of others out there just like me, and clearly they love your site, too. So keep at it. :)

  • Camden

    I love Siliconera because it offers something different from your generic gaming blog website. You guys report on things I – as a gamer – usually don’t care for, but end up enjoying them. I hope this site keeps on going for many years to come and doesn’t change.

    Keep on the obscure!

  • Pichi

    I say keep doing what you’re doing! Most of the articles are very unique and aren’t covered by the other outlets. Yet I also like your in take on some of the “common” ones, especially if you pointed out things that others did not.

    Even though I don’t post on all the ones that interest me, I do read and enjoy them very much.

  • chris

    It has a fine balance between what you call different and interesting articles as well as general mainstream articles. Keep up the good work!

  • Eddie

    i’ve been reading siliconera for like 2 years now and i have to say its one of my favorite sites. I don’t see anything wrong about siliconera and i enjoy your articles. I don’t think you have to change a thing but thats just my opinion. By the way this is the first time I’ve left a comment.

  • Funktion

    You should keep the current format. There’s plenty of websites and blogs for gaming news, but not many about more obscure imports or tidbits, it’s what makes this site so enjoyable.

  • Melody Kitn

    Definitely stick to the way-out-there and original blog stories. There’s enough big name news that I can read off of Kotaku that doesn’t make me care to read about it twice. I like new, refreshing, stuff I may not catch on the mainstream, and Siliconera helps fulfill that need. Keep it up!

  • Icupnimpn2

    I’d say that about 85% of the time, what I see at Siliconera I do not see anywhere else. In this era of everyone copying everyone else’s coverage, that’s really quite remarkable. You do a fantastic job here. If I could compare Siliconera to any other site, it would be Insert Credit. Yet somehow what I see on Siliconera seems more accessible and more relevant to my interests. We don’t need another Joystiq or Kotaku or even Destructoid. Please keep up the great work.

  • P-N

    When I go online every day, your’s is the first site I open. I hope this says it all. Don’t change a thing. (oh, and I love the obscure games and ideas)

  • I have to admit, I didn’t visit Siliconera much before I joined the staff. However, I read SE every day now, and not just because I also write for the site. I love all the niche stuff that you seem to find, Spencer. And even though I don’t contribute nearly as much to the site as Spencer does, I hope that all the readers out there enjoy the stuff that I write as well. So yeah Spencer, keep doing what you’re doing. The site is absolutely great the way it is.

  • Joe

    Honestly, breakin news are brewakin news. You,my dog, my mom and her friend’s dog are gonna talk about them, so its fine to have them. Just breaking news? no thanks!, there’s very nice news reports in this site that don’t usually appear in any other sites.
    That’s the reason I come here, because I get to rid all kinds of news in one place.

    Thanks btw

  • Is different good? You’re kidding right?

    The whole reason why I read Siliconera is because you guys cover the smaller stories; the esoteric bits from Japan that totally slip by the bigger sites but that are often much more entertaining, adorable, awesome, etc.

    I think you guys have an excellent niche here and you’re by far the best at what you do. After all, there IS a reason so many of the megasites link to and read Siliconera…

  • JIn

    Different is def good. I just love how you guys cover korean gaming aspects and news as well being a korean myself.

  • em

    I know if I read Joystiq, I’ll read 95% of the articles covered in Kotaku, so I only skim one or the other. Siliconera deserves a visit because it is different. The closest to you would be Magic Box but they don’t update everyday.

    Variety is the spice of life.

  • Jeroen

    I find it refreshing to see obscure stuff and also stuff that everybody knows but maybe taken from a different perspective. I don’t want to see the ‘mainstream’ not be there anymore, just as i don’t want the more original stuff to dissapear. I like the mix.

  • guy

    siliconera is really the only major gaming blog that is actually about games period and not about games sort of but also what the blog writers did on the weekend, or what some PR guy said about some game, or what ridiculous toy some nerds in Japan are all excited about. I like to play video games but I am not a part of the gaming culture/lifestyle and the other blogs are too much into the GAMER aspect of the hobby. I just want a site where I can read about games that are coming out… couldn’t care less about someone making a halo level out of legos or someone baking a mario cake. Siliconera is that site.

  • Guy

    Also, I like your writing style. The bloggers on the other sites, in between posting pics of portal stuffed animals and Zelda socks, fall over themselves to write in this weird snide “I am cooly detached from all this stuff” manner that is really off-putting.

  • Most websites either just regurgitate press releases as news stories or create rumors out of thin air. What’s unique and fresh about this site is the stories about offbeat things. Where else would you see a Starcraft English book? It’s these sort of things that interest quite a few people and keeps me coming back to the site. So keep up the good work!

  • Kraft

    What keeps the readers coming back are Siliconera’s unique articles. Don’t change a thing! The “big news” items can be found on plenty of other sites, so there’s no need to focus on covering them. I enjoy the game previews, impressions, videos, etc, of the various games you post. I like your style, but it is your site, so do what makes you happy.

    Game|Life, NWR, and of course SIliconera are the game-related sites I visit regularly, but Siliconera gets bonus cool points for the Godzilla themed icons. :D

  • hyp

    yes, different is good! keep doing what you’re doing spencer, i like the approach your blog has in regards to alternative gaming information. and you’re right, if i wanted news, i’d just hit up joystiq or kotaku. no need to rehash, or you’ll end up just like everyone else. obscure, quirky, and unique are worth more to me as a reader.

  • poshniallo

    I love what you do here – I came here originally because I’m an English speaker living in Japan and your reviews/playtests helped me decide which games to buy.

    Now I come to see you collate the news, but also to surprise me with a bit of gaming culture I didn’t know about. Now that I read Japanese better, I don’t need the excellent ‘import-friendly?’ information, so if you didn’t publish other stuff, I’d probably just get my J-game news at Kotaku (or by buying Weekly Famitsu).

    And as others have said above, your style is great – informative without being either a crazed fanboy or trying for that ‘geekier-than-thou’ kudos.

    Keep on going like this, I reckon.

  • Justin Bailey

    I quit reading Kotaku when I found this site. As great as it is to have up to the minute info on all things video game, I’m sick of getting the rinsed, washed, and repeated news of video games that is the mass media’s perception of games. Silicon Era is fresh and light hearted. This site reminds me of why I love video games so much ^_^

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