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By Spencer . January 28, 2008 . 7:44pm

tup1.jpgI want to thank everyone for the heartwarming comments in the “Question” post bumped below. I read through all of them (seriously all of them!), noted the suggestions and clearly heard the consensus: keep Siliconera the way it is. Again, thanks so much for the kind words and to all the new commenters/readers I hope you stick around. Also feel free to comment if you haven’t done so already, even if you think you may be repeating what is said. The unanimous roar from the readers is encouraging and I’m sure the rest of the staff feels the same way.


In case you were wondering why I asked the question, it is not because I’m planning to turn Siliconera into IGNera. While “different” is good, it’s perplexing to predict what kinds of things you, the reader, will enjoy. As much as I find Rockman’s 20th Birthday and waking up extra early to buy Dragon Quest IV only to find out I was waiting in line for an eroge game amusing, I have no way to predict if anyone else does until the story goes live. Even then the only clues I have are statistics, which aren’t necessarily a good indicator either. For example, Halo has such a large fanbase that a repetitive post on Halo 3 is bound to get more reads than say a Korean puzzle game where you match colorful monsters. There just isn’t a clear and fair way to gauge these kinds of things.


I’m sincerely keen on writing my observations and giving my fellow staff members an open voice for theirs. At the same time, I don’t want to be narcissistic and believe everything I unearth is a diamond in the rough. While I was sitting on my flight eating my meal (i.e. tray table blocking any possible way to kill time by playing Patapon or GloRace Phantasmic Carnival) I thought I may have gone “too far” with the Korea coverage.


South Korea isn’t high on the list of gaming hotspots, but I believed I found some quirky things to post. I often made a decision to write about something unique like a Mario Kart DS TV show at the sacrifice of "breaking news”. Unfortunately, there is only so much time in a day to write. While I enjoy writing about my discoveries, you may not have enjoyed reading them. Over the past few months I was concerned Siliconera has been slowly slipping off a cliff into a chasm of obscurity by skipping over essential information. Perhaps, Siliconera took the final plunge last week. However, that doesn’t sound like it’s the case so I’m going to be sticking to the same Siliconera formula. I’m really glad (and relieved) so many of you are enjoying it!

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  • matty

    Your coverages and personal experiences are unique (as far as what you see on gaming magazines and even those “premium” sites), and at the very least interesting. There isn’t a day I don’t stop by here.

    Stay gold, Siliconera!

  • Well you should do what interests you and not force yourself, that’s what I think. I enjoy Siliconera as it is but that isn’t to say I wouldn’t enjoy Siliconera if you would take it in a new direction as you see fit.

  • Great to hear, Spencer. Personally, I believe that while skipping over too much essential information might be the path to obscurity, doing nothing to differentiate yourself from the glut of other gaming blogs out there is an even faster path to the same destination. The reason I love both reading and writing for Siliconera is because of how unique it is compared to most other sites of it’s kind. So I’m glad to hear that Siliconera’s gonna be staying just the way it is. :)

  • Being a noobie in the gaming industry, I get the opportunity to draw influence off people I see that I like.

    Spencer, you’re definitely one of those people. Keep it up.

  • sinisterff

    I love Siliconera because of its original content, I like the way it is right now, with anecdotes and stuff.

    Also, something I would appreciate a lot is a “complete feed” instead of a summary of the post, Even if it’s ad-supported. But I don’t know, there may be reasons why you want to keep it that way or I may be the only user requesting it

  • Yann

    I mainly use google reader for my news browsing, and sometimes, all I see is the same Title repeated across all the major news blogs and websites.

    So I usually read the first post about the “hot topic” , and usually discard the other ones, not bothering to read them …

    That’s why Siliconera is refreshing and interesting : you often speak about quirky and unusual things, and the games you speak about are often good discoveries, even if they are “niche” games sometimes.

  • I for one really liked the Dragon Quest IV post, where everyone was standing around waiting for the ero game.

    Glad to hear the site’s staying the way it is. That is to say, awesome!

  • Icupnimpn2

    Yes, unfortunately I don’t think # of reads is really indicative of how many people are interested in the coverage. I tend to read about 50% of the longer articles. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the “before the break” bits of the other articles.

  • Melody Kitn

    Glad to hear that you’re encouraged knowing readers do dig what you write, even if it isn’t the same kind of big-name game bloggy bits. I like hearing what obscure game you’ve found, and read into it, because chances are, even if I never get to play the game, I’ll have had at least some insight into it, all thanks to you ^^

  • Pichi

    Glad its staying the same! ^o^ And its your site, do stories whatever your staff and yourself feel like to help keep things fresh. Unique stories and your fresh in-take on big topics are always good to me. ^_^

    Indeed, a number of page views doesn’t necessary mean more interest, especially if its a popular game or person. They’re popular, so your going to have more of those page views compared to niche topics. Especially where other sites who link to your stories.

  • gb

    stick with what got you here so far. it’s always been obvious to me (and i think most of your readers) that people like this site because it runs off the beaten path. if you’ve got something that people can’t get anywhere else, well, isn’t that the whole point? keep up the good work.

  • Besides, if you were to change Siliconera where would Kotaku get their content from?

  • Johnny X

    ^ Your comment almost made me spill my coffee. -_^

    “Will you walk down a path that everyone follows? or create your own?”

  • daizyujin

    Glad to hear that you are staying the same. Of all the sites I come to for video game information I do feel that Siliconera is the one that has the freshest and most appealing information. Too often other sites seem like carbon copies of each other to the point you might as well not even read half of them. I can’t say for sure how many people read the site, but I can tell from the comments that the ones that do really enjoy what they see. Keep up the good work Spencer. I know I appreciate it.

  • lounge707

    Spencer. THis is the number one gaming site for me. Fan for life (unless you turned this into a Investment website).

    Excellent work guys! ROck on!

  • LuminousAtelier

    Yeah I agree with Alice keep up the good work.-^__^-b

  • Chad


    Great site. I actually found out recently about your site from references in Kotaku. your stories are great, original and refreshing. I especially liked the Korean coverage last week as I am living here for a few years. I try to hit all the local Japanese import malls as much as possible here to stay on top of the Japanese game scene. but since I’m living in Korea, I don’t have much time to study yet another language.

    Anyways, I look forward to more news and quirky stories. Thanks for asking for feedback.

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