Super Smash Brothers Brawl’s X-tra large save file

By Spencer . February 4, 2008 . 7:55pm

smashfile.jpgDairantou Smash Brothers X is in the house and impressions are coming. Before we get to those take a look at the save file size, it’s a whopping 128 blocks! A factory released Wii comes with 2163 blocks of memory, which means a Super Smash Brothers brawl save file takes up nearly six percent of the base memory. For comparison  the average Wii game takes between 1-2 blocks for save data. The second largest memory hog on my Wii is the Minna no Nintendo channel and it consumes 126 blocks. The Opera Internet Browser is only 29 blocks.


Correction: Levi points out the numbers I wrote down were for save file data. The Internet Channel takes up 228 blocks and the Minna no Nintendo channel consumes 80 blocks of memory. The largest memory hog on my Wii is Sin and Punishment, which eats up 281 blocks or around 13% of the Wii's memory. Still, the Smash Brothers Brawl save file is pretty large!

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  • Wait…huh? The Opera Internet Browser on my Wii takes up over 200 blocks…

  • @Levi – really? Hmm… now that’s interesting. Ahh, maybe its saving things to your cache? I haven’t used the Opera Browser in some time, which could have led to the smaller file size.

  • Does the Wii Opera Browser even have a cache? Are you sure you’re not looking at the save data for the Opera Browser instead of the channel data? My Opera Browser save data is 37 blocks, and my channel data is 233 blocks. Though suffice it to say, if there IS a cache, I’d sure like to know how to clear it. 233 blocks is waaaaaay too much space to dedicate to a browser I never use, after all.

  • BudDud

    Back in the days of Gamecube, when Melee was first available, it took up 11 blocks.

    But, that was 11 out of the 59 card. The only card available at that time.

    We did alright back then. I’m sure we’ll all survive this… crisis.

  • Yakusoku20

    Wow that is interesting. Now about the impression of the game??

  • Aoshi00

    And wait till FF CC Little King right. I hope I don’t need to keep deleting things eventually like w/ my 20 gb 360 (it’s like deciding what to throw out from your FF IV inventory, thankfully on the DS it is infinite :)

    Looking forward to hear about how Sonic and Solid snake control (though I’m actually not a big SSMM fan)

  • Pedro Silva

    Hard Drive, please.

  • TacoBeaver

    that + photos and extras

  • TSPhoenix

    BudDud, the difference was with the GameCube you could just buy another memory card, plug it in and that was that. With the Wii there is no such luxury, SD card support is annoying as its not only tedious but time consuming.

    If you consider Smash’s Save, Internet Channel and the My Nintendo channels all mandatory items thats almost 30% of the Wii’s internal storage gone before you start counting the save files for numerous other games and other downloadable content.

  • alex576

    where is the download-link? i only find savegames that i can’t copy!!!!

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