• TacoBeaver

    looks good but as always savin for other game, this time mario kart

  • shadowjfd

    Better save that money for smash bros. brawl, mario kart can wait a while longer

  • EvilGamerX

    I have been playing this game, of course. I got it when it came out. When I am not bombarded with stuff for school, I usually play the game. I am still unlocking stuff. After 50 hours, I am 80% done with the game. So yea, it is long. The worst part, and only real flaw in my eyes, is the grinding. It is definitely keeping me busy until Brawl.

  • neolink

    yeah one piece was a good game.

  • ryne11

    Hope this sells well and they Bring Unlimited Cruise over here swiftly

  • MysticX

    Any news on a PAL release???

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