Two of the seven levels in Metal Slug 7

By Spencer . February 22, 2008 . 8:43am

ms7a.jpg I picked Marco and jumped straight into the third mission. Stone towers with mounted guns shot flashing orbs from above and green soldiers marched on the ground. The turrets took a few shots to destroy, but the standard Metal Slug fodder was easy to pass through. Later in the level I grabbed a heavy machine gun and a shotgun by rescuing two captives. Like the previous installment, Metal Slug 7 has the weapon stock system. You can press one of the shoulder buttons to switch between the holstered weapon and active one. As I progressed through the level an automatic conveyor belt pushed me up the level while I was comfortably in a mech slug.


I skipped forward all the way to mission seven, which grants players a plane slug to fly in. The level also has a furious amount of missiles anti-air missiles to evade and a screen of enemies to shoot. I mentioned before in my TGS impressions of Metal Slug 7 has a score chaining system. If you can take down enemies quickly a meter on the bottom of the screen fills up and eventually each exploding tank is worth 16x its original value. Something new is when the meter reached 16x enemies dropped coins, which were worth additional points if you can pick them up. Another neat feature that I don’t recall was in TGS build is a map with touch screen zooming on the bottom screen. It doesn’t seem like it serves any other purpose than being cool, but hey it’s cool.


Besides the long missions there are shorter combat missions. I briefly played one where I was fighting a giant drill. The key to taking it down was throwing grenades and lots of ducking. Occasionally, a buzz saw would pop in from the top left corner of the screen to prevent players from hanging comfortably in the back.


If you’re wondering about what characters are in Metal Slug 7 the following characters are part of the rebellion: Marco, Eri, Fio, Ralf, Tarma and Clark. In case it wasn’t obvious SNK had a build of Metal Slug 7 at their GDC showing for a reason, it’s coming to North America.

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  • This is on Nintendo DS right? Does it play as well as Contra 4? Any word on a release date?

  • Carmen

    To be honest, I was hoping Slug died with “Final Mission” Metal Slug 6. The games are fun alone, but as a franchise there isn’t anything that shows such a lack of creativity outside of Mega Man. The games are great, which is why I don’t want to see the reputation tarnished by thier place in an overall scheme, one that hasn’t changed much from Metal Slug 2. And it doesn’t seem like that is changing, as 7 sounds very similar to what I remember in 6 so far.

  • @CRIMExTHINK – DS. Metal Slug is different from Contra 4, but if you’re asking about fluidity it’s good. No word on release date, but it is coming to North America.

    @Carmen – MS7 does feel a lot like MS6. I wish I spent more time trying the mini missions to see what else is new.

  • @Spencer – Yes, I was asking about the controls; you know how some developers like to implement wonky control schemes with DS and Wii games when it’s completely unnecessary (Metal Slug Anthology being the most relevant example). I sure hope they won’t tone down the difficulty level because it’s a DS game; the GBA one featured a life bar!

  • Nex

    While I didn’t even attempt it I don’t think SNK added in any weird stylus type control stuff to the game for the DS. As far as I could tell when I was playing it feels exactly like every other Metal Slug game in history, only with a bottom screen that depicts something of a map-like feature.
    Of course, I was hungover when I got to play it at 10am, so maybe Spencer can corroborate?

  • @Nex / CRIMExTHINK – The controls are standard Metal Slug style minus the touch screen zoomable map that Nex pointed out. So don’t worry about any pointing the stylus to shoot or tapping missiles to reflect them.

    Just an addendum I asked SNK if they were flirting with motion control for any of their other Wii compilations and it seems like they’re sticking with classic controls.

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