Shiren wanders on the Wii in June

By Spencer . April 4, 2008 . 9:28am

s3.jpgAfter an initial delay, Fushigi no Dungeon Furai no Shiren 3: Karakuri Yashiki no Nemuri Hime (Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer 3: The Sleeping Princess in Karakuri Mansion) will come out in Japan on June 5th. You could casually purchase Shiren 3 after it comes out, but Sega has a tempting offer to attract reservations. If you pre-order the game you are entitled to a 15cm tall Koppa remote control stand.


Speaking of control methods, did you know Shiren 3 supports the classic controller? That is how I got to experience Chunsoft’s dungeon crawler back at Tokyo Game Show.

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  • I’m loving the hell out of Shiren on the DS – please let this be localized!

  • jeffx

    I agree with my nemesis jeffk… WE NEED THIS

  • Pedro Silva

    the graphics for this one are so… basic.

  • Lord Gek

    Hey Pedro,

    The graphics in this Wii game I doubt are anything to write home about, and much like Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer DS, it’s more about it’s old-school-retro-roguelike style of play!

    Some scared off by Shiren DS might be happy to know that character levels are persistent in this one…but at the same time they say there is something for the old hardcore level reseters out there as well (mind you, this is all my interpretation of what I saw in a Auto-Web Translated Japanese interview with the developers). What I’m guessing here is that there will be some sort of ongoing plotline to link a bunch of these dungeons together with your persistent character, but as you work your way through you will be unlocking these stand-alone level reseting dungeons you can play in a different mode of the game.

  • Pedro Silva

    Lord Gek never played the DS one, although I played Mysterious Dungeon games.

    Now, DS doesn’t look half bad, in top down 2D perspective… sure nothing to write home like you said, but doesn’t look bad… but this? seems like a PSone game with more polygons or something. Seems really bad to my eyes.

    If they want to sell and gain recognition they ought to make a better effort, I mean, would they do this kind of effort in graphics if it was for a HD system?

    Now, I can understand that it is low budget, it might be a good game and all… but it’s also going too far in a sense, too far to be acceptable or attractive for most.

    I wish third party’s started imposing more effort towards that in their games. No matter how “hardcore” the game is it won’t sell if the “packet” isn’t attractive enough.

    IMO, at least, I want all the RPG’s I can have, but I also want them to look well, good enough. But this isn’t.

  • Lakupo

    Guh, I missed this entry in my feed backlog. Sheesh, you’re always harping about Shiren 3’s graphics, Pedro Silva. I think it looks really nice for a Fushigi no Dungeon game (have you seen the N64 and DC ones? They’re not the greatest looking.) I’ve even heard it described as the prettiest Wii game at TGS last year, which may say a lot about the Wii games at the show, but still. It looks just fine to me.

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