Deca Sports seems a worthy successor to Wii Sports

By Dan Zuccarelli . April 18, 2008 . 10:28am

render_volley.jpgI say "seems" cause so far we've only seen the demo, and there's a bunch of sports we haven't had a chance to see yet (gimme Curling!). But from what I had a chance to play in the demo I must say that if you're a Wii Sports fan you're probably going to like what you see here.


Deca Sports aims to take that same gameplay philosophy and expand it to cover ten different sports (of varying popularity) to give people who are still playing Wii Sports something fresh to sink their teeth into. Don’t be mistaken, this is a essentially a collection of mini-games which the Wii has MORE than it’s fair share of. But of those that I played this one rises to the top and if you’re looking for a fun easy game to pop in when friends/family come over, it’ll do the job just fine.


Included in the demo I recently took a look at was Badminton, Figure Skating, Supercross and Beach Volleyball. Sadly there’s no Mii support, but Hudson did their best to give you characters that are definitely inspired by those little buggers. You can choose to be on different teams that has slightly different stats and then different people on those teams to tweak stats going in a little further. There’s enough here that you’ll find someone that fits you well.


So let’s take a look at the sports included in the demo… shall we?



Badminton pretty plays exactly like Wii Sports Tennis, but I actually prefer it here because the speed of the shuttlecock (calm down) is slower and flies in a cooler and easier to hit arc. I always found the tennis a bit touchy in Wii Sports so I think this here is an improvement. You still don’t have any control over your character’s feet, they do all their own moving, and you just handle racket swinging duties.



Figure Skating is always a tough sport to get right in game form. Hell I remember HATING it with a passion back in the NES days on Winter Games. I’d always have to do fantastic on every other sport to handle the hit my score would take on figure skating, which if I recall always came last and was the cause of me barely losing to the computer time and time again. There was a game on the PS2 called International Winter Sports 2002 (I think) that incorporated figure skating but they used a controller based DDR type of control thing…. so you never really did much beside hit the buttons. Here you steer along a dotted path with the nunchuck and flick the wii-mote in set areas to pull off tricks. It was meh.



Supercross had it’s control scheme lifted pretty much directly from Excite Truck, which to me was a damn good idea. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing Wii games, it’s that there’s A TON of crappy control schemes out there, so why not stick to what works? I can say I much preferred Excite Truck, but that was a fully fleshed out game… so it’s pretty unfair to compare the two directly. The motocross events are a nice addition, but I can’t see myself playing it that much when I get the full game… it’s not that it’s bad it’s just not my thing.



Beach Volleyball was surprisingly fun. The basics are the same as badminton (you don’t control movement, just action) but it gets a little deeper with the addition of a teammate and the importance of setting and spiking. It’s actually quite fun to give the remote a little flick up to set the ball for a teammate of swing it down to nail a perfect spike. Of course it’s two on two volleyball so there’s not much variety to the back and forth of the game (receive, set, return/spike) but this was still the most enjoyable of the sports for me on the demo.


Images courtesy of Hudson.

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  • jeffx

    when the HELL are we getting a proper hockey game for the Wii????

  • Nika

    I never thought of a hocky game.
    To me this seems like an extension of Wii sports. which was fun on it’s own but started to become a bit boring after a while. don’t think I will pick it up.

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