Chunsoft ports PlayStation 3 sound novel to the Wii

By Spencer . April 25, 2008 . 12:15pm

iwii.jpgImabikisou came out as one of the rumble ready PlayStation 3 games last year and fizzled from the public eye after remote play was discovered. The lack of attention is far from unsurprising. Even in Japan the sound novel genre is niche, in North America it’s nonexistent.


Instead of moving on Chunsoft is repacking Imabikisou with a new episode, revised controls for the Wii remote and speaker noises as Imabikisou Kaimeihen. Sega will publish it sometime this year in Japan. Despite the popularity of the Wii, a chance for a North American release is at best extremely unlikely.


At least Imabikisou won’t be forgotten. The chilling horror story will go down as the first and maybe only PlayStation 3 to Nintendo Wii port.


Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • Aoshi00

    I think visual novels would be better fit for handhelds? If they port it to the PSP, I could imagine people playing it in the dark before they go to sleep, and it’s easier to get into.

    I just got my paws on “Anata wo Yurusanai”, even though it’s sort of a detective adventure game, the lack of options feels more like a visual novel. The story is pretty gripping and mature as it often deals w/ subject matters like spouses cheating (of course not just simple as that). It feels surprisingly natural to hold the PSP vertically too, especiallyy the lighter Slim, like Hotel Dusk on the DS.

  • Pedro Silva

    In a way, the first PS3 to Wii port has to be Monster Hunter 3, thing is the PS3 version ceased to exist. And that’s a horror story for a lot of PS3 owners (and good one for me, should happen more often, or at least getting PS3 scalled down content rather than PS2 assets)

    And I’d certainly ask for a Disgaea 3 port ASAP looking at the game’s graphics.

    Holding the PSP vertically doesn’t seem natural at all for me though, I’m trying it now, not without using both hands.

    Still… Will this get translated?

  • Aoshi00

    @Pedro Silva – Yep, for Anata wo Yurusanai, you hold the PSP vertically and press the R btn w/ your left thumb, but use your right hand to tilt the analog stick and the directional pad for some other functions, such as scanning the person’s facial and body movement to see if they’re lying, or trailing or taking a photo of suspect. However, w/ its heavy dialogue, it rather feels like reading a book.

    I had my doubts at first too, but after playing it for a while feels very natural, especially w/ the lighter PSP-2000, also the analog stick on the new system feels a lot easier to tilt. As for translation, AQ Interactive might bring it over. It’s rather Japanese though, so I don’t think they would pull a “localization” like Phoenix Wright or Jack Hunter.

    This game is definitely for the mature audience as it dwells into relationships a lot. I’m playing it slowly on the bus and before sleep right now.

  • I’m really surprised no one has picked up Anata wo Yurusanai. I mean Docomodake might be getting localized and this seems like something XSeed could pull off well. Now that I’m saying that XSeed is also helping AQ Interactive decide which titles to bring over so… we should bother them. Hahaha. After Wild ARMs XF they’ve been silent again. I wonder what they are working on. KORG-10? Away: Shuffle Dungeon? Anata wo Yurusanai?

  • Aoshi00

    @Spencer – Yeah, it’s a game that should be experienced by everyone. I think the story is really exciting despite having less interactivity compared to Hotel Dusk, I’m only on Chapter 3 out of the total 5.

    What attracts me the most is the stylish art drawn by a fashion magazine artist, so it’s very different from usual anime style, and music composed (partially) by Uematsu, kind of like elevator music though, but very fit for the game.

    I know the bargain price edition is coming out this summer, does that mean the game sold well enough in Jpn? It’s definitely special in that it’s the first game you hold the PSP vertically.

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