The World Ends With You: Advertising player pins

By Jeriaska . May 31, 2008 . 7:53am

The party has progressed through the Game, imprinting memes on people in the Realground, and completing the tasks set by the Reapers. Day Six begins with Neku awakening at scramble crossing, where the story began. He finds he has come to possess a strange new red player pin. Equipping the item seems to do noting more than slow the character down to a crawl during battles, but the mysterious accessory will likely play some role in the day's mission.


The task appearing on Neku's cellphone tells his goal this mission is to "dominate the view," or face erasure. Makoto, the businessman who was seen earlier searching for tickets to the Tin Pin slam-off, is in a state of deep thought nearby. Scanning him, you discover he is worried about a plan his boss concocted. You may recall a strange request from a new supplier has been sent to Makoto's company, and his supervisor decided to take their offer based on the outcome of a game of Reaper Creeper. Enthused by the business deal, the boss spent a fortune paying for an ad to run on the giant video screen above scramble crossing. But for anyone to see it, the hurried pedestrians would all need to stop for a minute and look up at the screen.




Neku realizes that the cryptic mission description is beginning to make some sense. The two of them will have to get the crowd to watch the businessman's advertisement to "dominate the view." Scanning the scramble, a negative yellow Noise will appear on top of Makoto, initiating a battle with wolf and hedgehog forms. A new enemy will be encountered on this mission in the form of swooping crows attracted by your shiny accessories.


The Love Me Tether pin lets you stretch a line of barbed wire across the screen. The attack is affective against the wolves running blindly around and lunging at Neku. Having the Sexy D pin equipped allows you to pick up obstacles such as cars and bicycles and steer them like vehicles around the screen. Making spiral motions with the stylus, as with the flame pin, you can knock the objects onscreen into enemies for damage. Just be careful not to fumble them, because if you drop an obstacle your pin gauge will have to reboot before you can pick up another one.


You learn upon clearing out the Noise that the product Makoto's company is selling is the strange red player pin that Neku found in his hand at the mission's start. Makoto's plan is to hand out free pins and turn the pedestrians on the crossing into walking billlboard advertisements. However, Makoto has no style, and his pick up-sounding pitch phrases are setting his product on a crash course with disaster. To get the Realground to pay the pins any mind, Neku and Shiki decide to use their ESP to imprint on the crowd. "Come get some hot stuff" and "totally gnarly" are added to their collection of transmittable memes.


tr.jpgInside Towa Records, you can purchase five new Ishimoto tracks for sampling on your phone menu. Just a screen away, you can pick up an Ice Blow pin at Molco if you missed it earlier. There are also attack or defense boosts for Shiki to be exchanged for rare metals. To get by the Reaper blocking the way to a backstreet alleyway, you will have to pass a "Reaper Review." The hoodie will quiz you on enemy attacks, about the signs outside stores, and the items on sale in certain shops. If you answer correctly, you can move on to find Makoto giving out pins on the street. If you imprint the businessman with "Come get some hot stuff," the women he talks to recoil in disgust. But if you choose to imprint "gnarly," Makoto will pitch the pins as arthritis-awareness badges.


On center street, Makoto runs into a tin pin slam fan who entreats him to join the "slammerai." If you imprint "unreal, bro" the pin collector will think the pin's stats are beyond the pale. The kid will challenge the businessman to battle, and win the pin for his collection. Keeping tabs on Makoto might be difficult, but seeing as there are no random encounters in this game, searching for him should not take too much time. He reappears on Spain Hill, back where you imprinted the Reaper Creeper game on Ai and Mina. This time, Makoto approaches the tech from A-East. Trying out the hot stuff pin this time, you can pass on one more player pin.


At this point, Makoto's pins have all been given out, meaning it is time to head back to scramble crossing. While the businessman seems convinced that his plan will succeed, Shiki has suddenly given up hope. You learn that she has ambivalent feelings about finding her way out of the Reaper's game, due to her problems in the Realground. Neku sheds some of his characteristic insensitivity and promises to remain friends with her, even after the Game is through. They agree to focus on clearing the stage, regardless of what problems might be waiting for them back in their everyday existence.


wendf2.jpgThe Players notice that Makoto has been approached by Eiji Oji, the weblog celebrity who acted like a snob when you saw him browsing for clothes earlier in the game. There seems to be a glimmer of hope when the Prince of Ennui compliments Makoto on his business sense, but he takes off before being pinned as a poster boy for the red player pin. You decide to put on the pin and challenge the Noise to some battles, thereby raising the standing of its fashion on the Realground. The effectiveness of attacks, such as the ones for hand-to-hand combat, will be compromised by your inability to cover much ground, but after a few battles, the pedestrians on scramble crossing will become magnetized to Makoto's wares.


Makoto gains confidence in his trendiness and heads off to Building 104 to further spread his fashion statement. Chaining together several battles at Ten-Four, the crowd will begin mobbing him. As you head back to scramble corner in time for the commercial, the Players' success in the mission seems assured. Sure enough, the ad goes over well and the timer on Neku's hand disappears.


The sixth day ends, beginning what should be the final trial. Yet with all the valuable items left in stores, ready to purchase, and all the Noise slots left open in your phone menu, one might wonder whether this really is the end.


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