New faces in Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2’s roster

By Spencer . June 25, 2008 . 1:08pm


Ryne11 and a bunch of others (thanks to everyone who sent this in!!) were quick to point out two trailers for Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 introduce characters never before seen in the Clash of Ninja / Gekitou Ninja Taisen series. In one video Asuma, the final character you unlock in Naruto Shippuden: Geiktou Ninja Taisen EX 2, is fighting against Kurenai who has never been in a Tomy fighting game before. She retains her illusion based Tree Binding Death attack, but compared to how she controls in CyberConnect2’s Naruto fighting series Kurenai is much more in your face.


Another gameplay clip shows “Hinata2” who appears to be Awakened Hinata. She may have her ultimate protection attack from the filler anime episodes as a special move, but this is far from confirmed. Hinata2 doesn’t do anything in the clip except get pummeled by One Tailed Kyuubi Naruto.


Update: As Ryne11 points out the videos have been removed, we're removing the links since they don't point anywhere now.


Images courtesy of Tomy.

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  • ryne11

    Either my internet is crapping out on me, or they pulled the videos.
    Someone must have been mad

  • NachoDude

    where do I send a tip? I had 1 but I didnt have the mail and my comment didnt get published ¬¬

  • Cool they should add more characters to naruto clash of ninja revolution 2, that never been in the clash of ninja series.

  • ryne11

    Here are some re-uploads
    Stolen from Gamefaqs

    Asuma vs. Kurenai:

    4 way battle:

  • ShinRekka

    Kurenai finally made it in the series huh? Nice. Kinda weird but it’s awesome that they made her in a US game before a JPN one. But from that, I’m sure she’ll be in GNTEX3 as a new character too along with some Akatsuki members in the upcoming Arc.

    As for Rev.2, glad to know the other GNT3 characters are in also. All that’s left is the Sound 5 and Kabuto.

  • shizune

    i was the first to find those videos and my comments or links to the videos were taken off!!!!!

    and ryan11 got all the credit!!!!!!!

    not fare!!!!!!!!!

    this is b u ll shet

    im upset


  • shizune

    o yea if u look closely in both videos



  • I really want on naruto clash of ninja revolution 2 star ninja, sai: shippuden;custom anbu ninja , puppet ninja and ninja weapon.hear about anbu storyline on is this true

  • let have ninja animal summon that can fight for user or self

  • yeaaa they should have a summoning jutsu system that allows you to play as the animals you summoned up like if naruto summons the chief toud naruto would be on top of his head and you can controll the toud but there may be a time limit, but i hope they can bring this in the game.

  • make own ninja, kunoichi, summon animal ninja, taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu and train it til jonnin

  • i want on game sasori and granny chiyo. kankuro with three or more.we need more puppet masters on naruto clash of ninja revolution 2.

  • oops, kankuro three or more puppet

  • we need custom jutsu mode

  • we need swordmen and samurai or make orochimaru and itachi use them combat

  • everyone should have costume two or three, green suit naruto and gothic sakura from saiyan island

  • we should have character from the movie 1-3 , like temjin

  • i want i want real real see see deidara and sasori in game. we have story where jiraiya or other original storyline chase the 4 akatsuki in game. spread word so creater know about so we more fun in game.

  • evolve rasengan add element and big and combo in mix, just spread to naruto wii maker

  • rasengan fire, water, wind, or earth mix together. modified jutsu with element or with weapon or with taijutsu combo like chidori ,rasengan

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