Save with Play-Asia’s summer sale

By Spencer . July 11, 2008 . 9:36pm


From now until July 20th, most instock items will be discounted 25%. Unfortunately, that means imports coming later this month like Persona 4 and Rhythm Tengoku Gold won't be part of the promotion. However, you can get a good deal on Battle Fantasia (PS3), Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (US PS2), Ouendan (DS), Naruto Shippuuden: Dairansen! Kage Bunsen Emaki (DS), DJ Max Portable 2 (PSP), and Rhythm Tengoku (GBA). While Play-Asia's banner says "all in-stock items*" games like Daigasso! Band Brothers DX and the cheaper Ultimate Hits version of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + are not on sale. Here's a list of active items.


Images courtesy of Play-Asia. 

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  • Aoshi00

    Great sale, but I think I got there kind of late, many of the things that I want have a 1-wk wait and went back to the org. price.. I picked up “Hercules no Eikou” for the DS though, I’ve heard both good and bad things about it, I hope it’s a solid RPG. There’s Idol Master Live for U too, I got the first game but couldn’t get into it.. and some Wii games (DQ Swords, Eyeshield, Mario Strikers) are dirt cheap now, should’ve waited..

    Does anyone know if the Jpn Metroid Prime 3 Corruption works on the US Wii w/ the freeloader? Hajime no Ippo didn’t..

    Yeah, too bad the just released imports aren’t part of it.. otherwise I might get Persona 4 too..

  • Mikael

    Picked up Apollo Justice, nothing extraordinary but was planning to do it anyways and it was nice with this sale making things extra cheaper, a lot of the artwork books on sale are very interesting but have to pass

  • thaKingRocka

    i think that this sale is usually on in-stock items that have been in stock for 30 days or more. that would be why some of those more recent hot titles are ineligible.

  • kurono

    I was really looking forward to getting the Digital Devil Saga Reprint from this sale, but it’s not discounted. *sigh* Maybe next time…

  • Cool. I can use the sale to get myself both Ys and Ys II for the DS. Even if they’re inferior versions of their PS2 counterparts, $26 for each isn’t half bad.

  • I’m surprised that Radiant Silvergun and a used copy of Rakugaki Showtime were sold. Even after the discount, Radiant Silvergun was around $370 and Rakugaki Showtime was $200-ish. That’s just…wow.

    I got myself some video game soundtracks, j-pop singles, and SMT: Nocturne.

  • $370 for a game…I know these were great classic games, but you could buy a system with that kind of money.

  • Bought a couple of import albums I’ve been eyeing for months, including the Mega Man Techno arrangement featured here at Siliconera. I was happy to stumble upon the sale (for some reason, I check play-asia once a day).

  • Ah, piss it. I just bought a bunch of stuff a DAY before this deal went down. I could’ve saved $20 yo.

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