SNK develops the snack size RPG

By Spencer . August 5, 2008 . 5:43am

snk.jpgRPGs are a time investment. They’re great when you have a lot of free time to sink into a game, but difficult to complete when you don’t. SNK has an interesting solution for RPG fans that can’t commit dozens of hours to a single RPG. Stories in Kimi no Yuusha can be completed in half an hour. In the short amount of time you go through story sequences, a world map, towns, battles, and an epilogue. However, you can’t “beat” the game during one lunch break. Kimi no Yuusha contains 25 story missions and  50+ side story missions. If you want to complete everything expect to spend around 35 hours playing the game.


OK, Kimi no Yuusha is a time investment too, but the difference is you get the momentary satisfaction of completion after finishing one of the episodes. I think this system could be a good way to introduce someone to the genre since there can’t be much grinding in half an hour. The combat system looks pretty neat too. It has the familiar good guys on the right, bad guys on the left look and it introduces a combo system where the four party members can juggle monsters on the top screen. You can take a look at some of the attacks here.


Japan gets Kimi no Yuusha on October 23 and this looks like something SNK could market in North America. All they need to do is slap a label on it like RPG Trainer: Master a Quest in 30 Minutes a Day. On second thought that sounds awful.


Images courtesy of SNK.

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  • kryptonics

    The story division is something I loved about Dragon Warrior IV.

  • jeffx

    This is for… the DS? Looks like a cellphone game.

  • The screen is too wide for a cell phone. Anyway, this looks like a WarioWare clone done right and I can’t wait for an English localization.

  • This looks pretty nifty. Here’s hoping for a localization.

  • jeffx

    Nevermind… I just saw the Nintendo DS tag.

  • ecco6t9

    Ok everyone knows the drill, Bug SNK then if they say “no” bug Atlus.

  • this is a great idea…I hope the localization comes out ok.

  • Atlus localizing an SNK game? You can get in trouble for bringing up such dangerous ideas.

  • jarrod

    Looks interesting, kid of NIS-ish.

    So long as they’re looking into RPGs, SNK should port the SS RPG to DS. And then give me Crystalis 2.

  • badfish

    This is a truly awesome idea. How come this idea isn’t offered more often. The major complaint of all my NON RPG buddies, is the same old excuse: That you can’t do much in 35 minutes. Hey Spencer, if you do any more interviews, why not bring up this concept to more producers. I love this idea. You could feel like you accomplished more and get bonuses for do extra things. Its kind of like progressive type style.

  • Whorl

    There’s a video on DSfanboy.

  • EvilAkito

    If the two acronyms “SNK” and “RPG” are used in the same sentence, then I’m only really interested if it means a new Crystalis. Come on SNK, make it happen!

  • Andrew

    I’d love to play this.

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