How to recruit Frimelda in Final Fantasy Tactics A2

By Jeriaska . August 7, 2008 . 12:33pm


While Vaan and Penelo cross paths with Clan Gully midway through the events of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, the sky pirates are not the first of the optional recruits to be added to your ranks.  You could easily clock twenty hours of playtime before making inroads to gaining Frimelda the paladin as an ally — the final two recruits, yet more cameos from Final Fantasy XII, will join your cause only after you have defeated the final boss. 


Going through the effort to find Frimelda certainly has its rewards.  The paladin is a powerful fighter with a rare dual wield sword ability that lets her take two swipes at the enemy in turn.  She rounds out the party, as with Cid and Hurdy and unlike most who offer their battle prowess to your clan, by having a fully detailed backstory.  Frimelda is not all that difficult to discover, if you know where to look and have the patience to complete all the prerequisite story chapters.


Zombies are a major theme in the narrative leading up to the character's entrance.  Keep on the lookout for a request submitted to the pub called "Under the Weather."  The next notice to look out for is called "Chill in the Night," regarding monsters making trouble in the Cannol Keep in Fluorgis.  In this cut scene, your party will discover a zombie prowling around the abandoned fort, looking for a knight named Luc Sardac.  Sir Sardac, Cid explains, gained fame throughout Jylland for challenging tyranny.  This is the first time that Frimelda is mentioned by name, as the blademaster who fought at the renowned knight's side.


Next in the sequence, "Show of Strength" takes place in Muskmallow Field at Targ Wood.  A notice in the pub states that the chocobo corral has been overrun by someone calling himself the Swordking.  As you arrive, a samurai named Ghi is looking for Frimelda and challenges the Seeq that has taken over the corral to a dual, believing the thief has information leading to the whereabouts of the paladin.  A battle ensues between your clan and the ruffians. 


Before you can proceed further in the sidequest to find Frimedla, your party must accept the mission called "A Request."  Seeing as it is a major plotpoint, the battle might require leveling up before moving on. Afterward, the notice to look for at the pub is called "Hunted."  It requires a three-person party go to Aisenfield by taking the Moorabella Aerodrome to the eastern continent.  The petitioner complains of being pursued by the zombie seen in the Show of Strength assignment.  The identities of both the petitioner and the persistent zombie turn out to be a surprise.


frimelda_jp.jpg The following step is to clear out some mooglebanes in the Goug city excavation site as part of the main plotline.  Afterward, Clan Gully can move on to the "Through Another's Eyes" quest and "Memories Forged." The latter involves finding a witch's curative in Nazan Mines, then returning to the Ochre Wastelands in Kthili Sands to administer the curative on the zombie.  Protect the undead character from the other enemies while refraining from using any back attacks, which will violate the judge's decree.  Use holy attacks such as saint cross and exorcise.  The enemies will siphon hitpoints and cast Dark to heal themselves, so focusing on one at a time will help reduce their numbers.


Soon after Frimelda is added to your party, you can recruit Vaan and Penelo by visiting Fluorgis once the quest "A Ritual" is made available.  You should then have all the secret characters available prior to finishing the game.


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  • Laexerias

    What the! Thank you! :D Never knew that there were 3 Cameos.. Really! Thank you!

  • Zephiroth

    emmm… so this is news?

    i have her since some weeks ago, when i was still interested in the game o_O

  • jeffx

    Wow. Zephiroth U R SO KEWL.

    You even went as far as mocking Jeriaska on your blog. Some people!!!

  • Me

    Just wanted to add, that this:

    ” You should then have all the secret characters available prior to finishing the game. ”

    Is not true. You can recruit Al-Cid and Montblanc, and those 2 are only after you’ve gotten the ‘Game Complete’ title on your file. :)

    Nice write-up though.

    • diego

      i cant get montrarbarc yet

  • Jeriaska

    You’re misunderstanding what I meant by finishing the game. By that I meant getting the ‘Game Complete’ title. Please see the last line of the first paragraph.

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