What would you ask Aksys about Guilty Gear 2?

By Spencer . August 11, 2008 . 11:44am


When I first saw Guilty Gear 2 I had a lot of questions since it’s unlike every other Guilty Gear game in the series. Next month we're going to see the mix of Guilty Gear characters in 3D combat in North America. Since we’re getting close to the release date I’m guessing some of you have questions too. So, I’m going to open the floor for questions to give to Aksys. Please post them in the comments. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to include every question in, but I’ll squeeze as many as I can into the interview I’m working on.


Images courtesy of Arc System Works.

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  • Hero of legend

    May as well ask why there’s no Wii version. And if they’ll ever consider bringing it over. :P

  • Volcynika

    Probably not a good question, but I’m interested in how they’re going to sell this to the consumer. Considering Guilty Gear itself is mostly known for being a fighting game, bringing over a game that’s a slight curve ball in the series seems like it might be difficult to get a good amount of sales. I know spin-offs like the Soul Calibur Legends title (or whatever that Wii game was named) weren’t exactly of great quality for the most part.

  • shion16

    how is going to b the online mode?

    is there a possibility that we see ky in this game as downloadable content?

  • jeffx


    uhh kidding. I would ask kind of what Volcynika said. It’s actually a great question as the SC Legends comparison is very relevant.

  • Justin Bailey

    Possible PS3 version? Not sold on the game yet but I would definitely rent it.

  • Any news on a new Guilty Gear fighting game, or hell, a meaty revision of X2 would be fine at this point.

  • Chuck Franklin

    What are the chances of us seeing Theresia here? Has it been ruled out as being localized?

  • jeffx

    @Chuck. Aksys confirmed this in early July.

  • @Chuck – Yeah we confirmed this with Aksys last month. Here’s a link in case you want to know more.


    My question, Spencer, would be if Arc has any plans to create A Guilty Gear X3, or a NEW Guilty Gear Fighter.

    Quite honestly, I’m tired of buying X2 revisions. I believe I have bought about 5 different versions of GGX2. Thats like… OVER 200 DOLLARS!! I love GG, I just want to see a new one.

  • EvilHero

    Outside of more items, being able to move while selecting servants and the option of Japanese VO with subtitles and English VO, will we see any other changes to the US version?

    Second question. Guilty Gear has always been about the music, so far 2 soundtracks have been released in Japan. Any chances of seeing one of them bundled with the game?

  • Volcynika


    I think the chances for another GG game are pretty slim. I think they’re putting a lot of effort into BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger now (which looks really nice).

  • Will it have dual voice track (En\Jp)?

  • I had the opportunity to try Blazblue in Akiba, It looks like GG a lot. Do they plan to release this game to consoles ? I’d love to play BB on my wii !

  • Pedro Silva

    when are they going to give up on it and focus on 2D?

  • All of the new EVO Blazblue videos look incredible, and I think its safe to say that Blazblue is the true successor to Guilty Gear.

    But if you have been paying attention to BB from the start, you should know about the characters. IMO, GG has better character designs but when it comes to graphics BB definately goes above GG.

    This does NOT mean that I will stop buying GG games. In fact, thats why I want Spencer to ask about any new GG fighters, I would freakin’ love to play Guilty Gear in HD…

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