Pre-order Yggdra Union and get the soundtrack as a bonus

By Spencer . August 15, 2008 . 2:56pm


If you’re planning on buying Yggra Union for the PSP you might want to pre-order it up at Gamestop. Atlus is giving away a Japan-exclusive soundtrack CD with 56 songs based off the PSP version of Yggdra Union. The PSP version of Yggdra Union has been enhanced over the Game Boy Advance game for sharper visuals and higher quality music. There is more voice acting too and you get to pick either Japanese or English. Other features include an extra difficulty level, more missions, and new characters. We’ll work on figuring out what those are and posting about them as we get closer to the September 15 release date in North America.


Images courtesy of Atlus.

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  • R

    I went down and preordered this a couple of hours ago. So awesome. I really hope GS doesn’t pull any shenanigans with this bonus.

  • GameStop exclusive… way to ignore your Canadian fans Atlus. AGAIN.

  • SomeDude

    Do you honestly think Gamestop is giving Atlus financial incentives for a soundtrack to a niche game?

    On top of that, you in Canada have nobody other than your own government to blame for not getting all the cool stuff. Haven’t you noticed that since Canada demands bilingual manuals, you get a lot fewer games?

  • Simon


    We in Canada get just as much games as US does, maybe 1 or 2 not in Canada, but yea I do agree bilingual manuals are pissing me off, the french which I don’t read makes the product look crap.

    anyways haven’t we noticed atlus is giving soundtrack out too much? almost all their games coming out all come with soundtrack preorders, its getting old now

  • SomeDude

    Simon: I think they ran a poll on their fanbase and the fanbase said that one of the top three things they wanted were soundtracks. I don’t mind getting them for free. I’d probably like a t-shirt better, though.

    As far as the bilingual/non-bilingual stuff goes, it probably limits the amount of stores that carry Atlus games in Canada. (I mean, Quebec’s not going to be buying many of ’em, right?)

    I totally agree that they do make the covers look like crap. (see any recent Nintendo TRI-lingual release.)

  • jeffx

    SomeDude you make absolutely no sense. Even before the bilingual laws were introduced, we were massively getting the shaft. It’s actually been better since, as delays are quasi nonexistent. We got the R-Type bonus because it was through EB Games. Has absolutely nothing to do with our government… please.

  • Mikael

    The Yggdra Union Soundtrack was amazing, but I suppose I cannot get my hands on this since I am a European…

  • Connor

    “Haven’t you noticed that since Canada demands bilingual manuals, you get a lot fewer games?”

    Are we talking like, copies of games or individual games? If the former, OBVIOUSLY. If the latter, you’re just plain wrong. I can’t think of any game that the US got that we didn’t.

    As for the bilingual manuals? That’s not “demanded” at all. It happens, of course, but the vast, vast majority of the games I own lack French text. As do a decent amount of movies.

  • SomeDude

    Connor, I was referring to the former, as indicated by the following post when I mentioned that they go out to fewer stores.

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