Suikoden Tierkreis scans surface

By Jeriaska . August 20, 2008 . 3:09pm

Some information on Suikoden Tierkreis has come to light since the title was trademarked earlier this month.  According to the rundown found on Japanese site "Game no Hanashi," Tierkreis will appear on the Nintendo DS and development is halfway complete. As with previous titles, there will be a variety of clans and character types, with the protagonist's goal being to reassemble an army of 108 recruits to fight the forces of injustice.


The game will include an overworld that characters can explore on foot, as opposed to traveling from place to place by selecting regions from a map.  The characters are rendered in 3D, with 2D anime style portraits superimposed on the screen during dialog sequences.  Character art for five of the protagonists has already been revealed and images are available at VideogamerX.


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  • krypt

    Is it just me, or is the Suikoden series slowly
    losing it’s dark side?

  • Reflect

    Krypt, yes it is. I’m disappointed their using a boring(basic anime-crap drawing) design.

  • ethelred

    The game starts out with the 108 stars of destiny being wiped out. How dark are you looking for it to be?

  • Al

    I’m just happy a new game is finally coming out in the series. It feels like ages since Suikoden 5, even though it’s only been a little over two years.

  • Chris Dahlberg

    After investing in 3 and loving it, hating 4 and loving 5, I have faith in this. I hope it’s closer to the epic story that was Suikoden 2 though, that’s still my favorite overall. I think I’ve put like 300-400 hours into just 2 by now, I do regular play sessions of it.

  • jeffx


  • Geoff

    Thank God, I was beginning to think Konami were going to retire the series

  • EvilAkito

    Glad to see it’s a normal Suikoden game and not a strategy RPG or visual novel. From the scans it looks like we’re back down to 4-person battles, which is a little disappointing. But oh well.

  • krypt

    It’s less about the story and more along the lines of a generic art style. The original Suikoden had a very unique art style, and while 5 moved the series towards a smoother, anime like look, the characters had very bold and colorful designs.

  • seiya19

    Looks good to me… I hope that it gets localized, not like other JRPGs for DS…

  • fallen

    Wow. Please don’t eat these table scraps up, guys… This is clearly Supa Chibi Suikokun Lite: DS’ Large Market Means At Least Some Sales No Matter How Shitty It Is And How Little We Try Densetsu.

  • Mikael

    Looking good, and sounds interesting in concept storywise…
    Personally I don`t think this anime art style even if its very standard is much worse than whats out there usually, to me its decent enough..

  • ethelred

    Wow. Please don’t eat these table scraps up, guys…

    I don’t see any table scraps. I see a new Suikoden — a new installment in a series I love and have been awaiting for over two years now.

    This is clearly Supa Chibi Suikokun Lite: DS’ Large Market Means At Least Some Sales No Matter How Shitty It Is And How Little We Try Densetsu.

    Doesn’t look shitty to me. Not even close.

  • seiya19


    And you know this how ? Have you already played the game ? I centainly doubt it, since it´s not even finished yet…

    Personally, I already saw the 4 scans and I like what I see. It may not have a unique art style, but it´s a good style for me nonetheless. Besides, we don´t even know much of the story, gameplay or even seeing much of how it looks…

    By the way, the DS is in a similar situation to the PS1 and PS2 as a platform (best selling consoles, with lots of JRPGs) and Suikoden has appeared on those before, so I don´t know why are you mentioning DS´s large market as if it means anything new.

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