Devil Survivor sounds like a Shin Megami Tensei spinoff

By Spencer . September 9, 2008 . 12:15pm

smt Atlus found success by branching the Shin Megami Tensei series into other brands like Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner, and Persona. Persona 3 was a breakthrough hit in North America. Will Devil Survivor resonate the same level of acclaim?


Devil Survivor was registered as a trademark by Atlus Japan in the summer. It appears to be related to the Megaten series. It might be a spinoff, but in the case of all trademarks it might be nothing – nothing interesting like a new Atlus branded Photo Booth. On second thought a Devil Survivor sticker photo booth would be very interesting however unlikely that is is.


My best guess is this will be a Nintendo DS Shin Megami Tensei game because Devil Summoner can be truncated to DS. Marketing departments love this kind or thing.


Images courtesy of Atlus.

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  • give me mesami tensei for wii T_T

  • Pedro Silva

    indeed, this could be it though… sadly if it is seems like they’re going the way of the spin-off though, which, as always… sucks.

    developers ought to be getting a clue already, not this.

  • Pedro Silva

    I didn’t elaborate enough previously so…

    basically IF this is a Wii game… I’ll bet it is a dungeon crawler in first person based on SMT… In short a spin-off… something no fan ever asked for and something that reeks of “short end of a stick”

    I expected more from Atlus, if this is it. Tests, tests, tests… cut the crap.

  • Pedro Silva

    If it’s for DS, I’ll take it better, but from the name I’ll still wait for something with 3D mazes in first person… I seriously think if Atlus is doing this… they ought to do, say… Persona 2 Eternal Punishment and Innocent Sin ports for DS or something, as it has the potential (and probability) of being so much better.

    ack, sorry for the triple post, we ought to have an edit option or something.

  • yeah i agree about persona 2 port for ds, and dun see why they did not announced persona 4 multiplatform for wii as the costs for a port would be minimal, the path to succes on wii and ds are games with collection, mini-games, multiplayer, and innovation functions why they still making shovelware crap?
    maybe devil survivor is atlus survival kids version lol

  • Hayden

    The GBA did see the Devil/Demi Kids games. But I do agree there definitely is a place for Persona 1/2 — all of it — to find it’s way here to the states in some kind of updated form.

  • Someguy

    Actually aren’t most of the Megami Tensei games spin-offs? Persona, Devil Summoner, and Digital Devil Saga are all spin-off series.

    The only recent game in the main series was Nocturne.

  • Pedro Silva

    Someguy, you’re right, but if it is some kind of mindless dungeon crawler, or just something… lesser, it will be a lesser spin-off. And the name sure implies it for me might I add.

    Persona for instance is anything but a lesser spin-off, hence why people ask for persona-like games bare minimum and not for some dungeon crawler with shin megami tensei in the name.

    Digital Devil saga is not actually a spin-off though, or rather, in japan it’s not even called shin megami tensei, although it has it’s own links I guess, but so does Digital Devil Story (megami tensei without the shin prior) but I digress.

  • jarrod

    I dunno, the main series is itself a glorified dungeon crawl. Even if we just got Etrian Odyssey in demonic clothing, I’d still be pretty happy.

  • Pedro Silva

    jarrod, I wouldn’t, for that I have etrian odyssey.

    Yeah shin megami tensei is a little dungeon crawly, but it’s also very heavy on the argument and all, hence why it’s glorified… I’d be pissed like there’s no tomorrow if all I was getting was some kind of old school shin megami with stripped down story (or might I say absent?) for that I rather have ports/remakes of the original SNES games (SMT1 and 2)

    Just my opinion though, I guess it kinda fits the bill for a portable game (whereas I’d deem it unaceptable for the only title say… a home console is getting), but point is… if it is something along those lines it could, and should, be so much better.

    I mean I’d drool over a properly done SMT game on the DS… for this though? nah, not quite, lots of good games on the DS for that to have any bearing, if anything seems like they’re underestimating it.

    I might change my mind once I see the game though, I’m doing all these gymnastics just from the name survivor, guess I’m scarred for life with how Resident Evil Survivor doesn’t compare to resident evil (or might I add, how crap it is)

  • FoliathR

    I would love it if they start a series on DS. There’s just some mysterious charm in the series.

    One thing to note: “Devil Summoner” = “DS” too. But personally I would want it to appear on DS. With the same character designs as the PS2 versions. Just look at Kuzunoha Raidu from the coming PS2 game! =X (Personally likes Megaten to be more teens- and adult-oriented)

    Let’s hope the news will come in a few weeks via Famitsu! =)

  • Mikael

    Everytime I play Etrian Oddyssey 2, it reminds me of how awesome it would be if they remade the earlier Megaten games…

    Etrian Oddyssey is a solid title, but it lacks the punch of story which the Megaten series could contribute..

    But have to wait and see until Atlus makes such a move that makes so much sense for a long time ever since the ds was first released, they did announced a ds game back then but it got cancelled for sure..

  • It looks pretty cool..

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