The Announced Nintendo DSi Software Lineup (So Far)

By Spencer . October 6, 2008 . 10:34am


Nintendo made note of three DSi software titles during their Japanese press conference. The very first item will be the Nintendo DSi Browser, a retooled version of the Opera based Nintendo DS Browser designed for the DSi. The DSi Browser is supposed to be faster than the cartridge version and it won’t cost you $30 bucks either. Nintendo will distribute it for free when the DSi launches in Japan.



The Moving Notepad is another DSi tool. Users can save hand written memos, add sound via the microphone, and make mini-animated movies. Like the Nintendo DSi Browser the Moving Notepad won’t cost you a dime when it comes out later this year.



Small DSi Brain Training For Adults is the only “game” for DSiWare Nintendo brought to their press conference in Japan. Literature and science versions are currently in development with new training modes. Some of them make use of the DSi’s internal camera. Science scavenger hunt anyone? One of the screenshots above suggests you can take a picture with the camera for your Brain Training profile. Nintendo hasn’t announced a price for Small DSi Brain Training For Adults, but by Nintendo’s DSiWare definitions it falls into the “simple puzzle games and other more sophisticated utility tool application” 500 point category.


Images courtesy of Nintendo.

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  • montypython

    is this real?!!!!!!!!!

  • Man, I remember when games had genres like “action” or “shooting”. Now we have to deal with categories like “simple puzzle games and other more sophisticated utility tool application”?

  • Daizyujin


    There are also genres now like “Grandma’s Crap”, “Little Suzi’s Dress-up”, and my personal favorite “MILF Improvement.” I could have actually came up with some funny ones, but why bother? I would rather spend that time playing something that is an actual game. This looks about like WiiWare, meaning shovels and shovels full of shovelware. Like the guys on Invisible Wall said, when it comes to original downloadable games for systems, Nintendo just don’t seem to get it.

  • ecco6t9

    It’s just first batch of games more will come.

  • jarrod

    Just give me Virtual Handheld asap. I want to play Link’s Awakening again.

  • seiya19


    Should every game out there be made just for you ? Is no one entitled to like different things than what you like ? Like always, if you don´t like it, don´t buy it. Others will… just like the previous Brain Training games on DS that are over 10 million units sold now.

    Personally, I think it´s great that we´re getting more different types of games for every person out there, instead of just for the usual “young male” demographic that has traditionally being the only target before (and I´m a 25 year old male by the way…). And just like I don´t think that GTA (for example) shouldn´t be made because I don´t like it, it´s the same with those non-traditional games that I don´t care about. Although I haven´t played Brain Training yet, but I did play Big Brain Academy on Wii and I liked it.

    By the way, could you explain your comment: “when it comes to original downloadable games for systems, Nintendo just don’t seem to get it” ? Because ironically, I don´t get this comment either…

  • Daizyujin


    Shut the hell up man. Just shut up. I am tired of every time I voice an opinion you seem to have a problem with me doing so. You seem to act like I have no right to point out my dissatisfaction. Well I do and if you don’t like it, then you have a choice to not read my posts.

    You are right some people will like it, some people will buy it, fine. I don’t like them, I won’t buy them, and if I want to make fun of them I will. Seriously Brain Training is NOT a game. It is a snake oil training program and not even a very good one. I am a 28 year old male who plays a LOT of different genres. In fact the only thing I don’t play for the most part is sports. I am not saying the product shouldn’t be made. I am merely saying I think it is crap, and I am entitled to have that opinion.

    As for explaining my opinion, fine I can do that. Look at scores for WiiWare games. Name me more than five that are even close to good. Most are nothing but regergitate crap. They have horrid controls, crappy graphics, grating music and zero depth. The two Strong Bad games are passable, Dr. Mario is good but its the same damn game we have been playing for the past 20 years and Megaman 9 is available on both other systems. I have played damn near every wiiware game out one way or another and I can vouch that not only do I think they are crap but so do my friends. And as for my comment, check out one of the back issues of Invisible Walls. They make a huge point about how Nintendo does not GET IT. Oh and one more thing, they also bash on Mega Man 9’s DLC, a point you seem to have a problem with me bashing on as well. I give htem props as they are the only new outlet (Gametrailers) that has rightfully called BS on the DLC practice. You don’t have to jump down my throat every GD time I say something you don’t like. Quit directing your nasty comments towards me. I am sick of it.

  • seiya19


    So… You have the right to complain and give your opinion (which I agree, everyone is entitled to), but I can´t give mine ? How is that fair ? There´s a word for that: Hypocrisy.

    I don´t have a problem with your opinions per se, but with how do you express them, disrespecting everyone that doesn´t like what you like. I´m sorry, but you don´t have the right to make fun of others, or calling them idiots like you have done before on other comments (like in the topic about the reissues of GC games) just because they buy things you don´t like.

    And yes, Brain Training is a game… just like Harvest Moon, Sim City, Flight Simulator, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Spore and The Sims are games (other games that were in a similar situation before). Most of its gameplay involves several puzzle games as far as I know, like Sudoku ones and others involving math, logic and memory. If that´s not a game, then you might as well not call Tetris a game either…

    Oh, and it also won the award for best handheld game in 2007 from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences…

    “Look at scores for WiiWare games. Name me more than five that are even close to good”

    And this is just opinion. Ratings are just opinions. Are you really going to claim that just because 5, 10 or even 50 people agreed with a certain score (which it doesn´t really happen anyway) that means that millions of people out there should agree with them ?

    Not to mention that review systems have been criticised by many things, like being suceptible to hype or maybe even moneyhatting (like in GTA IV, Halo 3 and the Gamespot´s controversy regarding Kayne and Lynch for example), giving bad scores for every “casual” game out there yet praising a lot of unispired clone or mediocre “hardcore” ones, or even reviewing games without knowledge of its genre or even disliking such genre. Like I said before and other times, it´s a subjective matter, and you can´t use opinions as facts.

    As far as your actual question of which games are good on WiiWare… I haven´t played any of them yet. But I have heard praise for Art Style: ORBIENT (being a port/remake of one of the Bit Generation games), Bomberman Blast, Defend your Castle, LostWinds, FF CC: My Life as a King, My Aquarium, and as you mentioned, Megaman 9, Strong Bad games and Dr Mario. That´s without including other promising games already released in Japan like Alien Crush Returns, Gradius ReBirth or Space Invaders: Get Even and other unreleased games like Tetris Party, Animales de la Muerte, Cave Story, Let´s Catch and LostWinds 2. And if Megaman 9 does not count because of being a multiplatform game for some reason… then I guess that most Live or PSN games don´t count either…

    “Oh and one more thing, they also bash on Mega Man 9’s DLC, a point you seem to have a problem with me bashing on as well”

    What ? I hate DLC… I always have, and I have mentioned it here several times. I just commented once that I think that the best thing to do is to decide on a case by case basis instead of not getting any game that includes DLC (like jarrod said before me I think), and that Megaman 9 is worth it for me. And it´s just my opinion. Unlike you, I don´t claim that others are wrong because they don´t agree with my personal taste in games.

    And sorry again, but your not entitled to tell me to “shut up” either, and I won´t do it because you dislike my comments. I will continue to post my opinions while respecting others, and I will continue to criticise you if I think is right (just like everyone is able to criticise me). I can remove your nickname from my future posts if you want, but I would still post the same, my opinion.

    If you´re bother so much by my posts you can either ignore them or maybe start respecting others in your comments. You could also stop criticising Nintendo on every posted news for just about anything…(sometimes even changing the subject) but well, at least you´re entitled to do that, just like I´m entitled to disagree and express it.

  • Daizyujin


    Whatever man. I can’t beleive this has gotten this out of hand. Regardless I can say what I want. I can say it how I want to. If you don’t like it, fine. I will concede that I am being a jerk to a certain extent. Not that I think you are blameless. I do have one thing to comment on that you just said. Please look at this with an open mind.

    “You could also stop criticising Nintendo on every posted news for just about anything…(sometimes even changing the subject)”

    I criticize what I want to about what I want to. I think Nintendo is going down a pretty crappy path for gaming. From their rediculous and broken online system to their piles and piles of casual games that are made at shoestring budgets and then sold as full priced games. Sorry but I said it before and I will say it again, the “innovative controls” are not mutually exclusive of raw system power. You can have both and Microsoft is proving that now with a cheaper and more powerful system. I am not a Microsoft fanboy. I am not a Sony fanboy. I am not a Nintendo fanboy. I am video game fanboy. That being said, I would be doing myself a disservice if I just ignored what I see to be a huge problem like you want me to. Just because I smash on Nintendo does not mean I am totally anti-nintendo. I am anti current nintendo policy. I loved the Gamecube. However if you want me to, I can go on and point out problems I have with the other companies. Believe me, I have PLENTY.


    1. Poor system manufacturing quality. This is getting better but hell even I have just had a 360 die on me.
    2. Making people pay for Xbox Live Gold when the benefits are mostly just things that have been over time taken away from Silver.
    3. Going hog crazy MAKING 3rd parties charge for DLC even if they want to give it away for free. (Valve)
    4. Allowing games to be published when they are not fully developed. When games require patches out the gate or continuous patches to keep games working correctly, there is a problem.
    5. Prices on DLC in general. The flat pricing on TV shows is one good point. Why is an 8 minute episode of one show the same price as a 48 minute episode of another?
    6. Buggy software backwards compatability on original X-box titles.


    1. “Rumble is last gen.” – This was a complete copout. Anybody with an ounce of common sense saw through this.
    2. Mandatory HDD installs – considering I have just about filled my 60 gig and most of those are installs, this is a problem.
    3. Difficult to program for: I am not sure if this is totally Sony or if it is a combination of Sony and the fact that developers are just not trying as much due to the system’s lower install base.
    4. Multiple SKUs that requires a person to have a stinking chart to decide what version to buy. Seriously, a local best buy printed out the chart on Wikipedia.
    5. Stripping of PS2 compatability and acting like it is no big deal.

    I am harsh on Nintendo, I concede that. Know one thing though, I have tons of nintendo-fanboy friends. To see people do what I see as nothing more than placing their lips on Iwata and Miyamoto’s backsides it annoys me. I have to put up with that crap all the time. I can’t stand fanboys of any kind. If I hated Nintendo I wouldn’t have a Wii and DS. I loved Super Mario Galaxy. I liked a lot of other games as well, but for every game I do like, I see 10 that are utter crap. This does have a lot to do with it being market leader of course, the PS2 was the same way. Regardless, I can criticize Nintendo or any other company I want to. Perhaps I am condecending. I get that way when I am frustrated. If I made somebody feel like I thought they were stupid, I appologize. However, I can criticize anything I want to at any time. And I will. Good day to you.

  • seiya19


    “Regardless I can say what I want. I can say it how I want to”

    Like I said before, if that includes insulting/making fun of others… I don´t agree. Respect others and you´ll be respected, it´s just as simple as that. Anyway, you´ll be able to write whatever you want here as far as I know, just like I am. And I didn´t ask for you to “shut up” anyway.

    Again, I never said that you´re not entitled to your opinion and/or expressing it, or that you should ignore what you think it´s wrong about Nintendo. But I also have the right to think what I want, and to reply to what you wrote. Even more when you state opinions as facts, just like when saying that they “always seem to be one or two generations behind in tech” ignoring an entire history that shows otherwise or claiming that there´s no reason for anyone to buy a DS (and those who do are idiots) when/if the PSP is at the same price.

    But if you didn´t mean to disrespect others before and in this thread, then apology accepted. Just try to keep that in mind that next time.

    “I criticize what I want to about what I want to”

    And if you are going to quote me, please do it correctly. I clearly said “but well, at least you´re entitled to do that” before regarding your criticism towards Nintendo, but you didn´t quote that when you wrote this sentence.

    “Sorry but I said it before and I will say it again, the “innovative controls” are not mutually exclusive of raw system power”

    I already answered this before, but maybe you didn´t read it. Just in case… Nintendo is just a gaming company, so they can´t afford to sell their hardware at a loss, specially at the time the Wii was released.

    Microsoft has lost millions in the console industry from the begining and Sony has lost a lot on PS3 as well. They can sustain those losses because of their other divisions, something that Nintendo can´t do. They also have other interests besides gaming that they push through their consoles, like Blu-ray or multimedia downloads.

    An HD console from Nintendo would have been ignored by most of those who called themselves “hardcore” gamers anyway because of Nintendo´s image and “casual” games (whatever those are), it would have costed more for Nintendo and the consumer (loosing their price advantage, by far) and it would have been around as hard to develop for as 360 with probably lower specs. Not to mention that the controller was unproven back then.

    All of that just to compete on the graphics department… A race that they can´t win anyway because they don´t have as much resources as Sony/Microsoft in that area. And a race that many people don´t care about, not to mention that the PC is leaving those specs behind as we speak. And how is raw system power more important than innovation anyway ? It´s a subjective matter of course, but I think that innovation and the actual games are more important than that.

    Also, I would like to point out that I think it´s ridiculous that some people are still thinking about this… One would think that those who can´t tolerate non-HD graphics wouldn´t have gotten a Wii in the first place, and the rest would not complain about it because they would have accepted it already. But it seems I´m wrong though.

    By the way, I´ll never understand how some people complain that much about “bad” games (often called “shovelware”) in their console as long as they have “good” ones. Does the fact that NinjaBread Man (the most infamous case on Wii) exists makes you enjoy less Super Mario Galaxy ? How about Lair and Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3, or Vampire Rain and Halo 3 ?

    Those “piles and piles of casual games…” or “shovelware” shouldn´t bother you as long as you have games you like on the console (released and/or coming). And if those games are not on the console or are not coming… well, then I guess you should sell that console.

    After all, which console would you choose if you had to ? One with 5 games you like and 10 you dislike or one with 3 games you like and 2 you dislike ? If you´re going to tell me that the ratio of “good”-“bad” games is more important than the actual number of games you like… I disagree. And I´m not talking about the Wii or DS, but about every console.

    As for that list of complains… there was no need to do that. I never said that you were a Microsoft or Sony “fanboy”, but just that you criticise Nintendo about practically anything (which you already stated why). I still think that your criticism is unjustified… but like I said before, as long as you do it while respecting others is fine by me, although I will express my opinion as well.

  • Daizyujin


    There was also no need for such a long drawn out post. I am trying to take a high road here now man. I won’t take your bate. Bye.

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