A Look At Street Fighter IV Fei Long And Dan

By Spencer . October 21, 2008 . 3:47am


Capcom teased Dan and Fei Long would be in the home version of Street Fighter IV so it’s not much of a surprise when the two characters are officially listed as additional playable characters. Seth, the newly created boss of Street Fighter IV, and Gouken, Ryu and Ken’s master, will also be playable at home. But, they could be playable in the arcades too if Capcom releases an unlock code similar to what they did with Akuma. So, if you add Sakura to the list Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 has five characters not playable currently in the arcades.


fei dan


Images courtesy of Capcom.

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  • Eddie

    You know sometimes I look at the artwork and ask myself why……. Why did they have to make everyone in SFIV look like they were auditioning for roles in Gears of War 2?

  • Mikael

    Pretty wrong to draw the artstyle of Gears of War in comparison, its much different and the tone is also more unrealistic on purpose too..

    Looking good these new characters but better in motion though.. so hopefully a gameplay video soon of Dan and Sakura (which I haven’t seen before)

  • Capcom: That’s great and everything, but where is Cammy?!

  • Chow

    Fei Long is looking a tad too meaty there, based on his SF2 sprite.

    Still, I feel this game focuses too much on pandering to SF2 fans.

  • Sharkmenow

    it might be pandering to fans because street fighter III was terrible. not really in gameplay but the characters they introduced in III sucked so bad it made most people turn away, not to mention the music was terrible too and had a hip hop theme to it which does not belong in street fighter.

    fans wanted to play as the older characters and hear the old themes, that’s why sf iv is so awesome. not to mention the characters they added fit the original cast better than that freakshow from the III series.

  • Lucy

    Street Fighter 4 (aka Street Fighter 2/EX Remake) is UGLY AND DUMBED DOWN!!! Damn you Capcom!!! What a huge fuck up!!! Bring back the Street Fighter 3 sprites!!! Those games (All three) are so much better than this shit. Street Fighter 4 doesn’t get my support.

  • badfish

    I agree with Sharkmenow, however, the art in this game is truly Gears of war looking. Street Fighter is Street Fighter now…Muscle men pumped up with steroids. Capcom seems to hit it right..but now with the art direction.

  • squall3031

    Stupid Capcom. Go for brand new characters dammit !!!
    Like 100 years after shadowloo event or something. Make everything brand new -_-; !!!

  • Player 1

    The concept artwork is amazing.
    The brushwork adds a unique dimension to the portraits.
    Surely Siliconera readers are aware of what art direction is?
    SFIII had amazing characters and a sweet technical system that no-one except hardcore gamers could follow sadly. The parry system is still an amazing concept for a fighting game but it was too overly complex for many people to use properly.
    Many more people are aware of SF2 and it’s characters then will ever be aware of the excellent SFIII: 3rd Strike and it’s unique cast.
    This is why Capcom have chosen to base SFIV around better known characters like Blanka & E.Honda, instead of Yun & Dudley.
    Love it or hate it, SFIV will be excellent, of that there is no doubt.

  • Ryu Kazama

    Play first, diss later. That’s how SFIV is. If you haven’t played it or at least seen it being played in front of you then you are missing out. It’s such a bright, vibrant and smooth game. The cartoony style totally works and follows well from SFII (which was cartoony, had OTT expressions PLUS PUKING!), which is kind of the point. It’s basically how SFII was when people saw it played they had this curiosity about it. Same applies with SFIV.

    I’m hoping with some more time they’ll chuck in some SFIII characters. Heck, throw in Tom and I’ll be cool. I would like to see Dudley. Not like his story could get any more silly (I liked it anyway for how silly it was).

  • Andrew

    You guys are kidding, right? Gears of War? GOW has cheap action heroes in hideous, gigantic power suits. SF4 has, in my opinion, appropriately expressive character designs.

    Street Fighter… Dhalsim is about the only male character who has ever had a ‘lean’ body type in the series. I guess Fei Long as well. Every other dude has looked as muscular as SF4 so I don’t understand where the confusion is coming from.

  • Eddie

    i like the in game cut scenes and water color artwork but you can’t say the the european box art of street fighter iv looks good. I mean you can but you would just be lying to yourself.

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