Birth Of A Revised Kingdom Hearts Battle System

By Spencer . October 24, 2008 . 7:45am


Visually, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep looks like the PlayStation 2 games with less textures. The combat system isn’t the same though, it’s better. I played a demo with Terra, the keyblade bearing hero who sort of resembles Zack Fair. Terra is quickly thrown into combat with blue unbirths. You can start swinging the keyblade by mashing the circle button, essentially repeatedly selecting fight from the familiar menu. As you land hits a combo counter tells you how you’re doing and a meter above the menu fills up. When it’s full Terra switches to Fatal Mode and gets a new set of slow, but more damaging keyblade strikes. Keep attacking and the meter fills up again which gives Terra access to a one use devastating aerial attack.


The neat feature about the combo system is you can also alter the command mode. If you finish charging the combo meter with a fire spell Terra switches into Fire Blazer mode and an aura of fire surrounds him when he attacks. Fill the command meter with an ice spell and Terra can freeze enemies. Closing with a lightning spell makes him more agile and gives him electrical attacks. The command system allows you imbue Terra with an element by picking spells. Since each spell has a refresh time there is a small amount of selection strategy. I liked the change since it shuffles the monotony of combat from the previous Kingdom Hearts games. You didn’t really need to use magic in Kingdom Hearts II, but in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep you’re going to alternate between spells and slashes.


At the end of Terra’s level there was a boss waiting for me in the castle. I fought against a large wooden creature with a spiked wheel spinning in the middle, it was like a the sewing machine of death or something. With the help of Terra’s commands I was able to take it down without a problem. The key was to air jump in, charge up the command meter, retreat when it shot out a beam, and while the boss was frozen in place hit it with blizzard to change into Terra’s ice mode. After the boss the demo was over and it left me wanting more. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is shaping up to be a polished PSP game.


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • RuzE+

    Wii want KH3 for the Wii.

  • Nika

    no no, not for the Wii. as much as I love the console, I think the PS3 would be better suited for that.

    the combo system sounds nifty btw.

  • lostinblue

    Wii all the way, PS2 KH were just button mashers and really, Wii could do something about that.

    And then again… PS2 was the natural home for it because it was leading and had that demographic, Square would need a madness certificate if they were to ignore it much longer, and worse yet, not putting what doesn’t make sense elsewhere on it.

    But hey, it’s nomura we are talking about, he defies logic and good sense..

  • QBasic

    And he’s also obsessed with the PS3 :)

  • wii really want some mushroom kingdom hearty wii

  • lostinblue

    “I played a demo with Terra, the keyblade bearing hero who sort of resembles Zack Fair”

    he’s called terra? god dammit :O that’s like if the female main character for a newer square-enix game was called tidus.

    I mean… Terra? That’s the main character for FF6 (best FF ever) the guys really should be called something else like… Zack Fair.

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