If Nintendo Of America Really Is Analyzing European Sales To Evaluate Disaster: Day of Crisis…

By Spencer . November 5, 2008 . 1:55pm

disastera We don’t often talk about sales number on Siliconera because a “good” game doesn’t necessarily yield “good” sales, but in this case I’m going to break the rule. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Amie is reportedly waiting to see how Disaster: Day of Crisis does in Europe before making a decision to publish the game in North America. And in Europe things don’t look good, they’re disastrous as tipster Ryan points out (thanks!!).


Calculating sales in Europe is difficult since Europe has multiple countries each with their own sales data. This chart only represents one region, the United Kingdom, but Disaster: Day of Crisis is nowhere to be found on Chart Track’s Top 50 Nintendo Wii games two weeks after it launched. When nearly two year old games like Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz and Need for Speed Carbon are on the chart and Disaster: Day of Crisis isn’t you know sales are bad. Monolith Soft’s game also got a lukewarm reception in Japan too, but I’m not surprised by that since Disaster: Day of Crisis felt like it was designed for the West. Unfortunately, we might not get it even though it’s already localized in English.


Images courtesy of Nintendo.

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  • Nabe

    If worst comes to worst, there’s always the option to import and use the freeloader. ‘Course it’d be mighty disappointing to have to.

  • lostinblue

    I still have to buy this one (I live in Europe), sorry guys but I’ve been low on money and my priorities are pre-ordering US games with collectors editions and stuff (persona 4, persona 4, persona 4)

    I’ve only heard good things of the game and I’m a Monolith-tard, so yeah… before the end of the year, I hope.

    Not that my purchase changes the outcome of the thing.

  • I don’t know why the game is selling poorly, maybe the crisis, but this DVD is one of the best games on the Wii this year is amazing and is ridiculous ear some declarations of the Reggie about the game.

    We hope that, maybe in Xmas the game can make good numbers.

  • Mazen

    Reggie even insulted his company own developers (Monolith) who worked really really hard on the game ( I have it and its WOW) he said it doesn’t deserve 50$ his quote became famous in message boards and leaded more people even in Europe to ignore the game.

    am sure if I sent a letter to the people at monolith who lost sleep making this game some of them will get crazy angry.

  • jeffx

    That’s stupid. I want to buy the game now. Other than some PSP and DS games, I’ve never bought European games because of the whole PAL thing. Maybe Disaster has a selector, anyone knows?

  • lostinblue

    yeah, I don’t understand Reggie’s queue other than idiotic. This said I have the game in stores and still haven’t bought it, shame on me, for real. But I’ll hopefully amend it (and hell, I still want Soma Bringer)

    @ jeffx – Wii games are always region locked, but I play imports on mine through some “gecko” program via homebrew. look for twilight hack and wiibrew on google and you should reach some methods for that.

    That’s how I played ToS2 japanese version on a PAL Wii.

  • grahf

    This game simply lack the quality and name to compete with the likes of GoW2 and Resistance 2 which is also coming out around the same time, people are probably saving money to buy those games than a game by monolith which is known more for RPG’s than shooters. This and the fact that many Wii shooters had been underwhelming in IE farcry, COD3 had better reviews on other consoles then the Wii etc.

  • JeremyR

    To me, this doesn’t make sense, though. If it’s been already released in Europe, that means it already has English text.

    I could see it the other way, since it would cost money to do translations in a dozen languages.

    The only real cost is that of manufacturing. And considering how much shovelware that the Wii gets from 3rd parties, I don’t see how putting a quality niche title out will hurt Nintendo (who is not exactly hurting for cash)

  • jeffx

    lostinblue my friend, I have gecko installed and running. I didn’t know it also did PAL->NTSC conversion however.

    anyway this reminds me of Tingle’s game, except in this case there’s a huge difference in content. I can somewhat understand the decision not to bring it, alongside Mother 3 (as much as it pains me to admit). But Disaster was _obviously_ made with American audiences in mind. Absolute nonsense, this whole thing.

  • Aoshi00

    Ray reminds me of Asuma from Naruto :) I pre-ordered Gear of War 2, but I would very much like to get my hands on this game too. In the worst scenario I could use the freeloader, but sometimes I’m worried if it doesn’t work, so far Hajime no Ippo Revolution is the only game that doesn’t.

    Price-wise though, I probably would need to agree w/ Reggie, that it might not worth the full $50. So why not release it at $40 or $30, people should dig it w/ the right advertising.

  • Daizyujin

    I think the real problem is that Nintendo seems to think that discount games sold at lower prices are like cooties. If it isn’t a $50 game, sell it for $30. Microsoft is doing that with a few of their games this holiday, though I am not sure how Viva Pinata 2 has done so far.

  • I think the problems is, that Nintendo dosnt push the titel at all. In Scandinavia there has been no commercials at all for the game. The Nintendo letters hasent mentioned the title either and mr.everyday dont go on the internet to look for new titles :/

  • lostinblue

    @ MrKold – no doubt, these games have to be hyped there has to be market push, marketing, buzz, etc.

  • Mazen

    This game’s quality is much better thab GOW1 and Resistance 1 I expect it to be better than their sequels too, these games art make me want to vomit.

  • grahf

    I don’t see how anyone can say this game looks better or have better quality than GoW or Resistance. If its a matter of taste, then we know where the majority of FPS gamers like, which is, as realistic as possible. judging by Gow and Resistance’s sales, most people like their quality better and the majority is always right in the gaming industry because the majority is are the ones who determin if the company makes or lose money. Like ICO, great game by some, but, most people don’t agree, result, it didn’t sell that well.

  • seiya19

    NoA´s decisions in terms of localizing games are really bothering me lately…

    Not only it seems that we´re getting less and less games localized from Nintendo Japan every year (like passing on other obvious choices like Soma Bringer or Fatal Frame IV, besides many others that could get localized) but we´re now not even getting games that the European do, like the Tingle RPG, Captain Rainbow (if the rumors are true) and this one.

    Furthermore, I couldn´t care less about what Reggie likes or dislikes… He´s entitled to his opinion like everyone is, but using that opinion to justify the non-localization of this game is really uncalled for, and a lack of respect to those who do care about this game and Monolith Soft.

    At the end of the day, I guess we can just import it… But this is really setting a poor precedent, specially for those who want to see more games localized from Japan like me.


    Quality is subjective (aside technical elements, in the case of games), and sales also depend on other things such as advertisement, distribution, etc. From what I´ve heard online, there´s even people claiming that the game is hard to find in stores, and while I also heard that there´s some advertisement on TV, it´s clearly far from the advertisement that Resistance or Gears have everywhere.

    Personally, I´m not interested in Gears or Resistance and I do am interested in this one, because I find its concept more interesting, its art style much better and its mixture of gameplay more appealing (I´m not a fan of FPS games by the way, and I don´t like what I´ve seen of Gears either). Not to mention that I´m also interested in Monolith Soft as a whole…

    But this is not an issue of which game is better anyway… It´s not like Disaster has to sell more or be better than Gears, Resistance or any other game to get localized. It just has to sell enough to make a profit, and I think that with some decent advertisement/distribution it definitely can, even more when you take into account that the game is already translated, includes English voices, has fairly good reviews and doesn´t have much competition within Wii´s lineup this year.


    “so far Hajime no Ippo Revolution is the only game that doesn’t”

    I heard that the first Naruto GNT EX doesn´t work either… I could be wrong though.

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