Capcom Europe Chats About Console Street Fighter IV

By Celeste . November 20, 2008 . 4:31pm


Following the interview with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono by Spencer here at Siliconera in July, I tapped Capcom Europe’s PR representative Leo Tan to gain some details of the console version further into its development cycle. The picture Leo paints is one of accessibility for die-hard fans of the series, but will the lack of the ‘parry system’ from Street Fighter III cause its fans to parry this game? Leo explains Capcom’s stance… 


In our interview with Yoshinori Ono in July, he describes Street Fighter IV as a game partly designed for players who felt somewhat alienated from the series with the release of Street Fighter III. In light of this, how do you see fans of the third game responding to the ‘back to its roots’ style gameplay of Street Fighter IV? 


Leo Tan, PR Manager: I see them in real life, playing! I’m fortunate enough to have been able to put SFIV directly in front of the UK’s Street Fighter III community and seen them playing firsthand. At first, because they haven’t experienced any of the new things in the game, they played it in the same way they played Street Fighter II and even had some complaints about how it’s more of the same. That’s important to me, though, because we always wanted it to feel familiar, especially for those who haven’t touched Street Fighter for a decade.


As they’ve spent more time with it, though, and they’ve grown to understand how the new Focus attack works, the game has changed (sometimes dramatically) for them. The important thing with Street Fighter IV is, if you haven’t learned anything about fighting games and how they’ve changed since Street Fighter II, you can still play Street Fighter IV with your friends and have those same bouts, albeit in the most gorgeous fashion Street Fighter has ever known. If you’re still a hardcore player, though, there’s also plenty to learn.


And more importantly, a technical top-tier player will not be able to completely shut out a novice to the degree that parrying (Street Fighter III’s main innovation) allowed them to. Even I can play against the pros now! I don’t ever win, of course, but I’m involved in the game. Which is important. With Street Fighter III I couldn’t even understand what was happening to me when someone shut me down with parrying.


Are there going to be any balance changes to the gameplay for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions compared to the arcade version? 


The Street Fighter IV experience will be equal on all platforms, arcade included. That said, there will obviously be more content on the console versions, but that won’t affect the balance of play. If/when we do make a gameplay balance adjustment (more power to Ryu’s Sho Ryu Ken!), it will still be possible to effect that change on the arcade platform too, thanks to the networked nature of today’s arcade machines.


As Japan will be releasing the console games with the animated film Street Fighter IV – Aratanaru Kizuna for first-print copies, and the North American release will have a collector’s edition available, will Europe not be getting anything like this? 


Whilst we will have some form of special edition available at retail, I sorry to say I can’t announce the specifics just yet.




We know that characters are not going to be offered as downloadable content. Can you provide any specific details as to what form the DLC will take? We hear there may be accessory packs available for download. 


I think the thing we’re concentrating on the final release right now, and making sure what you get in the box is incredible. Personally, I think it’s hard to judge the value of DLC until you’ve seen what’s in the box, so even if I could announce our DLC strategy right now, I don’t think it would be particularly significant. It’s moot, though, as I’m not allowed to. Just yet. Soon! The main thing is, we’re committed to the retail release being a compelling experience without DLC.


Has it yet been decided whether there will be cross-platform online play for PC ad Xbox 360 players, so that PC players can play against Xbox 360 players and vice versa?


We have no announcements to make regarding cross-platform play between PC and 360 players at this time. 


Will there be cross-region online play?


Of course! Has there ever been a console game that locks people in to their physical location? Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the question here. If you’re referring to the PC sku alone, I believe that doesn’t happen outside of MMO circles, but I’m no expert in that field.




Do you think it is likely that Capcom will produce a Wii, PSP or PS2 version of the game in the future?


We have nothing to announce regarding additional platforms at this time. I do realize that earlier in the campaign we talked about putting it on every platform imaginable, including GBA if there was a demand.


Whilst a GBA version seems unlikely, the fighting system itself (not the graphics, obviously) could easily transfer to any system with six buttons and a dpad so nothing should be ruled out. Ever. If people shout loudly enough that they want something, they often get heard.


Is Tatsunoko vs. Capcom in the pipeline at all?


In Japan certainly. We haven’t got anything to announce regarding Tatsunoko vs Capcom for Europe (or even North America) at the moment. We sure do love it, though!


We noticed Rose from Street Fighter Alpha in a leaked screen shot. Can you confirm she will be a playable character in Street Fighter IV?


What screen shot?! I can’t confirm any characters that we’ve not announced yet, including Rose. We sure do love her, though!


Images courtesy of Capcom.

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  • thaKingRocka

    choice quote to send over to some money-grubbing fools:
    “The main thing is, we’re committed to the retail release being a compelling experience without DLC.”

  • lostinblue

    good interview, I have nothing against other platforms though, but… I sure hope Capcom doesn’t get the idea of doing something involving PSP/PS2 and Wii in the same sentence; if they want to make such versions… do it separately and not castrating ours; and secondly I can’t even imagine why we actually have to ask for this game and that they’re still saying to make ourselves to be listened when there was a wave of complaints regarding it already.

    This said, if a PSP version get’s done, or DS for that matter, I hope it’s 2D, this because a lot of people would love a SF4 2D and those are the best platforms for it as it wouldn’t come as an insult for it’s constumers (or rather, taken as an insult)

  • ShinRekka

    Haha he’s sneaky about Rose huh? She’s pretty much confirmed(there’s a video out too along with that screenshot). Great interview btw, only 3 months away till the game releases. Hopefully they do announce the Collector’s Edition for the game in a sooner or a few weeks or so…mainly so I can know how much $ to save for all things SF coming out that month.

  • Tru

    They should bring this to the wii. There are a variety of things they can do as far as controls are concerned..i personally think that the hard core gamer would play this with a classic controller if not something like the Hori fighting stick.

    but for the casuals who would be interested. A wiimote nes style control scheme would be best. A control scheme in which the the 6 button layout is compressed into the a 3 button layout using only the most useful and combo-able of the attacks the same way capcom has done with Tatsunoko vs capcom. Ofcourse casuals would not be able to have as complex combos as the hardcore..but..hey..they probably dont combo anyways and are likely to just do fireballs and such.

    The (1) button would be for light attacks, (2) for medium, and both for strong. The (B) button and forward would be for grabbing and (B) button and other directions on the pad would be for other functions… combination of the pad and (B) button could be for an automatic combo that can be canceled by hitting (B) again..imagine the combo possibilities if you use it..cancel it to use the normal attacks..and start it up again…you could possibly make up your own combo..or atleast use it for mindgames.

    Oh yeah…and the (A) button would be for an automatic super…for example..if your using ryu…his automatic (A) Button super will be his fireball the the casual players dont have to worry as much about possibly fumbling with the D-pad to pull one off.

    The wii deserves this game..and im sure the sales would obliterate the ones of the other consoles combined…just throw on a tweaked version of the Tatsunoko vs Capcom graphics…and boom..done

  • jarrod

    I think a Wii version’s inevitable at this point… Capcom’s really missing an opportunity not having it there day one imo, not only because of the gigantic userbase (which will likely be over 50m by the time SF4 releases next February) but because the nostalgic “lapsed gamer” market they seem to be courting with the SF2 overtones has flocked to Wii.

    And I honestly don’t believe Ono on DLC. Granted I don’t think we’ll see individual character DLC a la carte, but I’d expect a large Turbo style update with multiple new characters and system revisions to most likely be a download rather than a new retail SKU.

  • Corey

    I really really want Street fighter 4 to come to the Wii, The producer has said That a Wii port is do-able, It’s just that it will not look the same as the original, If they do a Wii port, It will look alot like Tatsunoko vs Capcom. And The Wiimote+Nunchuck does have a six button setup


    That’s how I see it.

  • matty

    There’s a fighting game community in the UK? Really?

    I loved that parry system in III, but we’ll see.

  • Elorian

    Yes, Wii please! Otherwise I won’t play the game!

    (Maybe Capcom is watching how Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will do?)

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