Metal Slug 7 Is Metal Slug Minus Multiplayer

By Spencer . November 24, 2008 . 9:55am

image SNK did a decent job of distilling the action part of Metal Slug into a portable game. Metal Slug 7 is exactly what you would expect from the series: fast and furious 2D shooting. SNK stuck to their formula by keeping Metal Slug 7 a 2D platformer without shoving any forced touch screen control. The bottom screen has a mini-map that shows where POWs are, but I found myself more focused reacting to the stream of bullets I didn’t have time to look at the bottom screen.


There are seven stages to complete which take players from a scrap yard at the beginning to tundra near the end. The snow stage has a welcome addition, Slug Gigant, a giant mecha that looks like it was glued together from scrap metal. Once you jump in Slug Gigant you take up nearly the entire vertical length of the screen and crush enemies with laser blasts. Playing with Slug Gigant in the winter stage was one of the highlights of Metal Slug 7, but unless you’re trying to beat the game with one credit you can blow through Metal Slug 7 in less than two hours.


Combat missions extend Metal Slug 7 and as you beat them you’re rewarded with flirtatious conversations with the drill instructor, Cynthia. Whether you care about chatting with Cynthia or not the combat missions do a fine job of extending Metal Slug 7. Fans of the series probably expect something short and sweet so the combat missions are like a bonus. Cynthia’s missions have specific rules like not getting hit at all which are challenges Metal Slug veterans can appreciate.


image However, veterans will miss one key element, multiplayer. No reason was ever given why SNK chose to cut out two player support. Theoretically, SNK could have pulled a Monster Hunter Portable and designed Metal Slug 7 for local four player frenzies or they could have included online multiplayer via Nintendo Wi-Fi. I would have been content with just basic co-op, but this isn’t even part of the package. The other problem with the lack of multiplayer is we know an Xbox Live Arcade release of Metal Slug 7 is looming. SNK hasn’t said much about the Xbox 360 port and we don’t know for sure if co-op play will be part of it. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it is though. This doesn’t mean anything if you only have a DS, but if you have an Xbox 360 you might want to wait to see if a superior version of Metal Slug 7 comes out for a cheaper price.


Metal Slug 7 also left an odd taste after I beat it. This might sound odd if you never played a Metal Slug game, but Metal Slug 7 isn’t odd at all. In other Metal Slug games SNK turned players into zombies that barf blood and morphed them into monkeys. Then SNK had players gun down enemies like Mars People and supernatural demons that weren’t generic soldiers. Metal Slug 7 is missing the wacky and often humorous personality the series is known for. If the game didn’t have Metal Slug on the title it could blend in as a Metal Slug clone like Commandos: Steel Disaster. This doesn’t necessarily make Metal Slug 7 a bad game in the series as much as a stylistically uninspired one.


Images courtesy of SNK / Ignition Entertainment.

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  • daizyujin

    I also played the import of this. Honestly guys, don’t bother. So much of the game just feels recycled and the lack of multiplayer just kills the game IMHO. Seriously SNK, full price for a game that has less features than just one of the games in MS Anthology? When all of those had multiplayer? The mission mode is nice but it don’t add enough meat to the game to justify the price.

  • Beuzer0

    I haven’t played to MS6 and 7, but I am a big fan of the serie, and I can say that since SNK joined Playmore, the episodes after the 3 were very disapointing : lack of imagination, less humor, and bad graphics (they took a lot of graphical elements from the other episodes to re-make them as new ennemies or landscapes !! and in top of all, the real-new sprites are not impressive and fit less with the graphic universe of the game).
    The worst thing ever was the fact that MS5 wasn’t finished and an exploit with an emulator shows unused sprites that makes you wonder : “Why they didn’y used these ??”.

    I don’t know what to expect about the 6 and the 7 Metal Slug, but I know that the good Metal Slug moments (MS 1,2,X,3) is over. But it still be good games. Not as good as the first ones, but good.
    I hope this one will not take to long to be avalaible on XBLA.

  • GuyJean

    Metal Slug without multiplayer mode? They left a major fun factor out, too bad.

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