Practice Fighting Phony Heroes In Dissidia: Final Fantasy’s Story Mode

By Spencer . December 4, 2008 . 9:43am

Underneath the excitement of seeing Final Fantasy characters from different games spar in Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a single player story mode that takes place on game board. Players spend Destiny Points (DP) to move their piece towards a goal to complete an area. Stationary battle pieces block your path and the only way to get rid of them is to fight them. In Dissidia: Final Fantasy battle pieces don’t represent Final Fantasy staples like goblins or cactaurs. You fight crystallized versions of the characters in Dissidia instead. Real villains from the Chaos team like Garland wait for you at the end.



Some lesser encounters with battle pieces also give you a chance to recover DP. Why do you want to recover DP? The amount of DP you have at the end of a stage determines the amount of gold you get.


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Mikael

    In the beginning I wasn’t expecting this game to have so much content as it does, which is pretty positive.
    However that interface in “travelling” places like in many JRPGS is very inexcusable and boring, where you are on this grid where there is a battlefield or select the destination through a cursor.

    I suppose it would not be the same game if they had a more open world but that would make it feel like more of a “real” though.

    Looking forward to it nevertheless


    “open world” and “realism”

    why do western gamers like this kind of bullshit so much when it comes to role playing games nowadays?

    so i guess the japanese rpg is going to turn into the japanese fps rpg? (ala fall out 3/mass effect) if that happens, then i’m out.

  • Pichi


    Mikeal is most likely talking about moving around on world maps in RPGs. Like in Final Fantasy VII and VIII, you went around on the world map and you explored. That feels more “real” and “open” then like in Final Fantasy X-2, where you only pick where you’re going from a list and no more exploring a world map.

    I miss world maps of old. I liked exploring and finding things and the likes.

  • Darrien

    Wait wait wait… since when did moving to a world map and wide expanses of nothing feel more real than running through Macalania to Guadosalam to Zanarkand?

  • Pichi

    @ Darrien

    Do you understand the situation? We’re talking about moving on a World Map to get to Point X VS just selecting a bunch on names on a list and automatically going there. Remember, FFVII and FFVIII you are moving in the World Map to get to the next town or dungeon. In FFX-2, you are only selecting from a list of words to get to your destination, your not actually running yourself to get there nor drive the airship.

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