Blue Dragon Does What Dragon Quest IX Didn’t

By Spencer . December 22, 2008 . 10:45am

bdb At one time Dragon Quest IX was said to have real time battles. Square Enix never demonstrated so this is more like dead hearsay since the final version of Dragon Quest IX stuck with turn based combat.


In a competitive twist Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyojyuu will have real time battles and it’s being called a “casual MMORPG”. Like Dragon Quest IX you start the game making a character. You can pick a male or female avatar and also like Dragon Quest IX your outfit changes depending on your equipment. Some of the costumes shown include samurai armor and a full cat suit. Hopefully, Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyojuu won’t get leftovers from Akira Toriyama’s batch of rejected Dragon Quest IX costumes. Toriyama is doing art for both games. One feature not found in Dragon Quest IX is you can change the main character’s voice.


Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyojyuu might be a Diablo-like MMO, but you can play the game alone. Up to three characters can join your party and when you don’t have anyone around Shu’s crew fills in the gap. Shadows aren’t attached to specific characters anymore either so you can give the main character Shu’s Dragon shadow or Jiro’s Minotaur. Don’t worry if you don’t recognize those characters. You won’t need any previous knowledge of the Blue Dragon franchise to play Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyojyuu when it comes out in Japan later this year.



Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • Tom

    Thats nice and all but I would much rather have the next game in the series on 360 rather then DS. I am not that big on portable games especially sequels to big console RPG’s (FF12 Revenant Wings). I just hope this doesn’t mean the series will not be returning to the 360.

  • lostinblue

    wow one more Blue Dragon on the DS? their “trojan horse” strategy to get people to buy X360s and blue dragon in japan so they can do Blue Dragon 2 sure backfired.

    backfired to the point everyone is making money from it but them, even Nintendo seeing they let mistwalker borrow their developer, Brownie Brown; and that well, they have to pay licencing fee’s.

  • jarrod

    I doubt this precludes a potential Blue Dragon II on 360. The first game’s still the best selling 360 game to date in Japan, the bigger issue is probably if Microsoft’s willing to foot the bill again.

    I’m just wondering what happened to Cry-On? The art we had for that was stunning. :(

  • R-1

    There’s actually footage of the action styled game on

    While I love Dragon Quest, I always thought an action version that kept the same difficulty and balance would be an amazing game.

    I haven’t played any of Blue Dragon yet but this looks entertaining and will hopefully fill the void left by the absence of the action DQ9.

  • Joanna

    Ummm….isn’t Brownie Brown owned by Squareenix? Or did I miss something? They are the developers that do the mana series. I know they have done Magical Starsign, a nintendo game, but I always thought they were a part of squareenix, maybe they are independent? Not that it really matters…..

    I didn’t play the original Blue Dragon, as I don’t own a Xbox360, but a game that is similar to DQIX would be nice. I love when games allow deep character customization =) The different battle system is also nice, but I’m a fan of all RPG styles (that includes turn-based RPGs too =3), so it really doesn’t matter much to me, except that it will have something else to make the experience different from DQIX. =D

  • Sora

    that’s the second for ds right, the first one is coming out for north america next year

  • jarrod


    Brownie Brown is 100% owned by Nintendo. It’s made up of former Square staff who worked on Legend of Mana specifically.

    As for this game, I’m mildly interested… a loot based Blue Dragon ARPG could be great actually, but I want to know who’s developing it first (Namco inhouse?).

  • Aoshi00

    This actually looks interesting, at least the voice cast is the same as first Blue Dragon game, not the different anime cast (Nene voiced by Cell sounds much cooler).

    I’m not a fan of MMO at all so I’m probably skipping this one, still anxious what they would do w/ BD2 and Cry-On, Mistwalker has yet to disappoint me w/ BD, Lost Odyssey, ASH, etc. I hope Cry-On would keep the Drakengard style art.

    Away Shuffle Dungeon is in my DS, but haven’t played it yet..

    BTW, those beautiful CGs are a waste when they appear as low-res on the DS screen.

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