Let’s Read GameWave And Search For Persona PSP Info

By Spencer . January 15, 2009 . 8:35pm

gw Late this afternoon news hit that a Hong Kong gaming magazine GameWave had information on Persona coming to the PSP. Well, we got a copy of the magazine in front of us so let’s find out!


The good news is something about a Persona PSP game is in the issue since it’s on the cover!



But, there’s no Persona news on page one. Just an article about Super Robot Taisen K.



Oh, this looks cute! I should look at… wait… no time for this possible Persona news!



Ah! That’s Devil Survivor, another Atlus game and part of the greater Shin Megami Tensei umbrella. Perhaps, we’re going to find Persona news on the next page…



… nope just an article about Lips which only came to Asia recently.



Oh I see the news about the PSP version of Persona comes from a retail listing. However, there is a registered product number associated to the potential release so the news seems about Persona arriving on the PSP sounds probable. GameWave brought news that Disgaea Portable 2 was coming out faster than Nippon Ichi could announce it so they probably have something here. Now that the Persona series has hit its stride in North America it seems likely Atlus USA will take care of this and give Persona a proper release.


Images courtesy of GameWave / Atlus.

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  • Chow

    They’ve been pretty good about localizing these titles in the past. Here’s hoping.

    However, does that mean I should stop in my plan to begin playing PSX version when I’m done with P4, in case it comes with extra features?

    Also, if it does get ported and localized here, I wonder if they’re gonna keep the original localization effort, or make the characters look more like they should. XD

  • Yup

    This has been reported for a long time, hopefully this new news means it’s not just fluff or vapor!

  • JeremyR

    See, this is what sets this place apart from other gaming sites, which merely repeat stories. Actual first hand reporting!

    ^ I doubt they could keep the original localization, which was pretty bad and marred by turning one character into a fairly offensive racial stereotype.

  • Noun

    Hopefully it’s more than just another port like Devil Summoner for the PSP.

  • R

    The Devil Summoner and Princess Crown PSP ports didn’t make it here because Atlus JP no longer had the original source code, making translation infeasible.*

    I wonder if the same is true for this port of Persona…?

  • Tom

    If it’s a port I don’t want it. The dungeon design isn’t good and becomes even more confusing later on, coupled with the slower battle system of the older Persona titles this has become really dated.

    If they’ve updated the dungeons I’ll consider it.

  • QBasic

    I just recalled when some newbie….somebody or other on the Atlus forums made this suggestion; to port P1 and P2 (both of them…) on the PSP.

    Then he got bombarded with nasty insults and trolling from all the present dickstains there.

    Funny thing is…all those assholes consider themselves “true MegaTen fans.” Now…to me, that just sounds like elitism…but, let’s say they are the genuine fan…

    There’s a pattern here with Atlus and SMT lately…they’ve been pulling in a new crowd, while alienating the older fans. Coincidence?

  • Nick Doerr

    If they revamp the battle system, cool. I’ve been slogging my way through Persona 2: EP again and lemme tell you… the mapping system is awful, the battle are slow and plodding efforts, and it’s a pretty unfriendly summoning interface (sorry, no fusing). I didn’t even get that far in the original Revelations: Persona.

    What I’m saying is… a direct port will do no service other than show how poorly this game has aged. That being said, I’d still buy it in a heartbeat because I’m slightly insane like that.

  • Ronnie

    @QBasic: I think you’re just bitter that you got banned. Seeing your comment here, I kind of understand why you got the boot.

  • lostinblue

    I’d rather have them doing Persona 5 for the Wii (at last)

    As for the retail listing… Atlus originally said they would do a Persona PSP back when PSP was launched (2004) but that eventually faded into nothing; and bare in mind that Persona 3 wasn’t even announced then so whatever planning stages they had could have turned into that.

    As for a Persona PSP/DS (or both) I want Persona 2 style stuff, but I rather have it on my DS tbh.

  • QBasic

    @Ronnie: Whoah, whoah. First off, what I said isn’t a personal experience…it was some other dude. You know, Sayckeone or whatever was fucking with him.

    What I did, and what I said there on the other hand is an entirely different and unrelated matter that is completely not up for discussion.

    I don’t appreciate the fact that you tie up random matters just for an attempt at some sort of failed sarcasm.

  • Ronnie

    And I don’t appreciate your feeling the need to suddenly let everyone know just how much you hate the forumgoers at Atlus USA.

    Hopefully your next comments on Siliconera will be more than just anger-fueled rants. Don’t make your presence here even more of a pain.

  • lostinblue

    ^ I don’t follow this discussion, oh well.

  • Frank

    As a veteran player of every American Persona i have to say that i don’t think it’s a good idea unless they revamp it. In my opinion a handheld is something that can be picked up, played and stopped pretty easily. They can keep the battle system (even though it’s slow or outdated) but it definetly needs a better saving system – Considering it takes almost a full hour to get to the last boss from the last save point and then well maybe 15-20 minutes fighting him and then the ending… Just my opinion.

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