Valkyrie Chronicles Anime Airs In April

By Spencer . January 20, 2009 . 10:36am

image One year after Valkyria Chronicles introduced Japan to Gallia as a PlayStation 3 game it will have an anime series broadcasting on Tokyo MX. Tokyo Metropolitan Television announced the Valkyria Chronicles anime is in their April lineup and shared some artwork of Alicia, Welkin, and Faldio today. Unfortunately, the living watercolor look from Sega’s CANVAS graphic engine won’t carry over in the anime.


On the plus side the original voice actors are reprising their roles. Marina Inoue is voicing Alicia, Susumu Chiba takes care of Welkin, and Takahiro Sakurai does the voice of Faldio. Random trivia: Sakurai also played Cloud in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children too.


Hey, maybe Sega will be able to pull a similar stunt with the US version of the Valkyria Chronicles anime if we get it. Anime isn’t doing well here now and sales-wise neither is Valkyria Chronicles. All jokes aside if you like RPGs and own a PlayStation 3 be sure to check Valkyria Chronicles out it’s a gem.


Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • Hello Hello

    If the anime is picked up for localization, Sega will likely have nothing to do with whether or not the original voice cast makes a return. Each anime publisher has their own standard pool of voice actors they call when new licences they’ve obtained are ready to be voiced. But yeah, sure, it would be pretty cool if the original cast got to come back. I’m still hoping for a 360 port of the game. :(

  • jarrodand

    360 port plz! Hell, I’ll even take a Wii downport.

  • Mazen

    Anime popularity is the best ever now in the US with the outstanding success of Naruto, Bleash, and to some extinct One Piece and Death Note and the cotinuing success of the most popular cartoon in the US Dragon Ball,
    also the Manga market boomed in the US in the early 2000s reversing the dwindling sales of books since the internet, mangas recorded its highest selling year in the US in2008, the funny books sales decreases and Manga sales increase for the last 5 years or so.

  • Don’t have a PS3 for the game so I’ll watch the anime instead until I do. T_T

  • Nekobo

    Hope it turns out better than the Disgaea anime.

    Now I have to finish VC before April…

  • Aoshi00

    I’ve only played the first 3 chapters, hopefully I would finish the game in time for the anime. I like the anime char design even w/o the water color look.

    So Welkin and Alicia were voiced by Chiba Susumu (Sai in HikaGo) and Inoue Marina (Shu in Blue Dragon)? no wonder they sounded so familiar. I’m glad they stick w/ the same seiyuu, I hate it when they change to a whole different cast after you get used to how they sound. They didn’t used to do that unless the original actor died or something, like the Jpn Master Roshi or Tenshinhan.

    BTW, Operation Darkness is seriously driving me nuts, finished mission 6 w/ Herbert East dying on me, don’t feel like starting again..

    • Oh man Operation Darkness is rough. If Herbert dies it’s pretty much over since he’s your main reviver.

      • Aoshi00

        I was wondering if there’s a way to revive, almost forgot Herbert’s supposed to be the reanimator. It’s a little strange the game lets you finish the mission w/ him being dead for good if he’s such an important char, can’t imagine losing that ability for the rest of the game. Better let him finish more enemies off to level up a bit in the additional missions. I really want to advance the story, but the game is so rough on the edges.

  • Chow

    I hope they make a reference to the Sega Light Phaser & Zillion somehow, though I doubt they’d be able to.

  • JohnDo

    Magnifico !!!
    i have played the game ,and I only can say : “i want to see this anime”

    PD: —-Welking DIE—-

  • Didn’t the game sell less than anticipated in the U.S.?
    I hope that won’t affect this series being produced over here, though.
    Alicia’s pretty cute!

    • Mazen

      What was anticipated? I think it sold good and its still selling, over 100k in US, these sales came with zero advertising wich make it pure profit in the US advertising costs is high that’s why companies like EA Activision Take Two THQ Eidos Midway are making huge loses even thought they have some games that sells good.

  • Judo

    I’m kinda disappointed that the watercolor feel of the game doesn’t seem to be present in the anime adaptation, but still, I hope it turns out to be good.

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