The Mystery Shin Megami Tensei Game IS The PS2 Devil Summoner Sequel

By Spencer . January 26, 2009 . 8:08pm

ds If the Raiho shadow wasn’t enough of a clue Gamefly just spoiled Atlus’ surprise. They have a listing for Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha versus King Abaddon in their database (thanks Denpa no Sekai!!). According to Gamefly’s schedule the PlayStation 2 game will ship in May which sounds reasonable given the seven month localization gap between Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner – Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army.


Oh and Raiho, the Jack Frost mascot dressed in Raidou’s clothes, makes an appearance in the game too. Fingers crossed Atlus gives these out as a pre-order bonus like they did in Japan.



Images courtesy of Atlus.

  • Is 2009 an incredible year for Atlus USA or WHAT???

  • Eddie

    Yes!!!! I was waiting for this! This just made my night! Will Narumi, Tae, and Kaya be returning in the sequel? Or will it just be Raidou?

  • jj984jj

    Day 1! Just tell me where I can get the plushie too. Knights in the Nightmare and Devil Survivor are going to follow, right? Maybe Dungeons and Dam too? Please?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Plus there’s that PS2 dungeon crawler that has been strongly hinted at. Of course there’s still room at Xmas for an unexpected present like Tears to Tiara or Agarest….There’s GOT to be something they or NIS are sitting on for the new systems!

      • jj984jj

        Elminage? If they bring that over I hope the bring the DS version not the PS2 version, it doesn’t look any worse graphically and it improves on the game. The only thing I want from Atlus USA on PS2 now are Flight-Plan SRPGs (Dragon Shadow Spell and Sacred Blaze) and SRW:OGs if possible.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Long as I can be allowed to dream…..the KID PS2 re-releases of Ever 17 and 12Riven belong here, too. The PSP has seen a whole slew of classic VN ports this past year — I think things like Time Hollow, Phoenix Wright and Trace Memory are proof a properly marketed true-love game might finally find a market here.

    • lostinblue
  • leafpanda

    Now all we need is Noctourne remake then I’ll be happy

    • jj984jj

      Remake? You mean the same game that replaces the awesome Dante with Raidou? Why do people want this so badly? It’s almost as if some people want this more than Raidou 2.

      • pressstart

        Yea, I don’t get it either. Isn’t that the only difference? Not worth another replay when you have so little time with such a big backlog.

        Man, another PS2 preorder I won’t be touching for a long time -_-.. I rather get an artbook though. I love me some artbooks, especially SMT artwork (I prefer it over Persona).

      • geonation

        Lol I do want that localized more than Raidou 2, because the new direction of the Devil Summoner games aren’t good. People would deff. enjoy the Nocturne ‘remake’ more than the game it would come with.

    • jj984jj

      Edit: UGH, double post. I hit edit not reply…

    • lostinblue

      hm? No way I want a remake for that; just upgrade it to 16:9 and add voice overs and I’m sold (again)

      As for the game replacing Dante with Raidou… perhaps they could offer it with this? :D (would be nice)

  • ikiryou

    I’m still finishing the first Devil Summoner game…found used but in incredible condition at GameStop for a measly $17. It’s a truly lovely game and this one should follow suit on that tradition. Good times!

    • lwelyk

      I bought it brand new at Gamestop for $10 = P

      • ikiryou

        Yes, but did a very cute girl sell it to you? ;-)

        I saw in one of the other columns that someone got it for $7. Crazy!

  • ryne11

    Are you gonna get another parody letter from Atlus for this?

  • Mikael

    Square Enix Europe better publish this ASAP!

    • This man speaks the truth!
      Or else we’ll have to e-mail Koei, 505 Games, Ghostlight and Rising Star until something happens.

      • lostinblue

        Ghostlight is GOOD.

        Shame they didn’t publish the games Koei did. (hint: Koei=50Hz only)

  • Raiho! That is awesome. Thank you Atlus for releasing this by my birthday (May)! I hope the Raiho plush is a preorder bonus!

    Now, if you give us Devil Survivor too please!

  • byrc

    Why are people shitting themselves over this? Why are people saying 2009 is incredible for 2009.

    There is nothing worthwhile by Atlus USA in 2009.

    I actually thought they were going to give us Devil Survivor.

    Now I’m not saying I hate Devil Summoner (actually I didn’t enjoy the half-ass action rpg stylings of the first game, but the sequel seems like it learn a lot from its past mistake, and the story is a definite plus). But this is isn’t really a game people should celebrating about.

    Does anyone mind telling me what other games Atlus is releasing this year? Everything else seems like half-ass rubbish like Class of Heores, My World My way, and Tokyo Beatdown. Or Mediocre games like Steal Princess and Dark Spire.

    Where is my goddamn Super Robot Wars OGS?!

    • lostinblue

      I’m sure Devil Survivor will come… eventually.

    • xHaseox

      As a fan of the first Devil Summoner, and the entire SMT franchise, why shouldn’t I be celebrating?

      And it’s pretty obvious that we will get Devil Survivor, but it was just released in Japan. It will be a little while.

    • superdry

      Anything SMT related is always a big release. Class of Heroes and Dark Spire are good games, but are old school dungeon crawlers…which doesn’t appeal to everybody, but to the people who do (like me) it’s great.

      The other titles being released aren’t great, but that’s Atlus USA for you…publishing quirky titles for the US audience. It’s gives us a chance to play games that might not even be released here if it wasn’t for them.

    • Honestly, all of Atlus’s 2009 releases are relatively low on the priority list for me—but it seems pretty hypocritical to complain about mediocrity and then turn around and demand SRW.

      • byrc

        Well yeah true, and if they did release it I would consider it a mediocre release as well. Just because I like the game, doesn’t mean I don’t know its crap.

        Doesn’t change the fact that atlus usa is running out of games to release now that the ps2 is slowly being abandoned.

        The question I have is what system will Atlus start focusing their releases on (atlus japan not usa). I really wonder which console will receive those niche jrpgs. Right now the portables are keeping small time dev/pubs like Atlus and Nippon Ichi a float, but sooner or later they need to start putting their focus on the big consoles. 2009 looks pretty damn sad for jrpgs. With only Star Ocean 4 (a 360 release that won’t sell at all in japan or in the US, thanks to it being a 360 exclusive) and White Knight Chronicles, its looking like slim pickings for us Console jrpg fans. One rpg console exclusive on each console for the whole year…does anyone miss the psx and ps2 days when we were flooded with crap loads of rpgs, sure lots of them were crap, but at least we had choices…

        • xHaseox

          Well, wherever Atlus Japan goes, is where I’ll go. I haven’t even bought a next-gen console yet, because I’ve been waiting to see where SMT will end up. (I only play on consoles for Disgaea, SMT and DJMax)

          Since they are such a niche, even in Japan, I’d say either Wii or Playstation 3, obviously with some DS and PSP titles as well.

          Wii would seem more likely, what with development costs on HD consoles so much higher than SD ones like the Wii and PS2. Then again, Disgaea 3 was on the Playstation 3…

          • lostinblue

            yep, Wii is where they should focus when it comes to home console support.

            Disgaea 3 fell on the PS3 because they thought the PS2 wouldn’t live up till it’s release, and because they thought it would be the next leading platform; I don’t believe they would have decided that if they knew what they know today. We have to see it as a 2005/early 2006 (before PS3 launch) decision, and something Atlus didn’t commit seeing they kept doing PS2 games… They’d have to be pretty dumb to fall into “that” one in 2009.

            This said, true: they haven’t announced their plans just yet, so let’s hope they take the logic decisions.

          • byrc

            Just because wii has tons of units sold in japan doesn’t mean those atlus niche games will sell well. Keep in mind many people in japan who bought a wii arent’ the type of people who play those kind of games. From developers perspective (especially one that focuses on niche titles), its about which console has the most audience receptive to their kind of product.

            I’m not saying that the wii is a bad choice, and ps3 is better, but there is a reason why Nippon Ichi released Disgaea 3 and X-edge on the ps3.

            To be honest even 2009, things are really hard to predict from the Japanese side of things. The casual game market is huge in japan, and developers are scrambling to handle an industry that has a)become western oriented in sales and b)driven by a domestic casual market.

            There is no easy answer, and anybody in the know, understands that japanese devs/pubs are completely blind-sided by all of this.

            Sure the wii is cheap to develop on, and has a large consumer base, but the only software that really sells are casual games, or nintendo published franchises. Its like selling hardcore punk music to tween girls that listen to Hannah Montana, sure there are a lot of them and yeah they generate tons of revenue to the music industry, but it would be ridiculous to focus your marketing toward this demographic. They just won’t buy it.

          • lostinblue

            Well… Funny that Tales of Symphonia Knight of Ratatosk raped Tales of Vesperia sales then. A low budget spin-off raped the sales of a main installment.

            That whole “hey, people in japan who bought a wii arent’ the type of people who play those kind of games” is just a falacy, as is when applied to the rest of the world. There are new users with the Wii yes, and the old ones and the mainstream ones, that’s what it means to be a leading platform, it doesn’t mean a freaking wall between that and “real” platforms/games whatsoever.

            Also, I’d like to enforce the point that PSone was considered casual back in the days before FF7 launched, Saturn had a lower install base already and it’s multiplatform games even used to sell better than PSone’s (such is not the case with the Wii); of course then FF7 came and PSone left Saturn in the dust in that area, but was, at some point, hence the reason why it brought new public to the table.

            In fact… FF7 expansion wouldn’t be possible in any console other than a market leading one; why? because it sold to the fans and then some more. In that sense, any developer not going all out on the Wii is losing some big opportunity, which leaves a window of oportunity for others. Such could and should be the case for Atlus, seeing that higher development costs really don’t suit them, investing more in a HD platform for what? selling 500.000 units worldwide with luck? (the same they’re shipping with P4 on PS2). It’s either Wii, or PSP/DS no other platforms really make sense for them.

            Atlus knew how to see that and exploit it back in the day seeing that Megami Ibunroku Persona came before FF7 at least.

            Also, regarding Disgaea 3, there was an obvious reason for it to happen on PS3, I just called it :p but it can be summed up as “missed preemptive strike”.

            Disgaea clearly did the jump because they felt they needed to at the time (look at the graphics)

            I’ll agree developers attitude so far don’t make it cut clear for 2009 though, but that’s not because it is so hard to reach a obvious conclusion; I’d say it’s pretty simple (and well… obvious). that is, unless they want to be stubborn.

            As for what they should focus on… Wii is market leader worldwide, so they shouldn’t have to think that much when it comes to the platform and they have a limited budget just the same. Still they should focus on making games for their market, for it’s the one they understand the best; just make it have a broader appeal, like persona did, sells well in japan because it’s a quality title and sells well outside it for the same reasons.

    • They could only release Legacy of Ys this year and they’d still be my publisher of the year. It’s all a matter of opinions and you should learn to respect mine.

      • lostinblue

        Oh, I had forgotten Ys is coming.

        My publisher of the year so far is shaping up to be either Xseed/Marvelous or Sega

      • byrc

        You see I have a love hate relationship with Atlus USA. They publish a lot of bad stuff, borderline atrocious at times, but they always have at least 1 game a year that is really damn good (generally a SMT franchise game). Frankly if they developed it, its pretty darn good game, sometimes they publish some really cool gems, like the STING developed games like Yggdra and Riveria. Unlike developers like Bethseda who depend on one big game a year to make profit, Atlus publishes and develops multiple games to make up for the low sells of their niche games, this leads to a lot of crap to be released.

        BTW if you want a GOOD Y’s game, go and play Y’s Ark of Naphtism, 1 and 2 aren’t that great, those 2 games definitely didn’t age well.

        • Way ahead of you on the Ys stuff, don’t worry. I played the Turbo Duo originals on release year, grew up with Falcom series, etc. Atlus USA are releasing Knights in the Nightmare as per an leak, so I guess you can look forward to that.

          And everyone knows it’s Ys, not Y’s!!

  • lostinblue

    Well, here goes my money.

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