Crystal Bearers Trailer Has… A Lot Of Throwing

By Spencer . January 28, 2009 . 10:24am

Last night, Ishaan found the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers trailer which snuck out a day early. Both of us don’t know what to make of it since it strays from the swords, spells, and puffball moogle Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles formula. Sure, the main character is a human, ahem, a Clavat and at the end you can see a Yuke.


However, I don’t remember, uh, tossing enemies being a core component of any other Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game. My first thought was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles meets The Force Unleashed. On the plus side at least we’re seeing gameplay footage for a title once rumored to be canned. Kudos to Square Enix for giving us something real to look at and trying something different with the Crystal Chronicles series.



In case you don’t remember it here is the teaser Square Enix brought to E3 2006.



Images courtesy of Square Enix.

  • daizyujin

    Well….honestly it looks pretty cool. I just don’t quite get the connection to FF Crystal Chronicles. It certainly doesn’t look anything like any of the other games.

  • 2 + 2

    Are you happy now lostinblue? Square-Enix is probably (or finally) going to release your shitty PS2 looking Wii game. Enjoy!

    • lostinblue

      PS2? get some glasses granny ;) that has more detailed shadows at once than all of Square-Enix PS2 games combined.

      (and why are people replying to news in anticipation of my posts/well being/satisfaction? no offense but… don’t you have anything else to do?)

  • Mr. Mee

    Okay…wow…that’s just different…I didn’t expect Crystal Bearers to be that much of a departure from the FFCC series. I’m interested, yet skeptical at the same time. Perhaps as more information is divulged I’ll gain a better early opinion of the game before it gets released.

  • MadMirko

    There is a HQ version available on youtube, BTW. I’m pretty interested how this will turn out, there are several things I liked, namely the departure of a insecure loser protagonist, and what seems like a focus on magic in combat (is the main character something like an alchemist? One message during combat seems to suggest so).

    Seems like anonymous comments need to be dealt with…

  • J B Fletcher

    Looks surprisingly good….I’m actually liking the style of this more than Final fantasy XIII (which looks great but is a bit generic from what I’ve seen). Good to see something different.

    Also nice to see the IR pointer being used for the force like moves … it should allow for far better control/targeting (Lucasarts take note…this it what you should have done with Force Unleashed Wii).

  • Choppasmith

    Yeah I thought of Force Unleashed as well. Like Fletcher said, I feel more excited to play this game rather than FFXIII. It just looks so fresh.

    • lostinblue

      amen man, amen.

  • Well… this looks… interesting… I really don’t know how I feel about the direction they are going with this game, but I’m looking forward to learning and seeing more.

    Anyway, I do like the new art direction for the different races, but the only races I have yet to see (or maybe I already have seen them?) are Selkies.


    • lostinblue

      yeah, I wanna see them selkies :p

      And dammit the idiots haven’t changed the name yet, I mean…

      *Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers*?

      talk about a SERIOUS branding problem here and we aren’t dealing with amateurs.

  • lostinblue

    I want a damn date dammit, at least a year, I mean… ending the trailer without coming soon or 2009? is this a 2011 game or something?

  • It’s interesting but I dunno what to say right now until more info… I suspected every Crystal Chronicles game to be different from other Final Fantasies but wow. It’s refreshing, and there’s chocobo riding!

    • lostinblue

      This is actually the first Crystal Chronicles that is feeling like Final Fantasy to me, the previous had chocobo’s, moogles and stuff, but they could very well have been added in the last day of development if you see what I mean… it didn’t felt like FF at all for me, I was surprised that this trailer gave me that vibe. The good old FF that is, the one that died after FF9! (this is the FF9 team, so that might be a factor)

      Still… I’d rather have them dropping some names in that title, namely the Crystal Chronicles and if Final Fantasy has to go too… go ahead; they ought to keep it short and simple.

      • I just can’t…I mean…did they REALLY need that music at the start? I thought it was some kind of joke at first.

        • lostinblue

          I like the music, but it seemed like they were sabotaging their own trailer yeah.

          This is it’s essentially two trailers, the second one starting at 1 minute onwards and the other being some gameplay video of sorts.

          See it from the bright side though, 5 seconds of that alone show more gameplay/in-game than FFXIII, Versus XIII, Agito XIII, KHBbS and KH358/2 trailers glued together.

        • Andy

          The music is why I stopped the trailer before watching the entire thing.

          • lostinblue

            Oh, it gets better; I like the first music (but the second one is awesome), I really do, but like you guys I was put off by it the first time I’ve seen it, I mean I was “wtf!?”

            It’s a normal reaction, but stick around to the end.

          • The only thing they’re missing in the first part of the trailer is a barn with cows. Other than that though, I’m really starting to like what I see here.

  • leafpanda

    Are you guys sure thats not Echoes of time? It looks like it at the beginning

    • leafpanda, I’d be a lot happier if Echoes of Time looked anything like that on Wii. Alas.

  • terracannon876

    Wow. First thought on my mind was that the main character reminded me painfully of Wocky from Apollo Justice. Or Naruto. I think it’s actually the jacket that looks way too modern for anything seen in Final Fantasy (and as technologically advanced FF can be, their clothes were always reminiscent of fantasy. This…this jacket…isn’t).

    On another note, the world almost gave a western vibe… I haven’t actually played any Crystal Chronicles games before (actually, I’m mostly only commenting because Ishaan the camel coerced me into doing so) but this is certainly a different feel from what I’d expect from the FF series… I practically let out a breath I hadn’t known I’d been holding when the airships and non-Hume/whatever-they’re-called (Clavat?) species started appearing halfway through the trailer (after the objects being thrown everywhere cleared the screen).

    Um … I won’t comment on the music. Just that it’s not ear-bleedingly horrible, but it’s certainly not anything amazing.

    As for the throwing… Well, there’s not really much we can tell about the controls yet. Throwing stuff is fun, though, so we’ll see how that turns out.

    • Shuyin

      Modern or not, Layle’s Jacket costs 1million :P

  • OK! Trailer dissection time. Do note that this is just me making an educated guess from watching the trailer.

    1. There seems to be a lot of physics stuff going on. The white outline seems to appear around things you can throw/are throwing. I’m wondering if this is done using Z-targeting. Also, whether or not this is done using Wiimote gestures (a la Boom Blox, which could work really well) or like The Force Unleashed remains to be seen.

    2. Hard to say, but it looks like the game’s environments will be like those of the 3D Zeldas. Lots of room to run around, ride your Chocobo, take on sidequests etc. In fact, a lot of the trailer is giving off a very Zelda-ish vibe, which is great.

    3. Theme-wise, it seems to lean more toward classic Final Fantasy than the recent games. Keep in mind this has been described as “an exhilarating tale of this great hero set against sweeping blue skies” by the game’s director Toshiyuki Itahana. He’s also said in the past that he wanted to maintain a rugged look for the protagonist.

    4. Following up on that last thought, it looks like there are some mid-air battles in the game. Whether these are just scripted events or QTEs or are more complex than that remains to be seen.

    5. Weapons do seem to be present in the game judging by several scenes.

    6. The girl sitting on the bench at 1:21 seems to be a Lilty. Maybe she’s a Clavat, I can’t tell. Are all lilties chibi like Meeth?

    7. The protagonist has some sort of scar on his cheek, which glows when he uses his power. Perhaps there is a Crystal inside him, making him a “crystal bearer?”

    8. The redhead girl is hot.


    • I can see what you mean about the Zelda atmosphere. Love the chocobos… I’ll actually be looking forward to that part of the game if I get the thing. On another note, the game seems to focus a lot on telekinetic powers of some sort. I don’t actually see any weapons in battle, though I’ve seen a few in the non-battle scenes.

      I’m not too sure where you got the mid-air battles from; I thought the scene was an FMV, if it IS the one where he’s falling off the plane.

      I think #7 is a reasonably safe assumption. I actually think that the scar IS a crystal, hence the glowy. The cheek’s an awfully strange/inconvenient place to have such a thing. Hm…

      kuristaru be-a- (or something close). although if you don’t listen carefully enough, you might think they’re saying bear.

      • No, I meant the one with the dragon-looking thing (mid-air battles). Like I said, hard to make out what it is. Would be awesome if you could use your telekinesis to fool around in the sky though.

        And yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the scar, too. I wonder if it has anything to do with the “crystal sickness” from Echoes of Time…

  • thebanditking

    can’t say this looks very interesting to me, call me crazy but I think I will just stick to RPG staples like Tales of Vesperia and Valkyria Chronicles. This might be a fresh take but I am sick and tired of Wii games that force motion controls, this looks to be no different . How much you want to bet you target the enemy while holding down the A button and flick up to pick them up and the flick down to throw……think I will pass.

  • Pesmerga00

    I’m getting a Dawn Of Mana vibe from the throwing. Please. Please. Don’t be anything like that game.

    • jj984jj

      I don’t see the connection, the main character doesn’t even look like he carries a weapon. The style’s definitely not the same, from the art to the music.

      • Pesmerga00

        Maybe I wasn’t clear. I was speaking strictly of the “Throwing” enemies aspect of the gameplay. Dawn of Mana is just the first thing that came to mind in regards to that. I actually like the art style of Mana, it was a shame the combat, and leveling systems were horrible.

        • jj984jj

          I think the throwing and reactions without the hack-and-slash combat makes it look more like an adventure game than an action RPG, which makes it looks quite different from Dawn of Mana.

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