Japan Gets Pink, Green, Metallic Blue DSis

By Spencer . February 24, 2009 . 11:56pm


Before Nintendo brings the DSi overseas Japan will see the handheld in three more colors. Pink, Metallic Blue, and a Lime Green Nintendo DSi, a shade to match springtime attire, arrive in Japan on March 20. Each one retails at the standard price of 18,900 yen ($195).


By the time the Nintendo DSi comes out it will be available in six colors. The baby blue one is so far exclusive for North America.


Here’s the breakdown by region:

North America: Black, Blue
Europe: Black, White
Australia: Black, White
Japan: Black, Lime Green, Metallic Blue, Pink, White

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  • Happy Gamer

    purdy… i hate u nintendo. i’d prob get one of these too -_- i really want the lime green.
    have all the color for season ftw? -_-;;;;

  • Bandit_King

    Umm…yuck it the only word that comes to mind. Pink is nasty, the green looks like baby food, the blue is OK but the blue for the US is ugly (kind of looks like a bar of soap). Sorry Nintendo your not getting my money again, I just hope they don’t pull a Gameboy Color on everyone with this and slowly move all software over to DSi only because if that happens I am done with DS.

  • daizyujin

    I got a little excited when I read green. Not anymore. Man that thing is ugly. It looks like something you would find in a diaper. The others are nice though, but why not a nice green like the PSP?

  • Wishy

    I have to agree, a nice deep emerald green would be nice… Lime green is a bit too much. :s

    When I get it, I’ll probably but the baby blue one, which looks a lot like the ‘ice blue’ DS lite which I like very much. http://www.einfo.co.nz/shop/images/DS%20NSD.jpg

  • Joanna

    The only colors that I like are the blue (for america) and white. I wish they would make a soft lavender color, I would really like that one.

  • wombat

    The dsi is a disgrace

  • Kay

    I personally like the lime green color. It adds a youthfulness without being HOTPINK or anything.

    However, I still hate DSi for not having a GBA slot. Wasn’t that the DS’s edge besides the beautiful layout?
    I’m still getting that damned Mother’s Day Package, enjoying the fact that I get my favorite color in a DS as well as being able to play Pokemon Ruby.
    Yes, I said it.

    Pokemon RUBY. Suck it. (:

  • nintendo geek

    the lime green dsi is not so much of a lime green color i personally LOVE THE COLOR LIME GREEN but that color is not lime green its like a barf green and the dsi would be a way bigger hit if it had a GBA slot. i am the nintendo freak of my family although both the xbox 360 or the ps3 are a big hit they are still way behind nintendo i think they might catch up depending on the miss design of not having a GBA slot on the dsi but i think they might fix it in a few years (hopefully)

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