Wii Gets Loads Of Downloadable Final Fantasy

By Spencer . March 25, 2009 . 10:27am

ff1Final Fantasy IV: The After Years won’t be the only downloadable Final Fantasy game coming to Wii. The NES game that started the series will arrive on the Virtual Console this May in Japan. Square Enix promises a North American launch for Final Fantasy sometime in 2009. Future Final Fantasy games will also be available on the Virtual Console although it is unknown what Square Enix will do with missing links like Final Fantasy II, III, and V.


A sequel to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is also planned for 2009. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord lets players control a little Miss who places traps and unleashes monsters to keep adventurers from climbing up her home. Sitting at the top of the tower is a Dark Crystal. If the adventurers, which happen to be different races and job classes from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series, grab the crystal it’s game over. Sounds sort of like a cuter version of Tecmo’s Deception series.




Finally, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will come out on Wii this year. This is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV starring Cecil and Rosa’s son Ceodore. Originally, this was released as an episodic cell phone game in Japan. Square Enix hasn’t said any details about the pricing or if it will be released in pieces. Looks like Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has been stretched out to fit a widescreen TV, might be a first with Final Fantasy IV, the Super Nintendo game’s, assets.


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

afteryears2 afteryears3 afteryear4 afteryears5 afteryears6


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord

darklord1 darklord2 darklord3 darklord4 darklord5 darklord6

  • MadMirko

    Wow. :0

  • Mazzic

    I’m looking forward to My Life as a Darklord. I still wish The After Years was going to DSi. I’m not sure if I’ll buy it for the Wii. I guess I’ll decide when I see a price on all the content.

    • pressstart

      I wish The After Years went to DSi too. I don’t really want to tie up my TV and Wii for this game. Same could be said about VC games, but… uh… I don’t play them anyway.

  • jarrodand

    MLAAD looks great! I kinda wish The After Years had gotten the Matrix 3D treatment on DS though.

  • Kaoro

    The sequel to My Life as a King sounds like a tower-defense title. Fantastic! I love this little mini-series. I agree that the After Years should be a DSi download.

  • Vrakanox

    The sequel to FF4 looks amazing. I always thought the ending was kind of inconclusive.

  • Fonic

    Oh thank God FF1 is coming to the VC. It’s such a hard to find game and all. I mean, it’s only been released in various forms like five times in the last seven or eight years.

    After Years looks like bad fanfiction but I’ll probably still buy it for Rydia and Kain if nothing else.

  • Jay


  • EvilAkito

    I look forward to After Years, just as long as it’s one full game and not released as separate pieces.

  • Keriaku

    Both games look orgasmic :D

  • Joanna

    I third the sentiment that FFIV: After should have been DSi downloadable, but I’ll probably still get it on the Wii. Darklord looks good as well :)

  • Zuga

    I’m excited about FFIV The After Years, but Ceodore?!?!?!? Who came up with that name?

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